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The Monk Walk is a tradition from Lancaster originating in 2001.2. During the Walk, a procession of CTYers (formerly carrying trays) walks around the dining hall, starting from the Alcove. During First Session, the Holder of the Coconuts leads the Monk Walk; Second Session, the Head Monk, followed by any Assistant Head Monks and then the Holder of the Duck (who is very occasionally wearing a monk robe) begin the procession. As the "Monks" walk, they chant and bonk themselves in the head in the manner of the monks from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, like so:

Pie Jesu Domine,
Dona Eis Requiem

The procession circles the cafeteria three or more times, causing many headaches but also much rejoicing. It usually starts in the Alcove, then works its way through KiVO, Sustenance, and the other two dining rooms before winding its way back around several times. People occasionally yell "bring out your dead!" or make Illuminati symbols. The procession usually makes 3-4 rounds before winding back into the Alcove, where the chant continues for a few more beats.

Traditionally, this was done at the Last Lunch (Last Friday). However, to do so would make a third of the camp late to class, or make a third miss it altogether (in 05.2, the Monk Walk had to be done twice at lunch). As such, in 06.2, a suggestion was made to change to the Second-to-Last Supper (Third Wednesday), allowing everyone a chance to join in. This also means that the Monk Walk now directly precedes the Passing of the Duck, and the line sometimes processes out the door and straight to the Passing.

As of 2008, there were no longer trays in the cafeteria and thus the Monk Walkers were forced to use plates instead.

In 09.1, the tradition was carried out during Last Lunch, with various assorted objects (books, plushies, hats, etc.), as the dining hall staff refused to allow the "monks" to bang plates against their heads and cause much misery for the cleaning crew.

Most likely for similar reasons, books were used in lieu of plates in 09.2.