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Name: Ken Levin
Aliases: Bobo-Steve or, alternatively, B0B0-Steve
Born on August 25

LAN.98.2.STAT, Muhlenberg 2nd
LAN.99.1.CHEM-A, Thomas 2nd South
LAN.00.1.THEO, Thomas 1st South
LAN.01.1.PHYW-B, Schnader 2 North

Somewhat-fringe associate of neo-LLRT during the end of 99.1 and through 00.1. Was present at the gradual merging of Eish and neo-LLRT into the Alcove at the beginning of 01.1

Original owner of the Jester hat, Jester, Jesus, and Passionfruit Emperor 01.1. Created the Alcove's e-mail listserv in July, 2001. Mass transportation extraordinaire, specialty in the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions.

Graduated from Rider University in 2006 with a double major in Actuarial Science and Finance. Currently working in fintech/insurance.

You can find me on Twitter @BestKenEver