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The Last Supper takes place during dinner on third Friday, the last dinner at CTY, supposedly from 5:45 to 6:00. Unlike Passionfruit, the Last Supper is an event for the positon holders to talk about quotes, lessons learned, and what their positions mean to them.

First Session

During First Session, a person is appointed the role of Jesus only for the Last Supper in order to make a speech, often involving a quote from both of the Bibles (the Hitchhiker's Guide, and the actual Bible). There is no Satan for First Session (the person who plays Satan in American Pie has no connection to the Last Supper). The Body of Christ and Blood of Christ are still consumed. All nomores are encouraged to sit at the table whether they know anybody else there or not.

During 2007, with the creation of the Trinity, the Last Supper tradition changed. It was the duty of the Holy Ghost to lead the nomores in grace, thus commencing the dinner. Then, during the actual consumption of food, the Son made the traditional Jesus speech. The nomores set up a long table and folding chairs outside the arches to the left of the dining hall. Speakers stand on the end of the table towards South Ben or on the chair at the same end of the table. The current Quotebook Keeper reads the session's quotes during the Last Supper.

In 2014, administration changed the name of Last Supper to Food Finale, on grounds of religious offense. This change was largely protested by students and was not inforced by the new administration in 2015. DRL Will actually attended the Last Supper of 15.1 and made a hilariously ignorant speech about it at closing ceremonies, demonstrating his lack of understanding of CTY culture.

As of 2015, the position holders speak in reverse order of Passionfruit.

Second Session

The current holders of the The Muse and The Fiend titles make speeches and pass on their relics at this time. The Muse's speech usually reference one or both Bibles: the Christian Bible and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. In addition, Edgar Allan Poe's "The Conqueror Worm" is read in remembrance of Phil Gunn, though not necessarily by The Muse himself. Prior to 12.2 all nomores (as the "apostles") were invited to sit at the apostles' table to eat the 'Body of Christ' (pasta/french fries) and to drink the 'Blood of Christ' (cranberry juice, cherry coke, fruit punch, etc.). As of 12.2, people now pass down two jugs of SKL down both sides of the table for nomores to share a sip, perhaps their last sip of it before Passionfruit. This can be a lighthearted or depressing time, depending on the speeches and whether one can hear them. The table was formerly located along the left wall of the dining room entrance hall. Recently, it has relocated to the Land of the Large Round Tables, which was, in some years, opened solely to house the Last Supper.

Due to request from the administration to not exclude more religious CTYers, the title of the ceremony has been changed to The Restaurant at the End of the Universe in 12.2, in reference to the Hitchhikers guide.

Soon after dinner, everyone rushes outside to hear the lower Canon, played at dinner because the last dance is too short to contain so much Canon. During the Lower Canon and the Afterdance, the two roles and their relics are shared by both the outgoing nomore and incoming onemore. However, American Pie is still done by the actors from the current year.

The Make Out, 06.2

Last Suppers Past


In 2007, Site Director Brian Bloomfield provided three cakes for the nomores. When faced with said cakes, the Trinity proceeded to first smear the words off the cakes (which read "The", "Last", and "Supper"), then smear frosting upon the face of each nomore. Lastly, the Father cut the first slice of cake. The leftover cake in 2007 was presented to Frank Wang who proceeded to eat it... with his face.


Brian once again provided cakes during second session. Frank Wang approached the table and stated that he was going on patrol and if we were going to cake him, we should do it right then. Since he was too far away to smear with cake, people began taking handfuls of cake and throwing them at him, missing pathetically because CTY kids are not athletic, and hitting instead the walls and floor. Later, while the Lower Canon was playing, Brian the amazing Site Director came out and told us if we cleaned up the room really well we could hear more of the Canon. Everyone teamed up and got it done. We all felt terrible because Brian had been extremely nice in giving us our own big room for Last Supper and cakes, and we'd trashed the room. There was an apology note being passed around at Passionfruit, it is unclear whether he ever received it.


Last Supper was held under the arches as opposed to next to them, unlike previous years. Mike Suh (the Father) played a song on his guitar, and two nomores sang a few bars of the tear-inducing song "For Good". Benjamin Zweig (the Jester) made possibly one of the most relevant quotes to describe CTY in memory: "CTY is a pretty sweet space goldfish".


A coconut was purchased at the Farmer's Market for speakers to hold while speaking. Daniel Rock (Jester and Quotebook Keeper) read a note from Ryan Grewal, the session's original Jester, who had been tarrying in returning the coat and hat an unprecedented amount of time.


Two nomores held up a communist flag behind the speakers, to act as a sort of backdrop. Tekettay Ludvig announced the creation of a new positon, the Savage, at Last Supper rather than at Passionfruit. When Victoria Zhou read the session's quotes, RAs were censoring her from a few feet away, as some of them were decidedly CTYI.


Oliver "Brick" Reinhardt (Documentator) and Eleanor Franklin (Quotebook) both passed their positions at the Last Supper, since neither was a nomore. The nomores were rather upset by the absence of RA Vivian, who had some sort of responsibility to take care of.