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Baby CTY


What Makes Starr Special

Not much really. But things that people at CTY may or may not know me for:


  • Singing Part of Your World, aka the Little Mermaid song for the talent show.


  • Being part of Pop Silverstein's CTY Band for the talent show.


  • The youngest apostle of Thormanism LAN.05.1
  • Being the required girl/mascot of the Ultimizzle Frisbizzle team, the "All Starrs" LAN.05.1
  • AI reign begins
  • Followed the Häger


  • Honorary or actual Alcovian... LAN.06-07.1
  • Spontaneously protesting anorexia via the ever-effective hunger strike LAN.06.1
  • Being a required girl on a soccer team with a ridiculously long name: We Will Smack You Upside the Head With a Parogie for We are of the Mighty Swiss... team


  • Doing Velma Kelly's part, aka "Cicero" said in a really sultry voice, in the Cell Block Tango for the Lip Sync contest LAN.07.1

Other Notables

  • Dragging the jockier CTYers into dancing (Every year)
  • Wearing my first day ensemble: Black shirt with a red star, sequined-ish blue cap, jean variation (Every year since I got my blue hat and star shirt)

Random Things Starr Would Like to Say About CTY

I love CTY. To death. Except I hope it never ever dies. And somehow, through association with the Alcove, I suppose, I've become Alcovian? Yet, I am still quite new to all of the great traditions at CTY. I recall last year, LAN.05.1, I was sitting in my hall on the first day going, "End of the world? BLT? Bacon lettuce and tomato sandwiches have nothing to do with swinging your pants..." And this year I was kind of leading the CTY tour because I was just that excited. I act so squirrely at times, and then at other times I kind of act like the ultimate CTY sage. Sort of.

I like you.
I love you.
I CTY you.

If you're crazy enough to contact her...

She has a Tumblr which is the safest way she figures she can be contacted through this site without creepy pedophiles stalking her down. No offense to anyone out there, but she's a tad paranoid. (No more Facebook, sorry. She does not unconditionally add CTYers.)

Passionfruit Speech 2007.1

(Paraphrased a lot b/c I didn't write this before taking it and I don't totally remember it either...)

Apparently, I touched a lot of people with my speech this year, and so I will now share it with you...

"Hi. For those of you who don't know me, I'm Starr and I am going to be the first person to cry during her Passionfruit speech. If you remember, last year I whined a lot about how I was moving to Maryland and how CTY made it all better during my Passionfruit speech. The year before that, I whined a lot about how I was going to a magnet school and leaving almost all my friends and how CTY made it all better. CTY made it all better for me yet again this year, even though I have stayed put. On the first day, as I was walking towards Schnader... I felt something. It was weird and cliche, but I felt like I was walking back home. I hadn't felt that feeling in over a year, and it felt good as the feeling sunk into my bones with each step. It was like... for 49 weeks of the year I was homesick. While I am a five-year-freak, I am going to abstain from my last year because I am satisfied with my CTY experience. So thank you all for giving me the best few weeks of my life, and for making me feel welcome at home. I love CTY and I love the Passionfruit."