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USA Day, America Day, or Fourth of July, is a day when Carlisle students dress in red, white, and blue clothing, as well as flags, colourful socks, facepaint, and other generally patriotic clothing items. Discussions of politics, government, or partisan issues of any kind are strictly prohibited (though class discussions on these topics, e.g. International Politics or Dissent, continue as normal). Students use the Fourth of July as a way to express patriotism and make fun of DRL Jack for being Canadian.

During 19.1, the Dissent class held a protest outside of the HUB with signs highlighting the bloody history and current injustice in the USA. Despite the anti-politics rule, the protest lasted through breakfast. It was treated by staff as acceptable as it was a class event, nonpartisan, and not disturbing anyone: the protest was silent. While many CTYers reacted with interest, some were scared, annoyed, or tried to avoid it altogether, causing the 18.1 Poetry Goddess and Dissent student Naomi Carpenter to stand in front of the wheelchair ramp, where many went to try to avoid the event. The CPYB students (ballerinas) were also shocked and could not ask CTY students about it, which likely did not help.