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  • Jay Ben was known as "The Squirrel"
  • Los Angeles sent lots of CTYers to Bristol! They were the craziest, the best, most sociable people ever! So easy to talk to, and they were hilarious!

Casino Night

Unknown to most of the campers, four kids in Jay Ben's hall counterfeited CAAsino Night money in order to win. They counterfeited $1200 worth of CAAsino Night money and ended up with $1600 in total. By being the hall with the most money, they won an extra sleepover. After Casino night, two RAs got nicknamed due to noodle fight: Jessica "Mount Crushmore" and Matt "Manderson"

Mucha Ropa

Mucha Ropa was first started by CTYers in 10.2 who were in Nick and Joe T.'s hall. Mucha Ropa means "Many Clothes" or "Too many clothes" in Spanish. By saying this, you are technically instructing people to take off their clothes becuase they have too many. It was also known as Nick and Joe T.'s hall call. It quickly spread through the campus as even girls and RAs were saying it.

Pronounced: "Mucha Rooooooooopa" and repeat


Bristol is invaded by Arizonians from San Luis, AZ (border town) every year. Both sessions, there must be at least one CTYer from AZ. They are the most noticeable CAAmpers in the site because they are loud and so happy. They are very social, and they know how to dance! (**13.1 during social time, they were teaching how to dance "Banda, and Merengue". Lots of people joined, others just saw and cheered.) Very social, but majority of the time they WILL be speaking in Spanish due to their background and language spoken at home.


  • Frisbee was extremely popular among students and staff during session 11.1
  • Soccer Foursquare became crazy in session 11.2


There were illegal sleepovers every night in Stonewall 3! It was something special than other years, and everybody knew EVERYBODY! Everyone was friendly, and the food was the best! I recommend the grill cheese and pizza, they are not greasy. Take lots of selfies with everybody!


CAMERON the RA was the beeeeest!

13.1 was way different than other years. Stonewall 1&2 were the girls' dorms and Stonewall 3&4 were the guys' dorms. The food was cold the majority of the time, students couldn't take out food, and everybody was in little groups. Lots of CAAmpers would sneak out spoons and forks for the cup soups or noodles at night. Tom wasn't there anymore, and Molly took over. She was new, so there wasn't much tradition. After activities, instead of going back to the dorms to change (like in previous years), RAs would take students directly to dinner! There was no Casino Prep. Two dances were in the Bio center in front of the main quad. It isn't a good place to dance, but it has beautiful scenery.


  • A shower in Stonewall 2 turned purple when a camper dyed her hair. The normal white color of the shower was never restored.
  • When a ratchet baby seagull fell off of The Commons, everyone wanted to see the little baby gray fluff ball until RA Myles got dive bombed by eight of the baby seagull's fellow bird friends. No one was allowed to go near the bird after that.
  • Never Have I Ever was banned after SRA Molly decided that the content discussed during this game was much too mature for the CTY students.
  • Bristol became a lot stricter due to new administration
  • Stonewalls 1 and 2 became girls' dorms and 3 and 4 became guys' dorms.
  • Tom was no longer the Dean of Residential Life. Molly, the new Dean of Residential Life, went to each hall during the last week and threatened to take away activities and the last dance if the drama continued. Students were given yellow pieces of paper to anonymously write any information they knew about the drama.
  • Bristol finally had a drag day. However, it was unofficial and an RA confiscated one of the bras that one of the guys were holding.
  • "Spirit Week" was the second week of camp.
  • The students made Mix Match Day into an unofficial drag day.
  • We did not return to the church fair. Instead, there was a site wide scavenger hunt.
  • The first and last dance were only 2 hours. The second dance was 2 1/2.
  • Passionfruit was in GHH due to torrential downpour and was led by Greyson Nelson.


The site was way different than last year because the RAs were super strict and there was barely any freedom. Also, the site overpopulated and it was impossible to find a seat in the cafeteria.

International Students

  • Hong Kong (Adish)
  • Belgium & Poland (Kenji)
  • Beijing (Helen)
  • France (Paul)


The first dance was held in Global Heritage Hall, but the lights were on the entire time and most people stood on the balcony and watched The second and third dances were held in the gym and they were fun.


During Passionfruit, the RAs ripped us off and gave us cranberry juice instead of passionfruit juice.

Other Occurrences of 14.1

  • CTY Cliques
  • The Hackey Sack
  • The Crew
  • The Twerk Crew
  • The Arizonians
  • Can I get a hooiyah??? (Alicia)



Foosball was a popular alternative to the dances during 14.2. While everyone was forced to go to the dances, many people chose to stay outside of the gym itself and play foosball and socialize without being surrounded by a giant orgy of sweaty people jumping up and down in the dark to bad music.


Hawaiian (RA Kristen DJed)

Candy Land: RA Josh disc jockeyed the second dance and nearly blew out the speakers. The music was so bad that people left the gym and refused to go back. Except for the candy. The candy was the only reason to go back into the gym. During Candy Land, Pixy Stix were given out. The majority of the people outside of the gym called these drugs. The Pixy powder was everywhere. Blue was the most popular by far. People would open the Pixy Stix out by the foosball table and makes lines with them on the pool table and snort them like cocaine. The following week, the powder remained.

Winter Wonderland: No one knows who DJed this one. Maybe it was RA Shaunna. But no one knows for sure.


Soccer Foursquare got so popular that at one point during quad time there was no hand Foursquare game going on. Invisible Foursquare happened. Many people new to CTY were unfamiliar with the proper rules of Foursquare.

CAAsino Night

Initially, RA Cam's Hall was thought to be the winner of CAAsino Night. However, later developments suggest that a different boys' hall was crowned the winner. A video of RA Cam being pied (the winner's prize) is posted on Instagram somewhere. The winning hall then pied Cam in the face as their prize.

Haslee's hall stole thousands of dollars from the Bank, so they were disqualified. They then had an opportunity to be re-qualified, which required them to publicly confess to their crimes and give back all money taken from the Bank AND their own rightfully earned money. It was later announced that all disqualifications were void.

Josh's hall had a similar experience to Haslee's. They robbed the Bank and were disqualified, so they began giving away money because it didn't matter anymore. But then the staff vetoed all disqualifications. Girls resorted to trading hugs for money. Those in jail paid others to bail them out.

The Hunger Games

During the last week of the session, the weekly activity Hunger Games was popular. Each tribute was given five (5) lives and assorted tools -- like weapons, skills and survival tools. Each weapon required the person attacked to give up a specified amount of lives. The Gamemakers would change certain elements of the games, like the weather. Some people tried to bargain their way out of dying completely, saying, "Here, you can have one of my lives and my sleeping bag. The Gamemakers said they were really rare."

CTYer Miguel was vicious and broke all alliances with others. To the sponsors' happiness, Miguel did not come out as victor; Kevin with the clear plastic glasses did. This was due to the fact that all those allied with Kevin and his friends gave their remaining lives to him right before the game ended. No sponsor gave Miguel anything because he killed everyone and took the game way too seriously. I think we have to give him some credit for being his awesome self, though.

Many alliances were formed. To name some:

  • The Latino Alliance
  • The Brown People Alliance
  • The Asian Alliance
  • The Erick Alliance
  • THE Alliance

Most participants were a part of at least one of these alliances.

Notable Students

  • CTYer Miguel caused a fire drill when he burned popcorn in the microwave so bad that it set off the alarm. All four Stonewalls were forced to evacuate.
  • CTYer Dakota had beanies that an estimated 90% of the student body wore at some point during the session.
  • CTYer Sneha Kannan had a lovely trip to the emergency room after she (accidentally) stabbed herself in the hand with a brand new scalpel during a cow eye dissection (ANPY). Everyone in her class came to the conclusion that their instructor Bernard put new blades on the scalpels for a reason: he hated us all. Later in the session, that same CTYer ran down the stairs, fell on her back, and was unable to walk properly for a week. Great measures were taken as Brian the SRA had to drive her from the Quad to the nurse in a golf cart.
  • CTYer Trevor was quite popular among the other CTYers. He used the classiest pickup lines such as "It's hot here now that you came" followed by "I'm smooth". He had quite an expansive vocabulary for offending people of different genders and hair colors. All of his verbal offenses were reluctantly forgiven on the last night of the session. He was one of the most irritating people to play Foursquare with. And if not one of the most, he was the most. Many knew of his rivalry with CTYer Katie G after he seriously offended her one day in the Foursquare line during quad time. They were bitter towards each other until the last night when she involuntarily forgave him and they hugged it out.
  • CTYer "LeBron" was apparently "never intimidated" by CTYer Katie G. LeBron said to Katie one day, "You don't intimidate me." LeBron said to Katie on the last night, "You didn't intimidate me," and he hugged Katie.
  • CTYer Samantha was nicknamed Babyface within the first week of the session. The name stuck, eventually resulting in her being embarrassed in front of the entire student body by her RA at CAAsino Night.
  • One girl in Stonewall III was voluntarily tied up with tape and put into a closet with a bucket over her head while other girls videotaped and took pictures. The videos and pictures were later published online.
  • CTYer Katie G was feared by many. She was known as "that girl" in Foursquare. She made many alliances, but unintentionally failed to comply with the standard alliance rules on occasion. "Her. Get That Girl out. She'll betray you."
  • CTYer Moriah was known to always ask for a redo every round she played Foursquare in every version (regular, soccer, eight square, eight triangle etc.) Moriah : * playing Foursquare and gets out * "Can I have a redo, just one redo please" Rest of CTYers playing Foursquare and in line for Foursquare: "No way" "Get out" "There are no redos". CTYer Moriah was also known for walking down the Foursquare line looking to find someone she could cut in line with. CTYer Moriah was famous for arguing with the CTY alumnae and alumni over the official rules of Foursquare. She believed that she could set the rules herself even if she wasn't actually playing the game at the time.
  • Haslee's Girls gave boys in Josh's Hall the "insecurity talk". Haslee's girls were constantly caught stealing Train Station, her stuffed animal, from her bedroom. At one point, Katie G took Train Station and kept him/her in one of her empty drawers in her bedroom for a whole night. Train Station mysteriously reappeared the next morning at Haslee's door. "Draw me like one of your French girls."- A girl from Haslee's hall, who wishes to remain anonymous. RIP Shelby Fusua Grotskan. You were the prettiest fetal pig dissected.
  • Josh's boys downloaded a fart app. Number 19 on the app was known as the Peking Duck. To many people's disgust, the boys played with this app in the bathroom, outside Josh's bedroom and throughout campus when walking from place to place. Three of Josh's boys took videos of moaning in the pitch black of their bedroom to simulate masturbation and/or sexual intercourse. They later sent these videos to many people.
  • Baby CTY's Inductive and Deductive Reasoning class performed an American Pie parody at the last all-site meeting, which offended all of the OS student body. They held up signs for each word in their parody, with an extra "Inde" at the end, which confused everyone. "Pi, pi mathematical pi, 3-point-1-4-1-5-9" INDE. Direct quote from CTYer: "This has officially ruined American Pie for me." Baby CTY's Examining the Evidence class scarred the entire site with their "Pubis, don't touch this" song and dance about the bones in the human body.

Other Events

  • Trivia Day
  • RA Trivia
  • Song Trivia
  • Free throws
  • CTY Rap creation
  • Passing ping-pong ball from one end of a line of hallmates to other and back
  • Silent organization or hallmates following certain criteria
  • CTY-themed Pictionary
  • When Water Day was cancelled due to rain, many CTYers went to the alternate activity, Board Games. There, some played Apples to Apples. There was a lengthy debate about whether Detroit or the NRA was scarier:
    • "But Detroit is scary because of the NRA."
    • Detroit won that round.
  • Twerking lessons were given and filmed. They were sent to the twerking teacher's CTY boyfriend's hallmate, Sean.
  • Over $150 in pizza was ordered from one boys' hall in one night.
  • People wore cardboard and duct tape outfits for the rest of the day after their daily activity, Trashon (pronounced "Trashin", like fashion).
  • Social time was taken away for a night after the dining hall was left a mess. It was also taken away from Haslee's girls after their common area was left a mess, but this did not stop them from communicating with the outside world. They managed to open a window and talk to people outside from the third floor. RA Kristen (the co-RA for Haslee's floor) went outside and found them looking out the window. The girls got into trouble.
  • Some serious Duke TIP dissing happened: "Duke TIP is so stupid. Like, I may have qualified for it, but that's so stupid!" CTYers are still upset that the American Pie tradition began with Duke TIP. (Amen to that. It's true. I have a friend who is a TIPster)
  • The time outside and in front of Stonewall II after the last dance was very emotional.
  • Drag Day didn't happen. Many CTYers were sad about this, as they had anticipated its occurrence.


  • Christine's hall, known as the Starbucks, was the best
  • Alanna Levitt, Tabitha, Molly Folino, and Nicole Ross were inseparable
  • There was no real canon, but American Pie was played last at every dance, of course
  • The Worst Activity Ever was actually The Worst Activity Ever
  • Max from Math Money was kicked out for knocking down a TA during a class break
  • Xindy was known by absolutely everyone at 15.2 for writing down the names of people she met and putting them on index cards hanging over her bed
  • Foursquare was played all over the quad
  • Emma Brown killed her performance of Titanium at the talent show
  • Halls were allowed to order food on Fridays and Saturdays
  • Walking between floors without supervision was not allowed


  • Hydrate or Diedrate was popular around campus
  • Foursquare was a popular activity during quad time
  • Students were not allowed to order pizza on the weekends or go into town for the Fourth of July parade
  • One of the CAAsino Night prizes included going on lights-out rounds with SRA Teddy, which meant banging on doors and waking up actual sleeping campers
  • "Dress Your RA day" (One hall changed this to half-casual day in honor of Easton's Half-Casual Fridays), "Twin Day", and "Wacky Wednesday" (C'mon, we all know this is Drag Day) all happened
  • Quite a bit of homewrecking went on...
  • The food was good on most days except for the rice being an insult to Asian cuisine
  • Tennis balls were often thrown at the windows of dorms who didn't understand the concept of lights out
  • Last Thursday's lunch was extremely emotional
  • Pokemon Go came with a storm on the second Thursday of camp, with many people screaming and running around.

Halls and Staff

Instructor Lubna Peerzada accused CTYers Manny Apodaca, Andrés Arocho, and Justin Quezada of speaking "Mexican" when they were speaking English, and told CTYer Andrian Chan that all Asians were generally smart.

RA Tommy's Hall were overjoyed when Poop Mountain left because they had the courts and basketball finally became an activity. Tommy's hall managed to never have normal lights out until the start of the last week of session, due to the natural characteristics of troublemaking from his 17 sons. Tommy was the greatest. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS YOUR DADDY? TOMMY TOMMY TOMMY TOMMY!

Blair is the best teacher at CTY by far and had a cool group of girls in PDOX B (Leslie, America, Julia, Yael, Alanna, Taylor).

RA power couple = Daddy Tommy and Mommy Sara truly outdid "17 kids and counting" with over 20 kids from 2 halls

Kendall's hall was the most lit and was known for being on time. RA Kendall ordered her hall pizza after the last dance - WE LOVE YOU KENDALL!

Marvin's Martians: RA Marvin's hall pulled off a heist of $201,000 at Casino Night and therefore won it. Because we are the best hall, Marvin's Martians are the best and Marvin is the best RA. CTY-er Yassine Chentouf of marvins hall would scream marvins name at every hand off, at every activity which he led: MARVIN'S MARTIANS WE DON'T CARE, LEAVING CTY JUST ISN'T FAIR (the first chant was very NSFW). RA Marvin and CTY-er Yassine Chentouf made their love official on casino night. Their marriage ceremony was beautiful, and their love is strong, and even thoughts they are separated by miles, their hearts are still together.

DRL Sayre had a pebble road run by the shore one morning and it was beautiful.


Many CTYers were from Easton 15.1 and were very chill with the DRL Sayre.

Andrew Dawson always walked around the gym at the dances. He was sent to jail 5 minutes after Casino Night began and repeatedly had to tell people that yes, he was 13 (he was 6'1").

Isabella was known for being asked to get her whole lunch table a piece of white bread during meals (Taylor, Yael, Suzanna, Alanna, and Cindy were the typical campers at her table).

CTYer Paulina Chartouni was hit on by Poop Mountain ballers during the second week of camp, resulting in Daddy Tommy coming to the rescue and expelling the pestilent kids.

CTYer Johnny's Talent Show perfomance(s) was/were lit af.

CTYer Devin Zhang brought his speaker everywhere on campus and played lit music. His hall (RA Tommy's) became the most turnt hall on campus.

Every team CTYer Can Tunceli supported lost, whether it was Italy losing to Germany in PKs or the Sixers losing to the Lakers on a D'Angelo Russell buzzer beater three.

Nikhil Sharma got a black eye on a bouncy castle.

The "OG" alliance in four square was comprised of DJ "Cheeky Shadow" Walker, "No Chill" Nikhil Sharma AKA "Salty Sharma," Aidan "The Fister" O'Neil, Andrew "BFG" Dawson, "Big D***" Devin Zhang, Lucas "Brazillian Butt Rapist" Fernandes, "No Chill" Nate, and sometimes that guy Benny (the Patriots fan) from Tyler's hall dominated four square with their trick shots and got everyone else out. On second thought, the "OG" got Benny out most of the time. Cheeky Shadow's infamous Cheeky Drop Shot was unstoppable.

Alex Nill went close to commando on Wacky Wednesday, but no one complained...


Iris was only played at the last dance. American Pie was messed up with people on their phones around the edge (the last dance was fine however). More music played after one American Pie, angering many.

There was a surprisingly large amount of nevermores, and a few nevermores got staff lanyards. Passionfruit was held by the shore, the perfect place to watch the sunrise.


  • Many Easton 15.2 members reunited at the Bristol site with DRL Sayre Posey. She is one of the chillest DRLs out there.
  • Best dressed goes for Ashley and Niles
  • If you know a Jesus, it was the one with the good hair
  • Ordering food was not allowed on the last day due to Program Manager Joshu showing up, causing every RA and every student to be alert of their actions. Sleepovers on different floors were also not permitted during the last day due to the incident with Josh Song and because Joshu was visiting.
  • Alice AKA "Eggs,Taters, and Pancakes" lady
  • Taser fights were common and painful, and sort of scary to other campers. All resulted in alliances:
  • Silent Bananas and irrelevant shoes


Blammo was brought to Bristol. Blammo Gods Justin Adel, Justin Zhao, Haeju Jeong, and Sangmin Lee were notorious for being loud, obnoxious, lit, and rowdy and were identified as the "lit squad." Justin Adel was known for his constant smiles and Haeju Jeong was for his iconic dab, which debuted during the first Blammo. All four members played Rock/Paper/Scissors every meal to determine who takes all the plates (including Catherine Yen and Loren Yu's plates). In addition, the loser would be spanked with the big white god spoons and would also have to wear a maid apron, which was purchased off of Amazon Prime. Sangmin Lee constantly lost and was often heard saying "DON'T SPANK HARD... OWWWW!" All four Blammo Gods were essentially blood brothers.

Blammo God Justin Adel was often caught flashing toothy smiles on camera by Fausto Alvarez. Eventually, Adel had to close his mouth when people said his name because there were too many Snapchat stories of him smiling.

Whenever something was needed from Amazon, people would ask Blammo God Justin Zhao to Amazon Prime it for them.

Blammo God Haeju Jeong forget his backpack one night after night social time. He called public safety and checked the lost and found many times but never found it. He lost his MacBook Air and other items.

One night, RA Tommy was chilling with the Blammo Gods. As they were conversing, he had his hand in his crotch. "Why yo hand in yo crotch?" asked Blammo God Sangmin Lee. This iconic moment was the start of many inside jokes.

Winner of Blammo went to RA Sebastian Saw as he Blammo'd RA Tommy during breakfast the day before move out.


There were A LOT of couples during this session:

  • Greg and Brooke. They would always hook up under a blanket during social time. Many thought it was cute and many thought it was nasty. The two signed up for the weekly activity Disney Movie Appreciation. They brought the blanket and sat in the back in the dark... RAs were not allowed to intervene for unknown/unconfirmed reasons.
  • Eric and Daniela. They finally kissed.
  • Sang Lee and Catherine Yen
  • Justin Zhao and Loren Yu
  • Shannon and Ryan were by far the most cliche and perfect couple. If Shannon wasn't around her squad (Daniela, Sultanah, Lizzy, and Bella), she was with her hubby
  • Isabel and Barton
  • Charlotte Gu and Matt Song (Chatt, pronounced shhh-att)

There was even more drama with crushes:

  • Kabir and literally 25% of the girls at Bristol (TOO BAD HE COULDN'T MAKE UP HIS MIND)
  • Haeju and Rosie and Kabir....
  • Anita and Justin Adel (Anita was always stalking Adel)
  • CAA camper Czar Alfonso was known for crushing on different guys. The guys in her class (EGRD B) would always try to help her but none actually worked out.
  • Gu and boyfriend Matt Song received scores of 93 and 87, respectively, on the Rice Purity Test. Cute couple though.

Body on the Line

During the first week, CAAmpers Eric Ma and Joshua Johnson had an inside joke that when somebody laid out to catch a ball or a Frisbee, they would yell "Body on the line!" and laugh. Soon, a few more people caught onto it. Body on the Line was a game that originated in the final week of the session. Fausto Alvarez, Greg Gomez, and Eric Ma were watching the circle of volleyball players keep the ball up. One boy laid out for the ball and the three of them yelled, "Body on the line!". When the next ball came, Greg could have easily gotten it with a volley, but instead dramatically jumped and landed flat on the ground while hitting the ball and screaming the catch phrase with Fausto and Eric. Pretty soon, there were over 20 people taking up at least a quarter of the quad after every meal playing this game, except unnecessarily falling down each time they hit the ball and grunting something about putting their body on the line.

Halls and Staff

RA Bobby and his guys were often screaming "BOB SQUAD, ITS LIT!"

RA Sara was known for being super chill around students.

RA Ali was constantly complimented by her girls, who were known for their ABC count-off. It was never perfected.

Many students claimed RA Tommy was their RA when he was not: "YOU'RE NOT MY KID!"

A few of the CAAmpers in RA Kendall's hall were known for their twerking contests in the bathroom. After being walked in on multiple times and many hours of practice, only one out of the three were successful.

RA Greg's hall attempted to sneak a total of 8 sleepovers on weeknights. He caught them only twice. RA Greg was known for sitting outside of rooms, listening to conversations inside for extended periods of time before making himself known and sending kids back to their rooms. It was creepy. He would pop his head in and repeat something that had been said as much as 45 minutes prior.

RA powercouple = Daddy Greg and Mommy Natalie, with their 10 sons being the boys in Greg's hall.

Phi Mu

Sayre and Sara's sisterhood retreat had students chanting the Phi Mu chant and creating the Phi Mu sign with their fingers:


This retreat lead to a full-blown Phi Mu obsession and an almost cult-like following of the sorority by campers and some staff. RA Keona was so moved by the sorority that she promposed to member and RA Sara with a poster board reading, "I would love to go to prom with Phi Mu." She enlisted all of Sara's girls to hold up the Phi Mu quatrefoils and sing the Phi Mu chant. Sara had never looked prouder.


The first dance was DJed by Caillou Snowflake (AKA RA Chadd).

OG Bobby Johnson (RA Bobby) was supposed to DJ the second dance, but it wound up being RA Nnenna, who made the playlist NOT LIT.

The third dance was DJed by Vinny Vines (RA Tommy). He killed it with a lit playlist. Slow songs at the last dance were: I Will Always Love You, Stairway to Heaven, Can I Have This Dance, Iris, and Stay with Me. Tunak Tunak Tun and Radioactive were also played (finally).

The Canon Final Four were Mr. Brightside, Forever Young, Stairway to Heaven, and American Pie, respectively. The dances were lit as long as you had the dance trio in your circle: Enoch Oluwaboro, Czar Alfonso, and Jeff Lin. They were awesome at dancing and knew everybody.

Notable Students

CAAmpers Charlotte Gu and Czar Alfonso became best friends during their first hour at CTY. They were known throughout the camp as the self-promo girls because they'd always tell people to follow them. They were popular and loved by everyone. Their trick was memorizing everyone's names and saying hi to them whenever they saw them.

CTYer Eric Ma developed an ongoing inside joke with CTYer from the previous session, Andrian Chan, that the two boys were in fact brothers. Eric's first reaction when he spotted RA Tommy on arrival day was to scream at the top of his lungs that he was Andrian's brother. RA Bobby claims credit for the "brother" idea, even though all of the other RAs know that Andrian and Eric came up with it.

Eric Ma would have girls from home get on his Snapchat account and save his streaks almost daily. It was annoying, but they were pretty. One girl by the name of Ella Woods was seen every night on his account, and people began to call her "Streaks Girl". She liked to send pretty selfies and have conversations with Eric's streaks. On a side note, Ella Woods was Eric's soon to be girlfriend, even though he told his hall he didn't like her over and over again. They knew something was up when he FaceTimed her every night and she planned their whole lives out, naming their kids, naming their dog, and picking places to travel for summer vacation. It was weird. Eric also made an attempt to bring back the Buffalo drinking game tradition, starting with his class, PDOX B. It soon spread to Chemistry in Society and Psychology but remained contained to only this group of CAAmpers.

Josh Song, a.k.a. Kyrie, was expelled from the program after sneaking out of his building at night to see his girlfriend. He was given the nickname "Kyrie" by campers Azhar Anwan, Joshua Johnson, and Eric Ma after they watched him dancing on everybody in a pickup game of basketball on move-in day. However, he was still garbage at ball.

Evan Marwill was known for saying, "Do it, you won't", after every time someone threatened him. The phrase was stolen from EGRD B students; Haeju Jeong, Justin Zhao, Enoch Oluwaboro, Matt Song, and Jeff Lin. Original phrase was " NO BALLS, YOU WON'T".

CAAmper Jeff Lin lost sleepover privileges after screaming at CAAmper Sangmin Lee "Sang likes big dick!!" provoked by the phrase, "No balls you won't."

Camper Azhar Awan sprained his ankle on the first Friday playing basketball. Throughout the session, he used this as an excuse to skip lines, switch activities, and get redos in four square.

The Soccer Foursquare alliance of Kabir, Rosie, Soham, and Efe were notorious for getting out opponents with ease and without mercy.

CAAmper Sultanah played soccer foursquare even though she would always get herself out. She brightened everyone's day with her sick soccer moves and once bounced the ball with a sick body roll that was so hilarious, CAAmper Lizzy couldn't play because she was laughing so hard.

CAAmper Elizabeth Hubbard got sick and lost her voice for a few days. She took benadryl during the night and a running gag was that she was high due to the occasional smell of marijuana. One night, Lizzy forgot to take her benadryl and was coughing loudly. CAAmper Daniela Schrider came in and kicked her. CAAmper Kaitlyn sang her "cringe" chant: "C-R-I-N-G-E, CRINGE!"

Camper Aaron Han needed ibuprofen every day. This was the result of too many arm wrestling matches. "EE-BOO-PROFEN." Also, "aboot," "Oh suorry," and "I beg your pardon?" were popular retorts. "Uh oh, spaghetti-ohs."

CAAmpers Margaret Ottenbreit, Kathryn White and Zeñia Alarcon were inseparable.

CAAmper Kathryn White was known for her perpetual selfies. In each one, no matter if it was her taking the picture or somebody else, she always threw up a peace sign covering approximately 22.6% of her face. This habit annoyed almost everybody who wanted to take a picture with her in the background.

Camper Aaron Nickie had his Afro praised. All hail the Holy Afro.

The Music Circle

At every evening social time, Camper Fausto Alvarez brought out his guitar and began what was called the "music circle." Other regulars of the circle included Jane Godiner, Christina Li, and Katie. The group played songs on both guitar and ukulele as people and the members themselves would sing along. The circle remained rather small and was never more than 9 people at a time although the main members always welcomed new people. Some songs were played more often than others, including "Don't" by Ed Sheeran, "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz, "Photograph" by Ed Sheeran, and Katie's favorite feels song, "Hurricane" by Halsey. "Riptide" quickly gained equal notoriety in the group for its obvious basic-ness. When a group member would play its infamous 3-chord intro, shouts and protests would ring throughout the circle, but ultimately would die down as they began to, ironically, sing along. Fausto Alvarez would scream, "I'M NOT A RAPPER, I'M A SINGER WITH A FLOW" at almost every social time.


The Nevermore/Nomore circle was present at the last dance

Passionfruit was a success, with many great speeches. A few nevermores and nomores received staff lanyards at the end of the session from some unnamed RAs and TAs.


Water Day

Water Day was cut short due to a significant lack of water in the set up of the activity.

There was an activity that resembled Beer Pong but with water, and it was called Water Basketball due to Water Pong being CTY-I. RA Ace kept filling buckets with a hose just for kids to dump on each other, and Albert performed a tremendous feat when he did an Olympic dive into a cup of water. It was one of the most legendary performances ever witnessed.

Student vs. Staff Soccer Game

  • Nico Bisgaier scored a hattrick, including a curved volley from outside of the box
  • Oscar Berumen scored 2 goals in quick succession
  • RA Colin scored 2 goals after playing the majority of the game at defense
  • The student defense had a lot of trouble covering TA Niall due to his blistering speed
  • Nikhil Sharma had a goal-line clearance in the first half
  • The game ended 5-5 and still to this day is not decided
  • RA Enoch Pink and Can Tunceli got into a scuffle where Can was taken out, but Enoch had a large scrape on his knee resulting in him asking “WHO HURT WHO?”
  • BIG B 69
  • TA Niall was cheered on by ERGD A
  • Utsav was taken out by his own ILOG teacher, Amiel Bernal
  • Sajel, Kim, and Grace held Sandro's Mexico flag for support but supported Oscar too

Hunger Games

The first ever CTY Hunger Games was run by President Enoch Pink. The winners were District 3, made up of RA Colin’s and RA Savannah’s hall. Colin Gibney got major scoliosis from carrying District 3 to victory. He answered 10 questions correctly in the Shazam activity, where you had to state the song, artist, and featured artists of a song that was played (the score of that game was 11-2, meaning Colin got five times more than the opposition by himself).

"HEY HEY WE'RE DISTRICT 8 WE ARE GONNA DOMINATE! WHEN WE WIN THE HUNGER GAMES YOU WILL NOT FORGET OUR NAMES!" But their names were forgotten after losing. The two districts tied for second had to decide their fate with an intense rock paper scissor battle

Casino Night

Nevermore Nikhil Sharma most likely broke a CTY record by getting sent to jail within the first 2 minutes of Casino Night due to stealing $10,000 and getting caught by 2 girls, and getting sent to jail by RA Lee. Nikhil’s roommate, Andrew Dawson, stood outside the jail, laughing at Nikhil, but when he mentioned that he knew that Nikhil had stolen $10,000, RA Jen assumed that he was associated with the heist, so Dawson was put in jail as well.

Xavier’s hall won Casino Night due to Andrew Nikitkov single-handedly winning his hall $13k just by playing Texas Hold’em and making 23 people go bankrupt.

RA Jen was the running the jail and made people stare at the back wall to avoid all contact with all visitors. Chase Wagner, a.k.a. Phineas, almost cost his hall $5,000 when he stole money and was put into jail. Michael Zhou got all his money stolen near the end of the night when someone reached into his pocket while he was doing the Moby push up challenge.

Darya Dahi and Can Tunceli played a game of Chicken, which Darya was on the verge of winning, but JJJJJJJJT caught them and sent them both to jail for the rest of the night. Darya was also bullied at Casino Night because the year before she managed to steal thousands of dollars from Can Tunceli and Jacob Kaydin. Jade Hsu and Sophia Sachar supposedly "killed someone" within the first 20 minutes of Casino Night. They bravely went to jail together because they were bored. Halfway through Casino Night, all prisoners planned an escape and burst through the door all at once.

Andrew Dawson and nevermore Can Tunceli pulled off an unusual heist on the blackjack table. All of the hundred dollar bills were on the left of the dealer, so Dawson decided to distract him so Can could steal them. Dawson’s first attempt at a distraction involved rubber bands. Dawson grabbed the bag of bands from underneath the table. When the dealer looked at him, Dawson said with wide eyes, “These are nice bands. They are soooooo stretchy.” The dealer looked at him, puzzled, while Can stole $100.

Dawson’s second distraction involved the blackjack sign. This sign was a piece of paper attached to two cups stacked on top of one another. Dawson reached across the table and grabbed the sign. When the dealer looked at him, Dawson exclaimed, “Wow! I admire your cups.” He shook and tossed the cups around. The players on the blackjack table began to catch on. Luckily, they were chill, so they just laughed when Can stole another $100.

Dawson’s third and final distraction required no props. He walked up the the dealer, bent down, and started banging his head on the table over and over, yelling as he whacked himself. The dealer looked at him in horror and asked, “Are you okay?” Dawson replied dazedly, “Yeah, sorry, I just hit my head… whoa…” and stumbled away. The dealer stared at him for a few more seconds, shrugged and went back to the game of blackjack. He never noticed that all of the $100 bills were missing.

The WeChat Movement

Michael Zhou, who first convinced Andrew Dawson to accompany him with Nikhil Sharma later joining the party, went around the quad asking CTYers if they had WeChat, and if they did, they added them. Responses included “Of course I do” (from Asians) and “What’s WeChat?” (from everyone else)

A WeChat game called Tiao Yi Tiao became very popular and addictive the first 2 weeks of camp. Top Tiao Yi Tiao scores include:

  • Kalista Cao: 1019
  • Eric Li: 324
  • Bryan Li: 315
  • Andrew Dawson: 311
  • Colin Gibney: 232
  • Nikhil Sharma: 166
  • Michael Zhou: 87
  • Sajel Surati: 27
  • Jade Hsu: 25
  • Sophia Sachar: 1

Student vs Staff Basketball Game

The staff won 12-9. The staff team was comprised of RAs Enoch, Colin, Malik, and X. An extra CTYer had to play for the staff team because they were one player short. The students team was highlighted by Andrew Dawson, Justin Quezada, Andrés Arocho, Brenen Lavoie, Dallas Lea, Michael Zhou, David Gardner, Pravar, Stephen, Leslie, and more.

The game was played with 1’s and 2’s. RAs Malik and Colin led the way as Malik scored 4 points and Colin scored three. Andrew Dawson, who has played against RJ Barrett, committed to Duke and the projected #1 pick in the 2019 NBA draft, and 7’3 Bol Bol, son of former NBA player Manute Bol, committed to Oregon and the projected #8 pick in the 2019 NBA draft, finished with 2 points and 4 assists, an unusually horrible showing, and he was mad for the rest of the day. One of Dawson’s assists was a beautiful pass to Michael Zhou, who majestically finished with a layup. Pravar tripped over himself and injured his ankle for one day in advance, but he still played in the game and hit a nice jump shot

Oreo Passionfruit

Oreo Passionfruit occurred for the first time at Bristol since its creation in 16.1 by CTY legends Joe Marwill and Andrian Chan at 2:00 AM on the final night. The purpose of Oreo Passionfruit was to give a chance for everyone, whether they were returning or not, to give a speech about why they love CTY. The participants were Can Tunceli, Andrés Arocho, Colin Gibney, Nikhil Sharma, Ryan Brace, and Andrew Dawson. Some speeches were emotional, while others were said jokingly. At the end of Ryan’s speech, he said, “I love CTY, and I f***ing love to eat Oreos” and then consumed one.


Neev Maru was a CTYer in RA Colin’s Hall and in Foundations of Programming. He walked into rooms of other CTYers in his hall and stood there. In class, he was called names by Instructor Mark S. Hall, such as Neev, Nveev, Niev, Niv, and Naive. The kids of CMPS insisted that Mark called him Jonathan.

Neev played four square with a tennis ball and had a lack of talent in basketball, receiving the moniker "No Hands Neev" and often being called out for his nonexistent defense.

When Neev walked in their room, Nikhil Sharma and Andrew Dawson yelled at him, claiming they were “basically naked” because they didn’t have socks on. Later, when Neev had socks on, they joked that he was overdressed.

On the last day of activities, Neev made it to the finals of the ping pong tournament, beating tournament-favorite Nikhil Sharma but losing in the finals to Andrés Arocho.

Neev followed Andrew Dawson around at random times. At Water Day, when Dawson was sitting on the grass talking to Jade Hsu, he turned and noticed Neev standing right beside him. At the second dance, Neev followed Dawson for 20 minutes before he lost him. At the third dance, Dawson went to get water and Neev followed him. Dawson assumed he was getting water too, but Neev just stood next to him while he drank.

Random Memories

  • Kill$treakmobalex was a hype and relevant artist in Colin’s hall, especially because of his hit “Dothedash!” featuring Jimmy Wit Da Semi
  • Can Tunceli managed to keep his infamous streak of rooting for losing teams to win in World Cup matches, with 1/14 of the teams he rooted for winning in the games leading up to the finals.
  • On the first day, Colin Gibney mistook Andrew Dawson's multicolored pen for a pregnancy test
  • While working with another class on a case, Marcus supposedly picked up a girl in the other class' pencil and put it in his mouth, thinking the pencil was his. The girl was stunned, but the incident left a good laugh.
  • Ryan Brace had many shirts that had motivational and inspiring messages on them, such as “Game Speed,” “Champions are made when no one is watching,” and “Hate me today, thank me tomorrow.” When Rosario Bernal first saw the “Champions are made when no one is watching” shirt, he exclaimed “Nobody watch!” and it became a meme on campus.
  • Andrew Nikitkov often recited a string of his limited Spanish and had Alessandro Iaia or Nikhil Sharma translate it
  • Fernando Castellanos would never get out when he was actually was supposed to get out in soccer four square, responding with “line,” “roll,” or “That was weird.”
  • Kendra from Alexia's hall had a closet full of instant food. Her instant ramen inspired the rest of her hall to order packages of ramen from their parents.
  • Michael Zhou was depressed after finding out he lost his "RISE" t-shirt (he had worn it to the first two dances).
  • Michael Zhou took two girls to the last dance without telling either one
  • During meals, Andrew Dawson could usually be seen with at least six bread sticks on his plate
  • Michael Zhou and Andrew Dawson stayed at RWU until 6:00 pm on the last Friday due to Michael's parents forgetting to send an authorization email and waiting for them to wake up. During their time stuck on campus, the pair, along with RA Enoch, went down to the bay to look at the view and take pictures. On the way back, they ran into RA JT and each received an awkward handshake from the one and only JJJJJJJJJJT.
  • Michael Zhou snuck into the Crafting the Essay class' picture and stood right next to his friend from that class. The teachers did not notice him and neither did the camera man.
  • RA Amber forgot her hall not once, not twice, but three times during hand-offs
  • Michael Zhou set up Bella Voorhees and Oscar Berumen
  • Sajel Surati came up with Pokémon lookalikes starting the second week (they were super accurate)
  • Fernando, Oscar, Justin, Arim, and Diego from Enoch’s hall managed to sneak in Dominos to the dorm not once, not twice, but three times. This was not allowed, and they busted missions to avoid getting caught. Even so, they almost did get caught by both SRA Chris and DRL Sayre. After getting the pizza, they would post it on their Snapchat stories to flex on all the other campers. They also saved all the pizza boxes in Oscar and Fernando’s room so they could show their RA, Enoch, on the last day of camp. Enoch was very proud.
  • The movie Coco touched the hearts of many and led to a large number of students singing Un Poco Loco whenever they could.
  • There was a constant debate over which was better: normal four square or soccer four square. This led to games shifting between the two versions quite often.
  • The last dance was very emotional. Students confessed to the ones they liked, and new relationships blossomed. Couples since the beginning were tearing up and giving each other final goodbyes. After the dance, people hugged each other and cried. Even people who had never met each other before shook hands and hugged.
  • RA Alexia had the most intriguing sound off. Her hall had to say a Snoopy chant to express Alexia's love of Snoopy.
  • Alice Cheng, who flew in from China, ordered 64 packs of Flaming Hot Cheetos, claiming the Cheetos in China were not as good as the ones in America
  • The guys slayed Drag Day with their crop tops and tube skirts
  • Bryan Li purchased a hat from the bookstore with “Roger Williams Dad” printed on it. This started a running joke that anyone who had WeChat was one of Bryan’s “sons." Steven and Mofei were “bastards” and Neev was “adopted." Bryan’s favorite son was Andrew Dawson, and he often encouraged him to make him some “grandchildren.”
  • Albert killed it on the dance floor with his moves
  • "Now where can a man find cheese at this hour?" - Alessandro Iaia
  • RIP #RWU