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Lice Scare


During the second week of the first ever session at Seattle, 12.1, a rumor broke out that a few CTYers had lice. This rumor spread so quickly through the campus that the health office had everyone checked.

The fourth floor was surprised one morning to be herded into the common room before going to breakfast, where the nurse ranted to them about letting rumors develop and spread through texting. Everyone in each hall was checked before the hall could go to breakfast, succeeding in annoying staff and students alike.

It is suspected that no one ended up having lice as no one was taken to the health office and, after that day, the administration never mentioned it again. However, a few RAs put restrictions on or banned sleepovers after that.


All Of Me

While singing "All of Me", John Legend suddenly started singing really loudly in the Karaoke version and everyone burst out laughing.

Bright Lights And No Sound

At the first dance, there was a group of about fifteen people who danced. The RAs couldn't figure out how to turn the lights off or turn the music up louder. They eventually fixed this problem, but at that point nobody felt like dancing.


A Watch Has Fallen

After the main events of 17.1 Casino night, two RAs held a mock fight for halls to bet on. Whoever won would win the rights to free pizza for his/her floor. During the fight, an RA's watch was punched, and fell to the floor. After some examination, it was determined to be broken.


In 17.2, a picture was taken of a guy pooping in the urinal. It was then spread around the site. The person who took the picture and one person who spread it around were kicked out of the camp. Additionally, another guy microwaved the phone of the person whose picture had been taken. He was not expelled. The person whose picture was taken and whose phone was microwaved was put on probation.

No Pieing

RA Sofi's hall won Casino Night, so they got to decide which RA would be pied. They wanted to pie RA Kendall, but their RA said no. She never told the main office who her hall wanted to pie, so during that session, a pieing did not occur.