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Negative Article in College Paper


During Session 1 of 2004, the Siena student newspaper came out with an especially vicious editorial lambasting CTY students. A CTYer enrolled in the Astronomy course wrote a letter of rebuttal to the newspaper and circulated it, collecting over 50 signatures. It was presented to the site director, who said that he would look over it and submit it to the paper if he deemed it appropriate. As the paper isn't available online, the letter's fate remains unknown.

Cindy bans Istanbul


Somebody knocked over a chair or something like that. You could kill someone doing that.

Fired RAs


Following the 2nd Dance, 2 RAs (someone help me with their names)were fired due to reportedly drinking after the dance. Their absence was noticed the next day and an RA from the year before was brought in as a replacement.

The "Soccer" Game From Hell


At the first session at Siena College 2005, there was a deadly "Soccer" game. At one field at Siena there were people who played serious soccer. At the main field there were people who didn't always play soccer, but whenever they played, they just joked around, but it was fun. One day, the serious soccer players challanged the non-serious ones. Early in the game, one of the non-serious players kicked the ball into one of the serious player's shins, it bounced off and back into the non-serious player's foot and flew into the serious player's face. It broke his glasses and sent glass into his forehead. He got sent to the hospital but the game went on. The serious players were discouraged because, often, when one of the non-serious players took a shot at goal and missed, many of the other players like Kuni, Max, John, Tom, or Will, went around the whole field shouting GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAL. In the last ten minutes before it was time to go, a serious player, Jen, had the ball. She was bringing it up toward the non-serious player's goal when a large, tall, non-serious player named Isaiah clotheslined her. She immediately fell to the ground and didn't get up. She was sent to the hospital and later we learned that she had a concussion. The ironic thing about this game was that after this game, Cindy banned us from playing......football.

-omg, Jen was my roomate :D I must add though that after the concussion, she later recieved a knee injury (she popped her kneecap), yet she continued to play soccer. snaps for Jen.

Phantom Duker at Siena


During Session 2 of 2005, a turd was found in the showers of Ryan Hall(males). The incident was purported to have been committed by the Phantom Duker. To this day the identity of this shady fellow has never been uncovered but a certain uncertainty hung over Malcolm's hall (the nearest to the bathroom) for the rest of the session as to whether they would encounter the duker at night.

Die, Die, Die


At each dance at Loudonville 2006 Session 1, the newbies insisted on singing, "Die, die, die..." during American Pie. The time-honored tradition at Siena College has been not to do so - it's one of the unique points of the campus culture. However, due to nevermore and nomore turnover and a suddenly influx of second-year students who had not gone to Loudonville before, this tradition was overturned. At the last dance, RA Brendan O. made an announcement that "this Die Die Die stuff is offensive, so don't do it", but the crowd at large persisted anyhow. It appears that this Siena tradition has been lost.

RA Brendan here - 2nd session kids have little to no interest in doing "Die die die". We haven't had to make announcements or anything like that.

2nd session kid here - actually, trust me , we really do, but they actually told us the whole story this time so :( no die die die for us

Who are you and what have you done with our dances?


Along with the unfortunate return of "Die, die, die...", a number of other problems ensued at the dances. For one, the canon was never fully played! Among the notable missing songs at various dances were: Blister in the Sun, Brown Eyed Girl, Sandstorm, The Time Warp, Love Shack, and Like a Prayer. American Pie was also screwed up twice. At the second dance, one RA, Charles Brown, insisted on telling the crowd to clap, at the wrong time. At the third and final dance, the song was stopped in the middle. It eventually began to play again, but not before there had been significant indignation from the population at large. We can only hope that next year the staff will understand the true importance of the canon, because apparently this year some RAs, like Heather and Aaron, had told the students that they only played the songs because they happened to like them.

Why was Charles fired?


We all know he was an interesting RA, and we also know he was fired during Session 2 of CTY. For what reason? For what purpose? What could he have possibly done wrong? This is still a bit of a mystery. No one on the staff seemed to know, or if they did, they had no interest in say why. Must have been bad.

Die, Die, Die


At each dance, people were singing "Die, die, die". This Siena tradition seems to have ended.