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The Tree Incident

Tree with rope.jpg
The rope hanging out of the tree in the aftermath.

Session 2 had at least two days where people could randomly switch around activities, called "Monday Fun Day" in week two and "Tuesday Choose Day" in week 3. At the second one, an Aerobie disc got stuck in a tree. More than 50 people were involved in trying to get it down, including several RAs and SRA Ben Vaughn. The main attempt involved the SRA standing on a chair with a pole that was fashioned out of many meter sticks connected using masking tape on a lacrosse stick. The SRA tried for more than 10 minutes trying to remove the Aerobie, without avail. There was also a long rope that someone managed to get up into the tree, which was used by a large line/crowd of people to pull/bend the tree (by about 20 degrees) closer to the pole, which was on the verge of falling apart. Eventually, the pole fell apart and the SRA gave up. All the while, people were throwing things (frisbees, shoes, balls) at the tree to shake the Aerobie off, with many of the projectiles landing into the crowd behind SRA Ben. One person threw a plastic ball up into the tree, trying to dislodge the Aerobie, but the ball became stuck as well, until the end of the session. The Aerobie and the plastic ball were stuck until (at least) the end of the session, but the rope was eventually removed.

The Gentle Slope Swamp


Session 09.2 saw a lot of rain. So much, in fact, that the Gentle Slope never completely dried once during the entire session. Each time a rainstorm ended, and the Gentle Slope began to dry, another rainstorm would come. It became a slippery, muddy, mess of...well, mud. While most kids avoided the "Gentle Swamp," a group of CTYers made a sport out of traveling across the dreaded Swamp: the first person who could slide across the mud on two feet without falling wins. This sport, dubbed "Swamp Sliding," has never been practiced since, primarily due to lack of sufficient rain.

Lady RaRa and the RARAs


Bradley, a very popular RA at JHU.10, performed in the CTY Talent Show, as Lady RaRa (as Lady Gaga, with RaRa referring to both RA and the "rah-rah" chant in the song Bad Romance) with a group of female RAs. Together they danced to Bad Romance, and at a certain point during both performances, RA Eric came out on stage with a mic and "sang" the French part of the song. In all reality, his "singing" was more of "screaming-loudly-into-the-microphone." (To those who do not know, Eric has an incomprehensible French accent, and is known for being one of the less fun-loving RAs. Thus, this whole spectacle was hilarious.)

The Not-So-Gentle Slope

Session(s):2010.1, 2010.2

During the 10.1 and 10.2 Talent Shows, the RAs showcased a video they had made, titled "The Not-So-Gentle Slope" (in reference to the quad outside of the dorms, called the Gentle Slope.) The video was a mystery/whodunit centered around the "murder" of Administrator "Big P" Patrick via a Frisbee to the head. RA Craig, with his assistant RA Bonnie, spends the rest of the three-part movie tracking down various "shady" RAs (such as RAs Erica, Bradley, and Patrick "Little P") in search of clues to Admin Patrick's demise. Finally, Craig puts all the pieces together and reveals the true culprit: His own assistant, Bonnie. As she is dragged off by the CTY police, Bonnie confesses and divulges her reason for killing "Big P": He kept eating all of the cookies with the Oreo pieces baked in them from the cafeteria, leaving her none.

The Wolfpack


Deleted but not forgotten.

Hot and Cold


The Macroeconomics B class was initially signed up to perform Katy Perry's "Hot and Cold" at the talent show with their TA, Gabe, who was accompanying on a mandolin. Unfortunately, only a limited number were informed of the talent show final run-through Sunday morning. Gabe and half the class missed the meeting, resulting in their act being cancelled. Undeterred, the class gathered on the gentle slope during social time Tuesday of the third week with mandolin man Gabe and proceeded to serenade whoever happened to be standing nearby. Their RAs also sat nearby on the grass and enjoyed the show. Their singing talents and their TA's mandolin playing were truly a sight and sound to behold.

Young Chan

Young Chan took Logic in 11.2 with the Triumvirate, Arlex, and Kevin the Sex Man,among others. Nicknames include: the illegitimate son of Kim Jong-Il, Kim Jong-Il himself, Young Chan the Hungriest Man, and "that smell." Catchphrases include: "Goose me!" "What I doing?" "I feel insulted." "Kill your sperms!" "He was eaten... by... Hawaiians." "You can be from the future where gays are allowed!" "You are my hostage." "When's lunch?" "YEEEAAAAYYYYYYYY!" "VWWWHHAAATTTT?!" Famous actions include: duck-taping the hand of Henry Hobbs, sharpening his Blammo spoon, threatening Arlex with rape with said spoon, asking Arlex to paint her body in nail polish, leaving a wake of odor wherever he went, being incredibly adept at Aristotilian logic, constantly scooting back in his chair, orbiting people at random, carrying Daniel the Monkey on his back, eating everything in sight, picking his scabs, asking other people to pick his scabs, mapping out the class in terms of "nations," coining the nicknames "Arlex," "Mett," and "Muggo," sticking his Blammo spoon to his face, tickling and massaging anonymously, walking at an angle, playing the foreigner card, planning parties with lights turning on and off quickly. Insults include: "If you lived in North Korea, you'd be a lot skinnier." "Are you sleeping, reading, or staring at someone?" "Are you conferencing in Kim Jong-Il with that duck tape on your glasses?" Young Chan was nominated for CTY Prince by the Triumvirate against Arlex's will, under the campaign slogan of "Young Charlex." He did in fact win - to Arlex's extreme disappointment - but was already en route back to his native food-filled Korean home when the announcements were made. Arlex, as CTY Princess, was extremely happy to not have to dance with the Hungriest Man. Never forget. <3

Little's 12


RA Chris Little's hall, comprised of the Logic and Macroeconomics boys, devised the most successful scandal in Casino Night history. Operation Little's 12 was planned approximately one week prior to Second Saturday. Twomores Matthew Ribel, Ryan Dixon, and Ryan Muggleton masterminded the heist. Hallmates were designated as runners, pilferers, counters, and Ponzi schemists (the macro kids). Matt and Ryan D. were the designated extortionists. By the end of the night, approximately half of all the money in circulation had gone through the hands of Little's 12. Due to the enormous triumph, SRA Molly, without evidence, accused the students of stealing. All results were voided and no prizes were handed out.

The First Royalty


12.1 featured the first royalty at JHU session 1 as a result of nevermores being angry over the new rule system and lack of tradtion. Nevermore Zoe crowned Mina and Brian emperors for 2013.1.

The Wrath of Lorenzo


12.1 featured one of the most infamous characters known as Lorenzo Bartolini. He was known to invade dance circles, buy extravagant gifts at stores (such as a cane that he broke within a week), and is known as one of the funniest students to ever attend CTY JHU. He also coined the phrase, "Coloñe.

The Watermelon War


After somehow acquiring a watermelon, students placed the watermelon in RA Mario's room, underneath his pillow. After finding it, RA Mario took the watermelon and wrote "THIS IS WAR" across the watermelon to show his students that the prank war has begun. After RA Mario hid the watermelon in RA Jordyn and Cory's hall, it made its way back into Mario's hall after lights out one night. The watermelon was then decorated with toothpicks and a drawing of a skull and crossbones and rolled into other hallways as well. Eventually, the watermelon made an appearance in one of the girls' halls as well.

Take a spoon, take a stand: BLAMMO protests


Coined by Noah from Markus's hall; who started the BLAMMO protests, with Ho Ching from Peter's hall and Leaf from Markus's hall being co-founders of this movement. Spoons were supplied by supposed BLAMMO goddess (Cat Brown) who has no clue what to do with these spoons.

The Great Money Laundering: Casino Night


Each RA was supposed to take $20 per person, and with 18 people in Srijan's hall, he was supposed to take $360. But, because Srijan gives no fucks, he distracted the dean and literally STOLE a shit ton more money for his hall. Most of the hall blew the money, but we still ended Casino Night with almost five thousand dollars, which has got to be some kind of CTY record.