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Humanities Course
Course CodeETHC
Year Opened1997
Sites OfferedCAR, LOS, SAR
Previously OfferedCLN, JHU, LOU, UNI
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Course Description

Ethics is an introduction to the philosophy of morality and of living a good life. The course often begins with virtue ethics and the works of Aristotle. It then proceeds to cover ethical egoism, utilitarianism, Kantian ethics, virtue ethics, and a smattering of the rest.

Class History

Kant has spawned many inside jokes, from the writing of WWKD? (What Would Kant Do?) on one's hand in Sharpie and the Kant Kult. The Kant Kult will never die. Ever.


Staff have included Ben Chan and Super Q (Dr. Q, Quayshawn).

Los Angeles

LMU 07.1, 07.2, 08.1, 08.2: At LMU in 07 and 08 both sessions, Ethics was taught by Zoe and TAed by Chris/Ashley Green. During 08.1 the class became somewhat infamous for answering the question "What's your class about?" with "Burning puppies." (Partially true.) Zoe was very determined on making the class interesting for all and thus many posters were made, not to mention debates almost every day. Ethics is known for many, many amazing quotes, i.e. "Did you just compares a fetus to a rock?"

09.2: In 09.2, Ethics was taught by an instructor who formerly taught Logic on the East Coast, Todd Kukla, and was TA'd by Laura. This class was particularly famous for having the [as many people called them] most 'hardcore traditionalists' in the class, and for arguing very loudly and very often. Students in ethics that session included the famous David Krucik, Margot Solmssen, and Jordan Trepp. Argument was greatly fueled by Brice Green, Lizzy Hardwick, and Allegra Choi. Inside jokes included the mighty "Hedonosaur," the "Determinator," "Jackieism" and "Kantian Approaches to Some Feminine Problems." They also developed the phrase "Ethic Win." The class theme song was "Remember the Name."

10.2: In 10.2, Ethics was taught by former Logic instructor Brian Talbot. The class had two theme songs. When someone mentioned "Serial Killers," The intro to "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor," by Drowning Pool consisting of a whisper of the title four times, except on the fourth time, after "hit the..." there were four claps/stomps and "FLOOOR!" was yelled. The other theme song was Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Also, the second week, Ethics had an informal debate against theInternational Politics class. Each of the three groups decided to end their argument with a reference to Hitler, as it is a well known fact that bringing up Hitler in debate is an extremely poor argument. This led to a slow clap, which later became known as the "cult clap," as the word "cult" was spoken with each clap. As usual, Ethics completely pwned Logic in the debate. As a former Logic instructor, this was Brian's second victory in 13(?) debates.

At LMU, the Ethics class was known for completely and consistently pwning Logic in the Logic vs. Ethics debate. As far as this editor knows, Ethics has won every debate, with the exception of the Santa debate in 08.2.

LOS 11.2: For around 9 years the Ethics class was undefeated in the famous Ethics vs Logic debate. That is, until 11.2, when Logic finally came out victorious in one of the most surprising upsets LMU CTY has ever seen.


JHU.11.1: Ethics was instructed by Todd Kukla, as mentioned during 09.2, and was TA'd by Canadian Adam See, who reminded them when it was Canada Day (he seriously did, look up Canada Day's date; it fell during Session 1, on July 1st, 2011:)). Unfortunately, that Ethics class never went up against the Logic class in anything. When the time for Color Wars came around, the Ethics class was on the Silver Snakes team, and pwnd every other team by winning with 275 points. Everyone in this class knows Sam Fisher and Morgan Williamson, who fueled the side that nobody (but themselves) took. Morgan was slightly more agreeable than Sam though, who was always on a different side, even against marriage. When they debated, the Con-Capital Punishment side took home the trophy, as did the Pro-Choice (Abortion) side. The Con-Capital Punishment side's theme song was "Gonna Fly Now," the theme from Rocky. The Pro-Choice's theme song was "Another One Bites the Dust." Everyone in this class will remember to do their duty, because it's a gift from within, and we are bound to it. Just as well, they will remember Dr. Jean Baptisté, the people seed. According to information from Adam, Todd said that "This class is the best class he's taught in six years." The people in this class were-

  • Margo
  • Erin
  • Ariel (She needed Justin Bieber's hair to live. 11.1 ethical people get it)
  • Jada
  • Gabe
  • Sam (Fishboy)
  • Rachel (she liked Thomas. a lot. pretty much everyone knew that.)
  • Robby (Dionysus; ROBBY! (with EMPHASIS! All of you Session 1 JHU ethical people know what I mean))
  • José (The West Wind)
  • Katelynn
  • Thomas (Beef Poseidon (Beef added on by Jada, Rachel, and Katelynn; used by a few Ethics girls))
  • Morgan
  • Muhan

JHU 11.2: Session 2 was again instructed by Todd, with David McIlroy TA'ing. While there were no debates with the logic class this session either, the two classes did watch Twelve Angry Men together, which, in conjunction with Judith Jarvis Thomson's Henry Fonda thought experiment, led to a number of Henry Fonda jokes. Interestingly enough, during the abortion debate each side selected as their theme song a song advocating the other side's position, the pro-choice side having chosen M.C. Hammer's "U Can't Touch This" and the pro-life side having chosen Beck's "Loser" (with its chorus of "I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me", it's advocating infanticide more than anything else).

JHU 12.1: This session came up with both "Kantemplation" and The Cake Theory, which entails the saying to have your cake and eat it too. It was taught by Todd Kukla again and TA'd by Tony, who is the hottest, coolest person to ever walk the JHU campus.


SAR 18.2: What else is there to say, besides "BENN SHUT UP""". Also, we definitely won the Ethics vs. Logic debate. How could we not have lost? We had the Cheerios.


CAR 18.2: Run by the enigmatic Karl Hein (Who may be a Cryptid), the course featured 8 people, and spawned multiple inside jokes such as "Golden Corral", "Mexicans can't vote in Switzerland", and "Kant's a Contra-Consequentialist".