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The Jester is the second oldest position at CTY Lancaster, and the only position to be shared by both sessions. It is a job with few responsibilities but is held in nothing but the highest regard. The Jester's main function is to act out the scenes in "American Pie" when the Jester steals the King's thorny crown and when the Jester is on the sidelines in a cast. Since some unknown year after 2009, the Jester also leads the Acting Improv activity with one other person of the Jester's choosing. The Jester organizes the stealing of The Painting in the site director's office as well as Second Sunday Shenanigans. The Jester is a nomore who is widely respected in the Lancaster community. Although the Jester is the oldest position at First Session, at Second Session, which has even older positions, it is slightly overshadowed in comparison. At both sessions, the Jester is usually passed down to someone who is considered to be outgoing and to have a good sense of humor, as a real jester would. In the latter Session, the Jester was part of the Pentinity.

The Jester's distinguishing article are a Jester's coat and hat. The hat originally belonged to Ken Levin and the coat was given to him by 2001 RA Travis-Jason "TJ" Feldstein. The coat and hat are passed down each year at Passionfruit to a promising one-more both sessions. As of LAN 14.2, the Jester also has a red slide whistle (a practice started by Matias "Mavs" Gonzalez). Ryan Grewal took an unprecedented amount of time to pass on the jacket and hat to Daniel Rock before 14.1, so RA Vivian purchased replacements. These were used in 15.1 and will presumably continue to be the session one Jester relics. There is a latex condom inside the left coat pocket as of 15.1.

Jesters Past*

* From the perspective of one year in the future.
  • 1997: Matt "Wembley" Jacobs
  • 1998: Aaron "The Short Kid with the Funny Hat" Tarnow
  • 2001:
    First Session: Ken Levin
    Second Session: Matthew "Matt in the Hatt" Russo
  • 2002:
    First Session: Stuart Schüssel
    Second Session: Andy "UnAndy" Schlesinger
  • 2003:
    First Session: Gabriel Slamovits
    Second Session: Randall Leeds
  • 2004:
    First Session: Alexia Simonnard-Note
    Second Session: Susannah Roush
  • 2005:
    First Session: Josh Yanovski
    Second Session: Tassie Andersen
  • 2006:
    First Session: Aliza Alperin-Sheriff
    Second Session: Christian "Christ" Burnette
  • 2007:
    First Session: Molly Brean
    Second Session: Meghan Vu
  • 2008:
    First Session: Dana Reback
    Second Session: Zeke Weiner/John Laws Harrison
  • 2009:
    First Session: Verity
    Intersession: Max Wang
    Second Session: Race Archibold
  • 2010:
    First Session: Faye Elgart
    Intersession: Rowan Matney
    Second Session: Otter Lee
  • 2011:
    First Session: Joseph Fridman
    Intersession: Alex Kohanski
    Second Session: Graeme McGuire
  • 2012
    First Session: Sam Sagan
    Intersession: Jonah Spear
    Second Session: Noah Goldstein
  • 2013
    First Session: Ben Zweig
    Second Session: Louie Brown
  • 2014
    First Session: Daniel Rock (When Ryan Grewal did not return)
    Intersession: David May
    Second Session: Matias "Mavs" Gonzalez
  • 2015
    First Session: Gene Naumovsky
    Second Session: Isaiah Louder (when Lev Krasnovsky did not return)
  • 2016
    First Session: Dan Fu
    Second Session: Ethan Pan
  • 2017
    First Session: Casey Waite
    Second Session: Ky "Oh God How Did This Position Fall To Me" Lynch (When Joshua Medintz did not return) (when Jordan Ginsburg did not return)
  • 2018
    First Session: Nathan Burke
    Second Session: Isak Sharfstein
  • 2019
    First Session: Sam Schulman
    Second Session: Archer Goodwyn