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Residential Quad

Social time is here. It is in front of Ryan and Padua. The grass sucks here; falling will hurt both you and your clothes.


Ryan Hall

No AC, micro-sized dorm rooms which are often compared to prison cells. It is not required by the CTY packing list, but it is IMPERATIVE to bring a fan, especially on the fourth floor, as heat rises. Bring two for safety. Laundry room (which by the second week is covered in peoples' forgotten laundry) is on the first floor. There aren't very many washers, and there's always at least one broken one. There are four bathrooms: one for each floor. The only lounge is in the basement, but very few people hang out in here, as it smells absolutely disgusting, not very many people know about it, and the RAs don't like it when people do use it.

Padua Hall

The dorms here are huge, they have AC in every room, personal bathrooms, a lounge on every floor, and laundry rooms on the second and fourth floors. The only bad thing about Padua is that, if you're assigned a room on the third or fourth floor, you have to climb your way upstairs (elevator usage is prohibited unless you hurt your leg and can't go upstairs). The number 42 is burned into the floor in front of the staircase entrance on the second floor; many CTYers assume this to be a mark left by previous CTYers who were quite obsessed with Hitchhiker's Guide. IF YOU LOSE ANY OF YOUR STUFF IN HERE, IT WILL GET STOLEN BY THE CLEANERS.

Hines Hall

A dorm of marginally better quality than Ryan Hall, used occasionally by both boys and girls. No air conditioning, one laundry room, communal bathrooms, sparsely furnished, etc. The most recent usage of this dorm was at 08.1—the boys were in Hines, girls and Baby were in Padua.

Academic Quad

Fields and paths on the side of Sarazen that face Foy and Roger Bacon. Siena Hall is on the far left corner. There are two small sections, one with a statue of a perverted friar and the other with a sundial, that people hang out in often. Laying on the grass or tossing frisbees across the walkway is strictly enforced. This is where many classes have their break, and it is not uncommon to see about fifteen frisbees in the air at any given time.

Serra Hall

The dining hall. Pizza, pasta, salad, and many varieties of fried food are served here every day. There is very little food served that is in any way good for you. There is also a frequently used soft-serve ice cream machine. The food is usually okay, but a few students from Session 2 '07 got food poisoning from it around the last few days of the session. It is not uncommon to see people making disgusting mixes of food and then putting them on the conveyor belt for the cleaners. (Loud rap music is always heard from inside their section.) The dining hall is run by Sodexho, a major food service provider.

Sarazen Student Center

When you sign in on your first day of CTY, you go here. It's always really cold inside, so watch out. The bookstore, dance hall, and office are all in here. There are bathrooms and a vending machine with Frappucinos inside in the hallway by the bookstore.

Foy Hall

Talent show and various activities are held here. During 2006, CTYers ate here because of Student Orientations. Dances are here if Sarazen is under construction. Take note that the talent show, at least during session 1 2007, the number of people in the room far exceeded the number of seats in the room, forcing the staff to stand on the side of the auditorium. Also, it was scorching hot due to how close together everyone was packed.

Roger Bacon Hall

Classes can be held here and movies are usually in RB 202. RB 202 is great. So much room, plus tables for each seat so you can read/play cards while a movie is playing.

Morell Science Center

Chemistry and Biology are here. It's a long walk from Sierra, but it's a really nice center.

Siena Hall

Classes only; nothing special here. A bat somehow snuck into the hallway in Session Two '07 that freaked some people out, but it was actually pretty cool.


Athletic center. Indoor athletic activities and the CTY Olympics are here. A schlep from everything else, out of bounds without an RA.

Standish Library

Some classes do research or work on projects here. Activities are sometimes held in the awesome AV room on the ground level. The Butt Rock is on the lawn in front. Passionfruit is held on the lawn in front of Standish.

The Butt Rock

Memorial for 9/11. It can be heated by the sun, and it's shaped like a heart (that looks more like a butt). Many students kiss, sit on, and do other things to the Butt Rock right after Passionfruit.