Thousand Oaks

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Thousand Oaks
The Centrum Cafe
Site Information
SchoolCalifornia Lutheran University
LocationThousand Oaks, California
Years of OperationYS: 2004-2012, CAA: 2006-2008
Avg. Number of Students160
Courses Offered
Humanities Model United Nations and Advanced Geography | Foundations of Psychology | Philosophy | Introduction to Logic | Race and Politics
WritingWriting and Imagination | Heroes and Villains | Writing the Expository Essay | Whodunit? Mystery and Suspense in Literature and Film | The Graphic Novel
Math and Computer ScienceData and Chance | Inductive and Deductive Reasoning | Introduction to Robotics | The Mathematics of Money | Algebra and its Applications | Geometry and its Applications | Foundations of Programming
ScienceCrystals and Polymers | Examining the Evidence | Flight Science | Science and Engineering | Sensation and Perception | Principles of Engineering Design
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Thousand Oaks was part of the CAA and YS (Young Students, or Baby CTY) programs until after 2012. The host institution was California Lutheran University. Landmarks include the creek, the gazebo, and the slurpee machine.

Site Overview

Thompson Hall and Pederson Hall

Thompson Hall housed the offices and was the CAA boys' dorm. Pederson Hall housed the YS boys. Both of these halls opened in 1961 and were renovated in 2011-2012. Each has an open, central courtyard, and students are in five-person suites. Each suite has two bedrooms, one bathroom, and one living room.

Mt. Clef Hall

Mt. Clef hall housed the CAA and YS girls. The building opened in 1962 and was renovated in 2013, after it stopped being a CTY site. Students are in two-person rooms, and each room is part of one of 42 four-person suites. Each suite has two bedrooms and one bathroom. Mt. Clef hall features the "Plounge" lounge area, though it is uncertain whether or not CTYers had access to it. There is a patio.


  • B and F Buildings
  • Kramer Hall
  • Zimmerman Music Studios. Has classrooms and practice rooms.
  • Ahmanson Science Center. Has classrooms and laboratories. Home to the chemistry, biology, and geology departments during the school year. Has a patio.
  • Alumni Hall
  • Peters Hall. Also has a patio.
  • Nygreen Hall. Has classrooms and faculty offices.
  • D Building. Has a computer lab, which was used by CTY. It also has a patio.