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About me

Hi, I’m Dani, the 20.1 LAN Friend! I'm known for committing crimes with Naomi and using the practice rooms for actually practicing. I keep a deck of cards with a single piece of shiny duct tape on the box on me at all times, and I’m always up for a game of ERS. I also helped organize LAN's 20.1 digital activities.

Squirrel Parents: Sylvie Wolff and Matt Maung Squirrel Children: Juliana Burke (co-parented with Lauren Schwartz)

Where to find me

instagram: @daniellatsang

twitter: @lobsterchip

moderator on server 42


Seattle 17.2 - Intro to Biomedical Sciences

JHU 18.2 - Linguistics

Lancaster 19.1 - Cognitive Psychology B

Lancaster 20.1 - Philosophy of Mind :'(


you are my FAVORITE ducc and i love you so much!!!! can’t wait to curse the campus and lead the marxist revolution with you!!! and commit unspeakable crimes against various foods!!!! - you’re not gay, but IF YOU WERE, i’d be your girl for SURE

dani I love you so much and I WILL duel Naomi for your hand in marriage (come at me jingle bitch the quonk bonk is much heavier than ur noodles) - deegle

DANI! ugh we've had some awkward moments (iykyk) but girl I love you so much. You're so so talented and sweet and funny and absolutely adorable. You've been such a great friend even though we didn't have session this year. I'm so sad you live all the way in Seattle but thank you for playing blammo and thanks for just being urself honey <3 - Riya:)

hey! idk u very well but i just wanted to say thanks for helping organize fun events for online session!! i really likes skribbl and cards against humanity :) (lol i always have a card deck with me love playing ERS too hehe) - aarushi

oh dani!!! my favorite skribblio goddess. happy love tape day, I adore you to peices -chaotic stupid

hi dani! im so glad that we got to know each other during online session <3 happy love tape day! User:Caitlin Fox

-insert love tape- hi dani! you said discord wouldn't be the same without me, but it definitely wouldn't be the same without you being hilarious and clever. it's been great getting to know you through discord! -Josh

Hey dani! It's been awesome talking to you on discord! You're funny and awesome to be around, I hope we get to meet up again! Happy love tape day!
Caution.jpg - Connor

Happy love tape day! You truly are the ultimate kazoo lord - User:Friendly KGB officer

Hey Dani! We've hardly spoken, but I want you to know I appreciate all you've done for the community on and especially off site. Keep the chaos rolling on the discord and remember we all appreciate you! -Switch Switch tape.png