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George Washington bust at Washington College
Site Information
CollegeWashington College
LocationChestertown, Maryland
Years of Operation1996-2017
Avg. Number of Students240
Courses Offered
HumanitiesModel United Nations and Advanced Geography | Colonial America | The Middle Ages | Spanish | Victorian Women's History | Great Cases: American Legal History | US Environmental History | Topics in Psychology | Introduction to Logic | French | The Renaissance | Big Questions
WritingThe Art of Writing: Process and Product | Elements of Drama | Heroes and Villains | Writing and Imagination | Writing Autobiography | Whodunit?: Mystery and Suspense in Literature and Film | Writing the Expository Essay | Writing Workshop: Images and Text
MathIndividually Paced Mathematics Sequence | Inductive Reasoning | Deductive Reasoning | Algebra and its Applications | Geometry and its Applications | Reasoning | History of Mathematics | Data and Chance
Computer ScienceIntroduction to Computer Languages | Computer Science: Programming in Scheme | Introduction to Robotics
ScienceBay Ecology | Bay Ecology II | Meteorology | Scientific Reasoning | Examining the Evidence | Science and Engineering | Principles of Engineering Design | Medical Sciences: Pharmacology and Toxicology | Exercise Physiology and Sports Medicine | Fundamentals of Genetics | Biology of the Senses | Flight Science | Marine Ecology
"American Pie" | "Sweet Caroline" | "Stairway to Heaven"
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Chestertown is a Baby CTY site at Washington College that has a very wide variety of courses to offer. The food options are limited but good for the first week, but they can get repetitive after. Its code is CHS. This site is residential.

Site Overview

Washington College, which was founded by William Smith, was allowed to use George Washington's name by Washington himself, but it was formerly known as College at Chester. The college was officially founded in 1782, just six years after the Declaration of Independence was signed.

During the first half of session 2, the campus is shared with Maryland Leadership Workshops (MLW), who were jokingly theorized to be Satanists after they were seen walking by Reid Hall at 1:30am in 15.2. See Memories:EST. In 17.1, it was shared with a lacrosse and basketball camp that basically crowded the whole dining hall.

Hodson Hall Commons

Contains the dining hall and the Egg, where dances and some activities are held. The lounge across the Egg was used to show purposely bad movies during the dances. Many watch them, but during the last dance, most choose to dance. Students enjoy picking George Washington's bust's nose in front. Don't try this during the middle of the day, as a student in 15.2 nearly burned himself from the heat from touching it.

Library Square

Handoff location. Situated farther down the road from Hodson, and between the library and West Hall. Always has foursquare courts.

Washington Avenue

Also MD 213, a two-lane road that separates Reid, Queen Anne, Caroline and Minta Martin from the rest of campus. Students cross it many times per day. The red hand and white walking man are given names, but they change by year and session.

In 17.1, it was often yelled at, especially by Minta 2 for being too slow when it was raining and were often yelled at for running to avoid the rain when Bob was not there.

In 14.2 and 15.2, led by students Berklee and Zared Cohen, students waiting to cross would shout, "Honk your horn!" while making a pulling motion with their fists. They would then cheer at drivers who honked. Most of the time, they are blatantly ignored, and on one occasion in 15.2, they were flipped off. They also did this during 17.1.


At Washington College, there are four zones of dorms. It is speculated that only Zone One is used because the houses only fit a certain amount of people and are reserved for other things.

All of these dorms are equipped with A/C and heat. Queen Anne and Caroline were used 14.2, and Reid and Caroline were used 15.2. Caroline, Reid, and Minta were used during 17.1.

  • Queen Anne's House: Switches with Reid on the second male dorm. Last used in 14.2 (Can someone from 16.1 or 16.2 confirm this?).
  • Reid Hall: Switches with Queen Anne as the secondary male dorm.
  • Minta Martin: Female dorm. Administrative offices are located in the basement.

Academic Buildings

  • Will Smith Hall: Unfortunately, not named for the actor, but students like to think it is. Houses math and humanities courses like INDE and UNAG.
  • Goldstein: Houses some science and math courses (Robotics, Data and Chance), though used during the school year as the English Department.
  • John S. Toll Science Center: Large science building. Holds nearly all science classes. Has balconies on each floor that engineering classes use for egg drop experiments.
  • Daly Hall: Normally used during the year as the business department and was occupied by Engineering A and B in 15.2.



  • Stairway to Heaven
  • Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond (chant "SO GOOD!" and "BA, BA, BA!")
  • American Pie - Don McLean (callbacks limited to "Die, die, die, die! Live, live, live, live! (x2))


  • Casino Night is held every night in the Egg
  • RA Gerard held an activity known as "World in Conflict" every session between 14.1 and 15.2. It "teaches" diplomacy but China or the US usually ends up building a giant nuclear arsenal or satellite-mounted death ray and then declaring war on everyone else and destroying humanity.
  • In 17.1, many RAs danced together that had every camper clapping
  • There is Mandatory Fun every Saturday and Sunday
  • Spirit Week: Similar to cross-dress/drag day at regular CTY, held the last week of the session.
    • Monday: Pajamas
    • Tuesday: Twin Tuesday
    • Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday. As far as I know, no one has ever cross-dressed.
  • At the last week during 17.1, chanting for your class was very popular (in which BSENB was obviously the best).
  • In 17.1, SRA Juan and a CTYer named Karam danced to Hit The Quan during the talent show along with other popular acts, including Andre, Andrew, and Tommy dancing to All Star that same year at the talent show. It was during that performance that the famous pepper shake emerged from the depths of irrelevancy. Thank you Andre, one of my favorite classmates.

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