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Logo of Muhlenberg College
Site Information
CollegeMuhlenberg College
LocationAllentown, Pennsylvania
Years of Operation2019 - Current
Avg. Number of Students200
Courses Offered
Humanities Great Cases: American Legal History | Foundations of Psychology | Introduction to Logic | Philosophy | The Roots and Power of Language
WritingCrafting the Essay | Whodunit?: Mystery and Suspense in Literature and Film
MathThe Mathematics of Money | Paradoxes and Infinities | Foundations of Programming | Mathematical Modeling
ScienceAnatomy and Physiology | Zoology | Chemistry in Society | Principles of Engineering Design
Canon- Under Construction
High Holy Canon(in order) "All My Life" | "Swing, Swing" | "American Pie"
Upper Canon"Electric Love" |
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“Founded in 1848, Muhlenberg College is a top-tier liberal arts college located in Allentown, Pennsylvania, the state’s third-largest city and home to one of the best park systems in the United States. Its 82-acre main campus includes residential, study, and laboratory spaces, and significant architectural works such as Egner Memorial Chapel, Baker Center for the Arts, and the Trexler Pavilion. Niche and The Princeton Review have ranked Muhlenberg’s campus food as some of the best in the nation. Approximately 200 students and 50 staff are expected to attend each session.”

From the site locations catalog

After the CTY Easton site at Lafayette College closed due to unknown reasons, Muhlenburg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania, was created as a "replacement" site. Unfortunately CTY Muhlenburg has been ultimately unsuccessful in living up to its former site, Easton. Many first years came to Muhlenburg College because it is a new site and many returners had low expectations, making Muhlenburg lacking in traditions ( at the first dance of 19.1 only around 8 CTYers new what to do during American Pie). Rules here are much stricter than other sites due to the abundance of twelve year olds, with RAs having to escort students to go to the bathroom. Many of the activities were also disappointing, with the first dance of 19.1 ultimately failing after the SRAs took over the dance committee and only played clean slow music. Field day was a disappointment due to lack of participation and rain. Although the dorms were big and had good air conditioning, there is only one common room for the fives halls on every floor, including the annex, and one microwave in the entire building. Overall Allentown isn't one of the best CTY sites, however it does have its perks. Girls and boys are grouped in the same building along with the SRAs and health office because the campus and enrollment is so small. The bathrooms are spacious and the showers have great water pressure. CTY Allentown is a great option for younger students, and they will not be overwhelmed with traditions or responsibility if they decide to go here.

Fun things

In 19.1, some girls kicked down a ceiling tile and out tumbled multiple vodka bottles. The entire building was searched and they found a total of 499 (i think, plz correct me if I'm wrong) vodka bottles, hidden by underage college students.

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