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I, Sam Fomon, am a koala and a Lego-loving, uke-strumming, song-singing, space-obsessed, glowstringing, atheistic, all-loving, nightswimming, overachieving, ticklebugging, loud-laughing, carnivorous nerd and forevermore.


Notable Achievements

  • original performer of "Our God is an Awesome God" (08.2)
  • witness of the conception of the Snorch and the very first Seussian Snorch speech made by Will Steinberg (08.2)
  • the impetus of the first instance (or so we believe) of crowdsurfing on a grass orgy. Race Archibold was the brave soul. (08.2)
  • the Sunday Morning Sleepover on the quad (08.2)
  • owner of the official lyric sheet of the song written by Dermot's 08.2 hall in appreciation of the magical, mystical Seymour the Unicorn (the lyrics to which I must add to Seymour the Unicorn's page at some point...)
  • the Mull 3 balcony dance party (08.2)
  • crafter of the pink duct tape carnations (08.2-09.2)
  • co-writer with Daniel Tracht and Elizabeth Leimkuhler of the hit parody of "Fire Burning," "Room for Jesus," dedicated to Matt the DRL (09.2)
  • witness of the glory that is "Don't Trust a Fro," written and performed by Vinny Bratelli and Race Archibold (09.2)
  • spouse in the largest CTY marriage in CTY history--160 to Mike Millian (09.2)
  • "bringer of light" to the Jesus staff/addition of the glowing pink EL wire beacon on the top (09.2)
  • creator and wearer of the James Brown Lives jacket (09.2-10.2)
  • member of the Rocky Horror auditions judging panel (09.2-10.2)
  • Holder of the Duck (10.2)
  • The Legend of the Duck v2.0 (10.2)
  • Blammo God, co-Godded with Declan Kennedy (10.2)
  • co-creator of the All Star character spoons, with Rowan Matney (10.2)
  • Magenta in Rocky Horror (10.2)
  • the epic quadtime lightsaber duel with Alex Kohanski (10.2)
  • crowned the first King James, Ryan Cebulko (10.2)
  • Acting Improv: "The Finale" God (10.2)
  • talent show performer (08.2-10.2)
  • proud member of the Crew and the Alcove (forever)


I could have been a five-year freak; sadly, the first two sessions of these potential five, I lost due to ignorance of the CTY summer program.

My squirrel year was 08.2 at the surprisingly late age of 14 (amazing, I know), yet this was so only because I had found out about the summer program in eighth grade and only decided to finally go during ninth grade, regardless of the fact that I had been a member of CTY since fourth grade. If this hadn't been the unfortunate turn of events, then trust me, you would have seen me walling out all five magical sessions of CTY I could have attended. But the three I've had have been the most amazing nine weeks of my life, and I've truly become who I am today because of my time at CTY.

I ended up at Lancaster due to chance, I suppose. When I was signing up for my first session, I had no knowledge about the sites, really, and thus had no preference. I applied relatively late, and the only site and session at which I could attend Astronomy (my first choice) was Lancaster Session 2. To make up for depriving me of my first two potential sessions, Fate was kind enough to put me in ASTR.LAN.08.2. The rest, to me, is history. Lancaster is home now.

The Pink Duct Tape Carnations

How It All Came About

Strangely enough, I met some of my best friends at CTY, again, absolutely by chance. In fact, I owe a great deal to Max Wang. I was sitting on the quad, and in my boredom, had acquired very nice, very rippable, silver duct tape from a slightly unwilling hallmate. I proceeded to make a rose out of it, but then suddenly, Max, whose name I had only heard and face I had never seen, ran up to me, and blurted, "Is that a carnation you're making?!" After my somewhat confused expression and explanation that what I was making could in fact pass as a carnation, and after replying in the affirmative to his request to make him one in pink, I was dragged off by the wrist into and through the dining hall on a crusade of two, questing for pink, white, and green duct tape to craft for him a pink carnation of the finest material one can utilize. On this crusade, I inevitably met many an important and amazing CTYer and/or Alcovian, some of which I became very good friends with and many of which I shocked due to the discrepancy between my age and appearance. Luckily, I hope this will work in my favor as I will be able to continue their hysterical, memorable, and impressive legacies and sing their praises long after they themselves have gone.

Carnations In Existence

Strictly concerning the pink duct tape carnation(s) I crafted in 08.2, I only made two and only gave them to nomores, these nomores being Max Wang and Ben Boult. In 09.2, I made three more carnations: one for David Rips, one for Vinny Brattelli (which he added to the Duct Tape Suit), and one for Lena Beckenstein in the form of a corsage made to be worn with the Duct Tape Dress, now held by Dennis Cowan. The corsage was not passed down with the dress to Ryan Reed, and instead has been lovingly kept by Dennis.

The James Brown Lives Jacket

The Premise

Throughout the year leading up to 09.2, I was thinking of awesome things to do in preparation for the session that was e'er approaching. I also possessed a strong intention to be a part of the rave circle and continue in the footsteps of my two very good friends (and glowstringing rolemodels) Evan Renaud and Jerald Liu. Partly inspired by the famed red Daft Punk robot suits, I decided that what I wanted to make was a jacket to rave in. A jacket that lit up. A jacket that embodied what glowsticking at CTY meant to me and captured what raving was all about at CTY. Through the help of the internet, I acquired all the tools I needed along with the instruction required for me to set out on such an endeavor. What I ended up with at the end of it all is something into which I have poured all my effort, creativity, and love. I made what I made not to be recognized or remembered, but simply to show just how much I love CTY and to inspire others to find out how much CTY means to them, as well as the beauty and art of glowsticking.

The Jacket

"James Brown Lives" is the mantra emblazoned on the back of a jacket I created in 09.2. Often referred to as the James Brown Lives jacket, it is a black acid washed hoodie from American Apparel bedecked with EL (electroluminescent) wire, which lights up when powered by electricity. Thanks to my soldering and sewing, this gives the jacket the ability to glow and strobe to music.

It took me approximately more than 30 hours to make the jacket (cut, prep, solder, connect, sew, etc.) and a good bit o' hard-earned cash. On July 22nd, mid-session of 09.2, at about 2:40 a.m. in Schnader 204-N, by the light of a booklight, the final stitches were placed, and the James Brown Lives jacket was officially completed.

The Big Reveal

I first wore the jacket at the dance on First Friday 09.2 during "James Brown Is Dead," and it was revealed to much excitement. Surprisingly, this was also my first time in the rave circle. Beforehand, I had spontaneously dropped to my knees to receive Jesus's (Eliz Leimkuhler's) blessing (as this was a momentous and trying occasion for me) and then proceeded to take my place on the cleared out floor. As a fuzzy voice declared the death of the King of Funk and the opening notes smashed out, I turned my back to the crowd, head down, and hit the switch on the jacket. There was much rejoicing. Glass vials in plastic tubes were shattering all around me, and when I set those orange ultras ablaze, the words "James Brown Lives" were hitting some retinas, and finally, all the work and all the effort that I had thrown into something I did purely out of love for CTY paid off.

I continued to wear the jacket throughout 10.2, and while I did not make any additions to it, I created a pair of luminous sneakers and a crown, which I wore at the dances in addition to my jacket. The crown, I eventually passed down to Ryan Cebulko, crowning the first King James.

On the topic of EL wire creations though, if you want me to make you anything out of EL wire or that has EL wire on it, let me know and I'll almost certainly do it. You can find pictures of the things I've made, including the James Brown Lives jacket, on my Facebook page.