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Hi, I'm Arenal! I've done CTY for 9 years: 5 years of baby CTY at Brooklandville and 4 years at Carlisle. I live in MD. Feel free to text me at 410-363-2223!

I did Baby CTY at Brooklandville every summer from 2010 until 2014 and I took Stories and Poems, The Ancient World, Modern Fantasy, Writing and Imagination, and Examining the Evidence.

CAR.15.1: I took Cryptology with Christian and Dante. (Cryptonians assemble!) I was in Sarah's hall with Ivanska, Maddie, Grace, Nini and Julia.

CAR.16.1: I took Microeconomics with Jim and Gabe. (Micro is better than macro!) I was in Kylie's hall with Genevieve, Ann, Audrey, Julia and Sarah from my class and MJ, James, Ellie, Liz, Zoe, and Isabel from Freaks and Geeks.

CAR.17.1: I took Neuroscience with Mark and Divya. (Never forget the neural tube and Joe the skeleton!) I was in Livvy's hall with Sophia M, Monica, Gracie, Mayah, Kelly, Sophia C, Aprina, Nina, Helen, Leah, Kat, and Sophie.

CAR.18.1: I took Genetics with Jesse and Frances. (I'll remember the GTCA and PCR songs!) I was in Erica's hall with Gracie, Anna, Zoe, Karen, Liv, Ivy, Miray, Emi, Eda, Leyla, Monique, Kylin, and Anaya from my class and Alex, Purva and Anavi from International Politics. (Davis, Atharva, Aidan, and Josh were also in Genetics.)

I like you, I love you, I CTY you!