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Alright is a game was created by a RA from the Lancaster site and his friends from home. It was primarily held as an activity during LAN 19.1 by RA Evan.

Alright Rules

Alright is usually played in a circle with 3 people being the minimum amount to play the game. There are eight basic rules:

  • “Alright” – This word is said to the person to your immediate right or left (Whichever direction the first person turns and says it). The word is said around the circle.
  • “Take it” – perhaps someone says “Alright” to you and you do not want it. You simply turn back to that person and say, “Take it.” (instead of continuing to say “Alright” around the circle)
  • “Have it” – Say that you said “Alright” to someone and they say “take it” to you. In retaliation, you can say back to that person “Have it”

”Take it” and “Have it” are said back and forth between two people. This interaction can only start if someone says “take it” back to the person that said “Alright” to them.

As the two people keep going back and forth saying the two phrases, they are supposed to get gradually louder. Eventually, someone will admit defeat and turn in the opposite direction of the person they just had this little clash with and say “Alright.” The game continues after one of the people say “Alright”.

  • “Watermelon” – During someone’s turn, before they say “Alright” to the person next to them, this person can shout “Watermelon.” Once this word is said, everyone in the circle must squat and continue the game. The people playing can only stop squatting once someone says “watermelon”.
  • “Start the March” – During someone’s turn, before they say “Alright” to the person next to them, this person can shout “Start the March.” Everyone in the circle must start marching in a circle and continue the game.
  • “Cease the March” - During someone’s turn, before they say “Alright” to the person next to them, this person can shout “Cease the March.” This phrase is used to end the march. It can only be said if the group is marching.
  • “Run for the Hills” - During someone’s turn, before they say “Alright” to the person next to them, this person can shout “Run for the hills.” This phrase means that everyone must run frantically and change locations in the circle. Once everyone is in a new position in the circle, the one who said the phrase continues the game.
  • “Basket of Cherries” – Instead of saying “Alright” to the person next to you, a person can say “Basket of Cherries.” This phrase has to be said to someone not to their immediate left or right. As you say the phrase you must hold out both arms as if you are presenting a basket of cherries. The person receiving the cherries must pretend to grab the cherries and then stuff them in their mouth while saying “nom nom nom nom nom.” Once this person does all these actions, they can say “Alright” to the person to their left or right (Up to that person).
While this scenario is happening, someone else in the group can pretend to be Swiper from Dora the Explorer and try to swipe the Cherries. If this happens, everyone else in the group must scream “Swiper no Swiping” 3 times.

Most of the rules can be stacked onto each other. “Alright,” “Watermelon,” “Start the March,” “Cease the March,” “Run for the Hills,” “Take it,” “Have it,” and “Basket of Cherries” can be stacked. For example, someone says, “Start the March,” “Watermelon,” and “Run for the Hills” during their turn. That means the circle must start marching, squat and continue to march, and then change places while squatting then continue marching.

How to Win

As people keep playing the game they are bound to make mistakes. Once someone makes a mistake they are out.

As the game goes on, the number of players will slowly decrease. When there are two players left, they must do a “Vege-off.” The two remaining players must face back-to-back. Next, the person who got out first becomes the judge for the “Vege-off.” The judge counts to 10, while this is happening the two players slowly walk ten paces away from their starting position. Once the judge counts to 10, that person must scream a vegetable (Has to be a vegetable). The two remaining players must become this vegetable in any way possible. The players can move their body to assume the vegetable’s physical shape, talk and try to convince the other players that they look like the vegetable and more. While the remaining players try to prove their vegetable skills, the other players (who got out) must vote by moving toward the player they think is the best vegetable. Whoever wins the “Vege-off” gets to create a rule for the next game, much like Mao. This rule must be explained to the entire group before it is implemented.

Different Rules and Variations

As the creators of this game continued to play, they slowly began to add other random rules in to make the game more challenging and stupid. Some of these rules are as followed:

“Bop it Rules”

  • “Bop it” - During someone’s turn, they can scream “Bop it.” Everyone must hop one pace into the center and then hop one pace out back to where they started.
  • “Twist it” - During someone’s turn, they can scream “Twist it.” Everyone must hop one pace into the center and then hop one pace out back to where they started, but while spinning.
  • “Pull it” - During someone’s turn, they can scream “Pull it.” The person then extends their arm out to the person directly across from them. They lock hands and then hop while switching places. THERE MUST BE AN EVEN AMOUNT OF PEOPLE TO DO THIS RULE.

“Fly Fishing Rules”

  • “Fly Fishing” - During someone’s turn, they can scream “Flying fishing.” That person then points at another player and begins to act as if they are reeling in a fish. The player who is now the fish must wiggle and squirm as they are getting reeled in. The fish then moves right next to the fly fisher and continues the game.
  • “Scissors” - While someone is doing “Fly Fishing,” anyone in the circle can make the hand sign for scissors and say “Scissors.” That means the fishing line is cut and the fish goes back to their original spot.
  • “Duct tape MotherF*&^” - If someone says “Scissors” while you are doing “Fly Fishing,” you can say “Duct tape MotherF^&*” which connects the fishing line. Nothing can cut duct tape and the fish comes to the fly fisher. (The MotherF&^% part is optional).

“Rockington Rules”

  • “Rockington” - During a person’s turn, they can scream “Rockington.” Everyone must run and find a rock and come back to the circle. The last person back is out.
  • “Meteor Shower” - During a person’s turn they can scream “Meteor Shower.” Everyone must throw their rock and make meteor noises. Can only be done if "Rockington" is said prior.
If there are no rocks nearby people can change the word to whatever is nearby. EX – “Stickington” and “Hurricane.”


While the creators were playing this game, they decided to make the game even more challenging. This is when they added themes. A theme uses the original eight rules stated above; however, these rules now have different names. Some examples include Christmas Theme, Mario Theme, Ninja Theme, Beach Theme, etc.

For example, here is Alright run with a Christmas theme:

This Theme is started by a person saying “December 25th” and ended by saying “December 26th.” While people are in this theme, they must say the theme appropriate phrases, or they are out.

- Alright becomes “Ho”
- Take it becomes “Ho”
- Have it becomes “Ho”
- Watermelon becomes “Down the chimney”
- Start the march becomes “Time to go ice skating”
- Cease the march becomes “I’m cold, lets stop”
- Run for the hills becomes “Ahhh a snowstorm”
- Basket of Cherries becomes “A present for you”
- The swiper no swiping becomes “Grinch no stealing”

There are tons of other themes that the creators came up with. They can be added if enough people ask for them. The great part about themes is that people can come up with their own versions.