Island Coconut Chicken

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In the Alcove there are many posters advertising tasty foodstuffs; among them were an odd looking pizza, a greasy looking western burger, and the Chicken itself. The Island Coconut Chicken then took on the Alcove as its followers. The Alcove began engaging in cult-like behaviors.

Random Alcovian: All hail the Island Coconut Chicken!
All: It died for our sins!
Jesus (Rachel) and Christ: So did we! (So did Rachel and Christ!)
Satan (Kai): Because of me. (Because of Kai!)

This idea was created by Jeff Sachs as a way to make fun of these annoying posters. Eventually, it just became fun.

Unfortunately, the chicken was often hailed repeatedly by people just arriving at meals, and it became annoying, causing Acid to begin defiling the sacred piece of poultry. With humping. El Hackador says: Acid's real name is Joseph Schwartz.

The Island Coconut Chicken

A less-known, as well as less-liked spin-off of the Island Coconut Chicken was the Pizza Skins. To this day, no Alcovians have been able to figure out what exactly pizza skins are, and how one would go about skinning a pizza. Because of this fact, the Pizza Skins are considered by some to be the Anti-Christ, or Anti-Chicken, as it were.