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Created by User:Elizabeth

  • I hate it!!! - Joe User

Bare-bones submission

Why not just


It retains the wiki brackets, and frankly, I don't think there's a single image which could encapsulate CTY in any real way. You could certainly do something to pretty up the letters, but I have no graphical skills personally.

Suggested by F'n'M

I suggest the logo from the frisbees, especially if it's used at all sites (I only know LAN). Anyone have a scan or good copy of it? Of course, that means it'd change every summer, but hey, that's no sweat.

--P.S. 22:54, 18 Aug 2004 (CDT)

students from each site design their own frisbee each session, I'm not sure we'd be able to keep up with that, much less decide which site and session to use for the year.

American Pie?

I made a cool looking logo based on American Pie

Here it is logo sized and high rez

UPDATE: I made a new one, logo sized and High rez

--Jeff Sachs 18:30, 23 Aug 2005 (MST)

Get's my vote! -Some Guy

How abouts putting "CTY" in the middle of ye olde pie? It's really awesome already, though. -Rachel

I like the Pie! Put CTY in the middle, and it will be absolutely perfect! -Jenny

One year (some time in the span 1995-2003, not that that's very helpful), there was a frisbee, somewhat similar to the proposed logo, that represented an American flag, a pie and the letters CTY in one design. Someone might try to find a copy of the design. -CTY Lancaster staff member

I really wish we had an admin so that we could put it up... - Max

AHH I love this! Some admin put it up!

Oh my God, I love it! And you, Jeff. -Papa T

Tis awesome if there's a CTY in the middle!! -Bri.

That is soooooo awesome!- Sven

I vote for CTY in the middle -Kai

I made a new one, same style, also a motto. New Logo -Will S

Logo Font/Color

We're pretty much decided on the logo; however, I'm toying with putting CTY win the center, and I want some consensus on what it should look like.

I could try light blue; that would work; how's this: (picture removed)

--Max 10:21, 14 August 2006 (MST)

Eh, not a big fan of the "CTY". Can I play around with it when I get back to my own computer in a few days? -Laney

I think the CTY is nice, maybe a different color though. The light blue kinda clashes... what about just black or something? -Marxi

We could always just go with the pie, but whatever changes you make to it, put it online and post it here.

I think a CTY in the middle would be awesome, please. -DavidJohnny

I love love love the pie logo, but I agree with Marxi that the light blue doesn't work at all. I'd also consider checking out some other font options. What about trying to find a font that is similar to the one used on the lanyards? - Zoë

The lanyards idea is pretty awesome, and as for color either black or something really out there like flamboyant orange or neon green. ~Yulia

I tried a neon green color, but someone called "Nixxi" said it clashed. I feel like I knew a "Nixie" back in '05, but either I got the spelling wrong, or there are two. And I thought the one I knew wasn't Asian. Anyway. Although the idea was just to find a lanyard font, if I can actually take a couple of lights and take a picture of a black lanyard on a white background, we could use that. I do have both black lanyards. ~Max

Dear Max, You're joking right? First you spelled my name wrong and second I AM Asian. There ARE no two Nixxi's. Neon green made the logo look like a vomit of colours and was NOT attractive at all. I LOVE neon green and would be the first one to advocate for it had it been in the appropriate scheme. ~Nixxi

Oh wait! Now I remember you!...although I don't think I've ever seen your name written anywhere... --Max

--I can photoshop some good text when I get home...(I'm currently on vacation in Chicago)

Can someone make the pie look MORE like a pie. I keep thinking it's the american flag on a log. --Nixxi

Yeah...it sorta does. The only thing is, if it looked too much like a pie, you wouldn't be able to have the whole American part attached to it as well; it can't really look like a pie and a flag.

Maybe the flag shouldn't cover the entire pie, just some of it? And I'm all for CTY across it (it would be rather ambigous without it), but as it currently is it would be hard to place lettering across it that would be easily read (another benefit of having the flag across some of the pie and a more uniform color for the rest of the pie)--Ev

Another Option for the Lettering

Circular Lettering

I made a sketch type thing for the logo. This one has letters made to fit the circle of the pie, but my american pie is dismal... I really like these letters though

I like Jeff's pie better than the one I made so if someone with access to photoshop wants to somehow combine the lettering style with his pie, that would be very cool I think.

--Klairahgal48 09:24, 18 August 2006 (MST)

The lettering interferes with the pie too much, and doesn't look very good in general (thickness-wise).

On another note, the letters, no matter how we did them, would end up being very small. I think we ought to stick to pie only.

Similar concept, different image

Here's my try at making it look more pie-y: American Pie
And two tries at adding text: one, two
I really like the lanyard idea, and I would have done it with my black lanyard but my camera's memory card got stolen/lost second session...

That looks AMAZING!! Although I still like Jeff's brackets better. I think I'll just cover the pie with this pie. Does anyone have any objections to using Laney's pie with Jeff's brackets? Also, what about lettering? I'm leaning toward none; pie is sufficient, I think. List suggestions, and then we can put it up. --Max

Brilliant! I like the first one with black text the best. I am so psyched for this logo! -Marxi

Im all for the 1st lettering in laneys and as for brackets Im not so sure

I think that combining those is a great idea!- User:Sven

Well, here's my combination attempt; tell me what you think: [1]. I'm going to see what it looks like put up, so just tell me if it's bad; otherwise, it'll stay.

I like it, it'll just take a bit of getting used to to not seeing the flower, but I like it :D ~Yulia

It has my blessing - Jeff

It looks great! Thanks Max :D - Laney