Foundations of Psychology

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Foundations of Psychology
Humanities Course
Course CodePSYC
Year Opened1996
Sites OfferedBRI, CGV, LMU
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Course Description

From the CTY Summer Catalog:

Psychology, the science of behavior and mental processes, systematically explores phenomena as diverse as phantom limbs, sleep paralysis, false memories, and the bystander effect. This course explores major content domains in modern psychology, from the biological to the behavioral. You and your classmates will learn what constitutes an effective research design and analyze primitive and modern theories, and examine important topics in the field, including sensation and perception, social psychology, learning, memory, personality, and abnormal psychology. Each topic enables you to evaluate human thought and action through a different lens, continually demonstrating the interdisciplinary nature of psychology. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to pose incisive questions and express sophisticated hypotheses around your own theories of human behavior.

Course History

PSYC.EST.17.2 was taught by “Mother Amy”, as the students lovingly called her. The class got very close scarily quickly, probably because of shipping. The inside jokes ran rampant, ranging from “7 and a half” to “Psyccology.” Class time was often spent laughing at people falling out of chairs, falling out of chairs, playing Just Dance, and having indoor grass orgies (Argies).This class was also the most extra, as proven by crossdressing day, in which the boys made better girls than the girls did, and someone got dresscoded for wearing a crop top too scandalous.

PSYC.HAV.19.1 - It was a travesty, filled with quirky moments, Soundcloud rappers, horrible Kahoot! names, and the inability to stay quiet once.