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Welcome to my (Isaac Moss’s) page! I will be your Spirit Fig at Carlisle 19.1.

Notable Achievements:

Spraining my ankle reading poetry

Losing my voice constantly

Taking part in the first legal Carlisle session 1 D&D session

Thinking no one knows me but actually everyone knows me

Making poor food decisions (The Kylo Ren ice cream cone)

Becoming a Horseman of the Apocalypse at Model United Fiefdom

Starting the official Model United Fiefdoms lorebook ( )

I have done:

Brooklandville 14.1 - Intro to Robotics A

Brooklandville 15.1 - Model UN

CAR 16.1 - Electrical Engineering - Jimmy’s Hall

CAR 17.1 - Intro to Computer Science - Ian’s Hall

CAR 18.1 - Cryptology - Gaynor’s Hall

CAR 19.1 - Dissent - ????

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didn't you also reject a mic at poetry night and yelled instead even though your voice was already hoarse - sophie

I make bad decisions, give me a break

lmao k i'll try