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The Sigma Phi House
Site Information
CollegeHamilton College
LocationClinton, New York
Years of Operation1994-2000
Avg. Number of Students360
Courses Offered
HumanitiesEtymologies | Logic: Principles of Reasoning | Ethics | Existentialism | Introduction to History | Gandhi's India | Newton, Darwin, and Einstein | American Studies: The Sixties | Law and Politics in US History | Topics in Psychology
WritingCrafting the Essay | Shakespeare's Comedy
MathMathematical Reasoning | Math Sequence
Computer ScienceTheoretical Computer Science
ScienceIntroduction to Laboratory Sciences | Astronomy | Paleobiology | Introduction to Biomedical Sciences | The History of Disease | Introduction to Neuroscience | Fast-Paced High School Chemistry
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Clinton was a CTY site, running for seven years from 1994 until its closure in 2000. The Clinton site was run by Hamilton College and averaged around 360 students per session.

Site Description

Hamilton College started in the late 1700's as Hamilton-Oneida Academy, which was in part named for the Oneida tribe of Upstate New York and the prior named for Alexander Hamilton. It began as a college in the early 1800's and became coeducational in 1978.

From the CTY Catalog (1997):

Hamilton College is located in Clinton, New York, a small town approximately 45 minutes from Syracuse. Chartered in 1812, Hamilton has an attractive 1200-acre campus that overlooks the Oriskany and Mohawk Valleys. The buildings are a mix of traditional and modern architecture with superb learning and recreational facilities and modern residence halls.