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This article is about the Non-Denomination Spiritual Figure (Formerly Known as Jesus) of Carlisle First Session. For the Lancaster Second Session position of the same name, see Trinity (Session 2).

Non-Denominational Spiritual Figure, formerly known as Jesus, is a position that was created to honor CTYer Lauren Bostjanick, commonly known as Jesus. The nickname was due to an incident in Catholic School in which someone misheard Lauren. She was believed to have said, "I am Jesus Christ," although in fact she did not. Nevertheless the name stuck. When Jesus arrived at Carlisle, others picked up on the nickname, leading to her jokingly hosting "the Last Supper" (in which she established the practice of consuming 'the body and blood of Christ'). She then announced a new Jesus, dubbing the position a traditional one. In the years following its creation, the role of Jesus has become an important counterweight to Emperor and Empress who tend to be from similar social circles and are more politically correct. The role of Carlisle's Spirit Fig is not to be confused with anything Lancaster related, as this tradition was started in 08.1 and remains a Carlisle Session One only tradition. The name was officially changed to Non-Denominational Spiritual Figure, or Spirit Fig, in 15.1.

The job of Spirit Fig is to ensure that tradition is kept and maintained throughout the session, and take some burden away from the Emperor and Empress. Jesus always informs the entire campus the night before a celebration day, and must be tight enough with the RAs to ensure that Canon is played throughout the dances. Spirit Figs are wild; they are also confident and social so people feel comfortable participating in tradition. In the past, Spirit Fig maintained the CTY Bible, which chronicled important CTYers, RAs, incidents, Canon changes or additions, and anything else deemed important that may not make it onto RealCTY. This tradition has fallen out of practice.

During Love Tape Day, the Spirit Fig writes "____ loves you" or "____ loves me" on the tape they give out. Spirit Fig has also given random high-fives to anyone in the CTY community (sometimes referred to as Free High-Five Thursday). The role of Spirit Fig is filled by a nevermore in their third or fourth year of CTY Carlisle. They must have a clear love and knowledge of CTY, CTY Carlisle, and tradition.

During the last HUB dinner of the session, called the Last Supper, the Spirit Fig delivers a speech to close the session by imparting words of wisdom regarding CTY, providing a moment for all to reflect on past and future sessions. At the end of the speech, they declare the next year's Jesus. Before the speech is delivered, everyone gathers around the back tables of the HUB and drinks red Powerade ('the blood of Christ') that has been mixed with passionfruit juice. In the past, everyone passed around the Spirit Fig cup and drank from it, but due to the events of Swine '09 (namely the flu), everyone has their own cup of red Powerade. A year later, Jesus Liam discovered passionfruit juice and instated the tradition of mixing it with red Powerade.

The current Jesus provides the passionfruit juice for everyone involved in the Last Supper. After drinking 'the blood of Christ', bread is broken and eaten ('the body of Christ'). The speech is delivered, the new Jesus is announced, and the previous Jesus sharpies the name of the next Jesus onto the Jesus Cup. The new Jesus receives the previous Jesus' speech and the sacramental cup. It is customary to refer to the previous Jesus's speech when the current Jesus writes their speech and to keep the speech of the past year's Jesus tucked within your lanyard, close to your heart.

In 09.1, due to an outbreak of swine flu that sent many home, Liam was absent due to illness when Vivian announced that he would succeed her. However, she had filmed the speech and posted it online so Liam would know of her announcement.

In 10.1, Noah stopped the Last Supper to inquire whether the Jesus Cup was stolen or not in an attempt to confiscate it, but gave up.

In 12.1, many RA's swarmed the Jesus, Natalie, badgering her about the cup and where she had gotten it from. She responded that it was purchased online (a lie), shutting all of admin up.

  • 2008.1
    • Lauren "Jesus" Bostjanick
  • 2009.1
    • Vivian "Jesus" Feldblyum
  • 2010.1
    • Liam "Jesus" McNamara
  • 2011.1
    • Bobby "Jesus" Zipp
  • 2012.1
    • Nat "Jesus" Wyatt
  • 2013.1
    • Charlie "Jesus" O'Connell
  • 2014.1
    • Nanaki "Jesus" Singh
  • 2015.1
    • Talya Whyte
  • 2016.1
    • SK Allen
  • 2017.1
    • Blue Mitchell
  • 2018.1
    • Red Singer
  • 2019.1
    • Isaac Moss
  • 2020.1
    • Shreya Gandhi