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George Hotz is just George Hotz, you love George Hotz or you hate George Hotz. He is an arrogant slacker, and anybody else would be an arrogant slacker in his place. I mean, come on, he's GEORGE F'ING HOTZ.

Notable accomplishments are the 95/2 Theses, the heart-wrenching poem "Chocolate Pie", and being the first person to unlock an iPhone [1].


In all seriousness, George Hotz was a very neat CTYer in my hall at session II Carlisle '06. He was pretty damn good at....well, a lot of things. He was better than you are at robotics, better than you are at computers (he made $30,000 a year, while in HIGH SCHOOL), and better than you are at Egyptian Ratscrew, except for losing twice (2) during the ENTIRE session. He was actually very cool, very chill, and very into discussing strange theories on life at 1:30 in the morning on weekends. True story.


-Philip C.


In 2007, George Hotz entered immortality by being the first hacker to break the lock that restricts the new Apple iPhone to AT&T. We all pray George was smart enough to get a lawyer first, and is a recent example that CTYers will indeed rule the world. George Hotz is likely to become very famous, very wealthy, and in a lot of trouble. -Mike R.

To quote an article from Cell Phone Digest seen here "There is no U.S. law against unlocking cell phones. Last November, the Library of Congress excluded cell phone unlocking from coverage under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act." -Rae H.

In 2009, George hacked the PlayStation 3, and got sued by Sony for revealing its encryption keys.

In 2013, George won $70k for hacking Adobe Reader at Pwn2Own.