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Hey people. I'm Will Steinberg. Uh yeah. I'm friends with Zeke Weiner and others. I always end up making friends with nomores/nevermores, A lot. Yeah huh. I really had no catchphrase or thing people knew me for. I had a muffin smashed down my shirt (By Eli) and on my crotch (by Zeke). I took off my shirt, and Shea took it. I ran around and got yelled at by like 5 RAs, including Frank Wang. I witnessed the infamous "phonebooth incident".

Me and Zeke did the Pokemon Theme for Lip Sync contest in 2006, where we were unfairly beaten by Mulan: Be a Man. Everyone agrees we probably should have won. We also did it in 2007 and we won "Best Instrumental Solos". We also made out. You probably have a picture of it.

I'm the 2008 holder of the Duct Tape Suit.

Will has an extremely hot Body. He is famous for repeatedly wrestling with Zeke in public spaces, and kissing him with gusto during and around passionfruit 2007.