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The existence of CTY Holidays is a tradition at Lancaster.

In each hall, there is a list of fifteen holidays that occur on each of the weekdays during each session. All of these holidays are amazing in their own right, although some involve more student participation than others. Holidays like Labor Day (first Monday) and Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur (first Tuesday) bear little significance. However, some holidays have ties to their own traditions; these holidays usually also result in interesting Quad Time activities. The holiday calendar was created in order to condense the full year into the three weeks of CTY so one can share holidays with their CTY family.

(I believe the holiday calendar was proposed/originated by one Carl Bremer. I have a holiday schedule w/attribution somewhere in my basement, but I'm not going to search for it. If someone knows for sure, please edit. -Dutchman)

Halloween, on the first Wednesday, is a very important holiday. On Halloween, many students dress up in Halloween costumes, either brought from home or handmade (e.g., Duct Tape Girl, Ra-Man, etc.). There has usually been a costume contest at Quad Time in the past.

As of 2013 at first session and 2015 at second session, students have held a feast on the quad following evening classes on second Monday (Thanksgiving). This tradition was started by Kristin Donegan in 14.1 when she and the rest of HDIS (and its honorary members) had a communal sharing of junk food during quad time. All are invited. Anyone can partake of the junk food and contributions are heavily encouraged. The feast is generally very chaotic. The keeper of the Shot Glasses organizes the event and leads the feast-goers in making toasts and taking non-alcoholic shots.

On second Tuesday (aka Hanukkah), CTY celebrates Twin Day. Students find someone to dress alike with. If one wears their CTY shirt for that session, one will most likely find themselves twinning with half the session population. Hardcore students will obtain matching outfits before session.

Christmas/New Year's on second Wednesday is also significant. There is usually a New Year's countdown at lunch done by the Alcove (this has fallen out of practice in recent years). Another one, sponsored by the staff, occurs at Quad Time. Gifts are sometimes exchanged between students.

Valentine's Day is probably the third most memorable holiday. On this day, students often delivered handmade cards to each other, made on the previous night at Quad Time. As of late, Valentine's Day has been referred to as Love Tape Day. Students "love tape" each other and the staff with small pieces of duct tape. The folks in Kivo hand out duct tape on plates, and Kivo Guy has macaroni and cheese duct tape. On another note, this was the day on which the Number Theory and Etymologies classes of 05.2 made peace with one another. As of 15.2, there has been a short pride parade on this day following dinner. As of 23.2, Love Tape day is the biggest (only?) holiday celebrated. Tons of people participate, although many need to borrow tape from a friend, or the wearer of the duct tape dress.

The Holidays

1st Week:

  • Monday: Labor Day
  • Tuesday: Rosh Hashanah
  • Wednesday: Halloween
  • Thursday: Election Day
  • Friday: Veterans Day

2nd Week:

  • Monday: Thanksgiving
  • Tuesday: Hanukkah (Twin Day)
  • Wednesday: Christmas/New Year's Eve
  • Thursday: Martin Luther King Jr's Birthday
  • Friday: Chinese New Year's

3rd Week:

  • Monday: Valentine's Day (Love Tape Day)
  • Tuesday: Presidents Day
  • Wednesday: St. Patrick's Day
  • Friday (Calendar Thursday): Easter/Passover
  • Thursday (Calendar Friday): Memorial Day