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2013 Session 2

  • Bristol became a lot stricter due to new administration
  • Stonewalls 1 and 2 became girls' dorms and 3 and 4 became guys' dorms.
  • The brick path was no longer used
  • Tom is no longer the Dean of Residential Life
  • Molly, the new Dean of Residential Life, went to each hall during the last week and threatened to take away activities and the last dance if the drama continued. Students were given yellow pieces of paper to anonymously write any information they knew about the drama.
  • Bristol finally had a drag day. However, it was unofficial and an RA confiscated one of the bras that one of the guys were holding.
  • "Spirit Week" was the second week of camp.
  • The students made Mix Match Day into an unofficial drag day.
  • We did not return to the church fair. Instead, there was a site wide scavenger hunt.
  • The first and last dance were only 2 hours. The second dance was 2 1/2.
  • Passionfruit was in GHH due to torrential downpour and was led by Greyson Nelson.

2016 Session 2

  • Blammo Gods AKA Lit Squad: Justin Adel, Justin Zhao, Haeju Jeong, and Sangmin Lee
  • Dean of Residential Life Sayre Posey, for being the chillest DRL out there
  • Alice AKA "Eggs,Taters, and Pancakes" lady