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Goth Day is a theme day at Carlisle that started 01.2 with the goal of scaring the Washington Redskins who were training at Dickinson. The event is lots of fun. It involves make-up and clothes of the Gothic persuasion; participants act like Goths, but mostly only to outsiders (Rinas). Copious amounts of eyeliner, black lipstick, black clothes is involved, as well as ripped fishnet tights. Goth Day is considerably less popular than Drag Day, usually because it isn't as in your face as Drag Day.

Occurs on the Wednesday after Drag Day (Second Tuesday). There was some confusion about this in CAR.06.2. People thought that that Thursday was Towel Day or some other really amazing Lancaster tradition that we DO NOT follow at Carlisle. However, Thursday has since become slightly more popular, and the correct day of Goth Day is still sometimes disputed.

Carlisle 09.1 arguably had the most epic Goth/Emo day because the session was cancelled on Goth/Emo Day. Some male students were seen with two teardrops created with eyeliner under their eyes; coincidentally what started out as a celebration of Goth Day ended up becoming a symbol of mourning for "Epidemic Fail".

Starting with 10.1, Goth Day was renamed D-Day to remember the forevermores of '09 and swine'09 as a whole. The tradition is the same, with the addition of writing "FOREVERMORES 09" on your forearm in black sharpie.

Goth day has spread to other sites, including Baltimore and Los Angeles.

SAR.18.1's Goth Day had unusually high temperatures, one student, Maya Magavi, who wore all black with a sweater and makeup was asked if she was hot many times throughout the day, each time she responded, in true goth day spirit with a variation of, "My icy heart is like an AC"