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Matt Holmes

Known for being Papa Holmes by his 15.1 Quad Squad Hall. Widely loved by Andrian, Kieran, Josh, Max, Jackson, Brian, Jesus, Andrew, Dario, Juan, Johnny, Daniel, Bryce. Sang "Latch" at the 15.1 talent show with Sayre Posey as violinist. A great beatboxer and tenor singer, and lovable RA. Also an avid lover of death metal music, but a gentleman at heart. THIR-TEEN, SQUAD. Former SRA (14.1 and 14.2).

Thomas James Gillett

Known for being a strict RA, who could "Drop the HAMMAH!" on anyone. When several CAAmpers ran out of their rooms to make Ramen on the last night, Thomas stopped them, saying "What on God's Green Earth are you doing?". Thomas has a fantastic sense of humor, and a great voice. He sang "Breakable" at the 13.2 Talent Show. He also pioneered "Half Casual" Friday, where he wore basketball shorts with high socks and dress shoes, and a button down shirt.

Carter Moulton

He wrote a freaking opera in TWO WEEKS for the CTY Talent Show!

Olabade Omole

For having the hall that made no sense, was loud, and always late. Often played a Pentatonix remix, in addition to copious amounts of EDEN, before lights out and known for phrases such as "What is this tomfoolery?" and "Keep crying." If the chant "when I say Ola you say Bade" was heard, she was probably close at hand. Advocate for the blasting of 'Sweatshirt' in 16.1.

Rachel Hess

Notably 'almost got a concussion' when camper Ben Davidov shoved a pie in her face post carnival. She was also the crush of many boys in 16.1.

Shaheem "Royal" Irving

RA in 17.1, famed by being best dressed RA, singing and dancing but also infamous for making his hall's lights out 9:30 pm as well as another hall's light out at 9:15 pm. He was pretty lit until you didn't follow directions. On his day off his put together a birthday party for one kid in his hall.

Gail Fletcher

RA in 17.1, 17.2, known for having the laziest hall on campus. She allowed them to take the elevator everyday, and overall didn't really care about anything until it got dangerous. Her hall in 17.1 was also known for their terrible count-off, messing up every time.

Bobby Woody

RA in 17.1/2. His hall found his SoundCloud and it became widely known around campus. Always got in the middle of the biggest circle at all the dances.