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The Head Monk is a Lancaster session 2 position responsible for organizing student-run Monty Python related activities. It was created in 2005 by Nikka and Inbar.

Duties and Description

The Head Monk has three main responsibilities. They organize Monty Python Madness, lead the Monk Walk, and run the activity Monty Python Appreciation.

The position has had many relics, usually made with Duct tape. These include a cardboard box covered in black duct tape with "16 Tons" written on it (The Weight), a duct tape faux gun for the skit "Self Defense Against Fresh Fruit", a duct tape parrot named "Mr. Jones", and both volumes of All the Words, the official scripts to every skit from Monty Python's Flying Circus. Many of these relics are useful props in Monty Python skits.

In addition to passing down the relics, it has been customary since 2010 to add a silly message to the next Head Monk on the inside cover of the volumes of All the Words.

While the position (and some of the items) have been passed down at Passionfruit in the past, it is not a requirement. In order to save time at Passionfruit, the position is often handed down informally beforehand, for example during the slideshow on Last Wednesday.


Head Monk was created by Nikka and Inbar in 2005 after their first successful Monty Python Madness. They passed down their duct tape props, notably a parrot named Bob and the 16-Ton Weight. Unfortunately, the parrot was lost before the end of the session. They were given to Jeff Sachs.

New props were made in 2006 by Sean Zimmerman, working with Jeff. He made a new parrot, and a duct tape gun for use in the skit "Self Defense Against Fresh Fruit". The props were passed down by Sean at Passionfruit to Kathy Ingram. During the ceremony, Sean named the new parrot "Mr. Jones" in honor of his former science teacher who introduced him to CTY.

Sadly, the real Mr. Jones, Sean's science teacher, died several weeks later on September 3, 2006.

Airport security would not allow Kathy to take the weight or the gun onto her plane home (though it appears the parrot was okay), so they were given to Michelle Rush to keep safe until the 2007 session. Michelle Rush was named the first Assistant Monk. However, Michelle disappeared along with the two props.

In 2007, a new weight and gun were created by Maddy J.

In 2008, Head Monk Logan Phillips appointed another Assistant Monk (making two) so that each Monk would receive one of the three relics, in order to mitigate loss. The Head Monk received the Parrot, and the Gun and Weight were given to the Assistant Monks.

Though there was a Head Monk in 2009, apparently Monty Python Madness did not occur.

In 2010, the Weight did not return, so Head Monk Ramsey Opp and Assistant Monk (and future Head Monk) Alex Kohanski created a new one, which also functions as a storage device. They also added the new relic of the two volumes of All the Words. They also started the tradition of the Head Monk writing something silly on the inside cover of the books before passing them on.

In 2011, Alex added duct tape 'X's to the eyes of Mr. Jones to signify that he had died.

Head Monks

  • 05.2: Nikka and Inbar
  • 06.2: Jeff Sachs
  • 07.2: Kathy Ingram
  • 08.2: Logan Phillips
  • 09.2: Daniel Tracht
  • 10.2: Ramsey Opp
  • 11.2: Alex Kohanski
  • 12.2: Elliot Konstant
  • 13.2: Matt Pressman
  • 14.2: Skylar Karzhevsky
  • 15.2: Daniel Rabinovich
  • 16.2: Dan Fu
  • 17.2: Joel Paulson

Assistant Monks

  • 07.2 Jeff Sachs (When Michelle Rush did not return)
  • 08.2 Ben Horkley and Daniel Tracht
  • 09.2 Logan Phillips and Ramsey Opp
  • 10.2 Alex Kohanski
  • 11.2: Elliot Konstant
  • 12.2: Matt Pressman
  • 13.2: Skylar Karzhevsky
  • 14.2: Daniel Rabinovich