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boo -[[User:Lauren Schwartz|the best roomate]]
boo -[[User:Lauren Schwartz|the best roomate]]
[[File:Blossom.jpg]] love u deej happy love tape day -dani

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what's good y'all! I'm Deej (Deirdre)! i've been a ctyer since i was 11 and went to 16.2 and 17.1 at washington college and 18.1, 19.1 and 19.2 (so far) at Lan, and I'm the 20.1 Quotebook! Feel free to talk to me!


16.2 - BACO

17.1 - EXAM

18.1 - fiction and poetry

19.1 - filmmaking

19.2 - fphs bio

comments? questions? concerns?

To a successful year of spilling the beans in KIVO - daddy

Is that the famous Deirdre "Deej" "Deegle" "Drdr" "Deidre" "Big D" "Sandwich bag full of ranch dressing" Cunniffe?

Zendaya in a suit. thats it. thats the whole comment. -mari <3

boo -the best roomate

Blossom.jpg love u deej happy love tape day -dani