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a few more to add (courtesy of a couple years at sienna): -you are a minority if you are typically classified as a majority (ie caucasian, not-jewish, purely heterosexual, ect) -you consider breafast is a great time for debates -you dont know the last name of the guy (or girl) you happen to be going out/making out with -relationships that last for years start in about 3 days (or less?) -parents get really mad because you're never in you're room at 9:45 pm -you're considered strange if you dont have a periodic table poster in your bedroom -post-camp instant messaging frequently includes word containing more then 4 syllables _Do RAs dress up in drag to display the rules (JHU)

  • Hmmm. Are you talking about the nurse with the shiny pink tank?

"*...Can over $1000 dolleas worth of alcoholic drinks be found in the celings (someone for the love of god, please tell the story behind this, and where said things could/were found)(JHU 06)"

at JHU 04, at least, my friend climbed up on her dresser and pushed up the ceiling tile. she poked her head up and looked around, to find huge amounts of emty bottles of various alcoholic drinks

This has happened many times throughout the years apparently... just this past session (18.2) the same exact thing happened, we pushed up through the ceiling tiles and found dozens and dozens of a wide assortment of alcohol bottles.

can you and your friends be doing verticals and someone cuts their shins almost to the bone (LOS 16.2)

can you buy 15 cups of instant noodles at a time (LOS 16.1)