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Hey guys! Been doing non-baby CTY since EST 17.1 and been at 3 sites. I’m proud to be a CTYer and cannot imagine life without all the memories made here. I pride myself on being the #1 jackass at Skidmore and will have difficulty finding a replacement to continue doing all the stupid things we did in 19.1. Thanks for all the great memories that you guys have given to me. Even if you weren’t directly involved or never knew me, your presence allowed for this experience to happen and I’m really excited to continue.

Can’t share all my favorite memories yet but some on the top of the list would be passion fruit 19.1, hall iso LAN 18.1, Student v Staff soccer 19.1, “CTY High club” 19.1 (you know who you are) and maybe late nights in the laundry room 19.1.

To all the nevermores and no mores that I have gotten to know, I really am gonna miss you guys. You are legit some of the chillest people I’ve ever met and you have a legacy here. Thank you.

Probably time to sign off considering I’m a two more and it’s 2 am and I haven’t finished my work for tomorrow but thank you guys and I mean everyone, thank you.

Shoutouts: 17.1 EST: David Berenfeld 18.1 LAN: Emmett Chen, Charles Xiang, Charlie Frankel, Remy Terjanian, Allison Mak, Sharon Lo 19.1 SAR: Sebastian Tolle, Eric Krieger, Jackson Perette, Joshua Winston, Hayden Lau, Sebastian Mekhaya, Nathan Sims, Isaac Kraemer, Imroze Singh (my fellow jackass), Alice Han, Andrew Cho, Jack Macy, Ben Rotko

Gonna miss all of you. I CTY you.