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The CVS Pharmacy, located on the corner of Harrisburg Avenue and West Liberty Street, is a staple for buying large quantities of snacks and drinks to take back to dorms at Lancaster. To quote the Wikipedia article, "CVS sells prescription drugs and a wide assortment of general merchandise, including over-the-counter drugs, beauty products and cosmetics, film and photo finishing services, seasonal merchandise, greeting cards, and convenience foods through their CVS Pharmacy and Longs Drugs retail stores and online through It also provides healthcare services through its more than 1,100 MinuteClinic medical clinics as well as their Diabetes Care Centers. Most of these clinics are located within CVS stores." This specific location is only 1/3 mile from the Arches, or a 5- to 10-minute walk. Of course, no nuts, condoms, cigarettes, etc. are allowed to be purchased, as they are all either CTYI or allergens.

Asking to go

It is not very hard in most experiences to trek to CVS. In most cases, a simple plead or group plead will automatically send your group to CVS. It is treated like the bookstore, in the sense that it is not a big deal to go. Trips are exclusively for weekdays and for RA groups alone.