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  • During the Olympics, nevermores Kaitlyn Taylor and JT Shepard-Blankenheim went to the health office for pie-throwing related injuries. Health staff drove the two back to the Farinon Quad, inadvertently creating a campus scandal. When the two left the college van near the quad, rumors spread that Kaitlyn and JT left campus to go to Wawa and were caught. Administration overreacted and threatened to revoke certificates of participation before they 'officially' knew what had happened. After a personal meeting with administration two days later, and phone calls home, JT was let back on campus. No disciplinary action was brought against Kaitlyn or JT.


  • After Swashbuckler, you would still find random groups of people yelling (insert color name here) Squad, this was first started by Valerie's (Val's) hall, who were on the Black team.
  • Valerie's (Val's) and several male halls had their own unofficial cross dressing day on the second Wednesday of the first session.


  • Excessive planning by Tom's hall to earn the most money during Casino Night. They did not succeed, but did succeed in roping a lot of the girls hall's into helping them. The total was quite a lot.
  • During dances groups of people (mainly guys) would encircle a dancing couple for a few minutes and then move onto another couple. This was amusing to some, and annoying to others.
  • During the second dance, two very notable CAAmpers, Haydn Dufrene and Brian Herrera were dancing to Numa Numa and were pulled out for "dancing inappropriatly." They were taken out of the dance room and made to sit for the rest of the night. CAAmpers including, Nadya Spice, Lara Hakki, Andrea Fields, Giulia Picascia, Danielle Canady, Ash Leigh, Liz Bisaha, Keith Lemaster, Steph Dunn, Keithlyn Parkman, Gloria DiMino, Andrew Hartford, and Octavio Dmitri Roscioli, when Swing, Swing started to play, began singing, and essentially brought the dance to where Haydn and Brian were sitting in isolation. The Administration was so outraged that the group was told that if the students did not return to the Dance room, the music would be turned off and everyone would return to the dorms and there would be no sleepovers. The students did return to the dance room, only to continue the protest when American Pie came on. The students sat in the center of the circle in the beginning and the end of the song. The students created such a disturbance that they were told that there would be no protests during the next dance.


  • The traditional dress-up days (Goth Monday, Prep Tuesday, and Cross-Dress Wednesday) were replaced because they were apparently "offensive". They were replaced by a Backwards Monday, in which students wear their close inside-out and backwards, a Twin Tuesday, and a CTY shirt-signing Wednesday, where they hand out the CTY shirts and people got to sign each other's shirts. However, many of the returning students still dressed up for these days, mostly Goth Monday though. As the days went on, less students dressed up for the original traditional days.
  • The canon was messed up during the first dance, in which "Swing, Swing" was forgotten. The issue was fixed for the later dances but the immediate effect was crippling.
  • John Lerman had an epic rap song for 10 minutes called THE BEST. He is the reason there is a 5 minute limit at the talent show.


  • At the talent show Philip and his Homies sang possibly the best ever rendition of Rihanna's "Umbrella". Shout out to Philip Chin, Joo Kim, Francisco Bresciani, Aamir Rahim, Bryshaun Gocoul, and Julio Figueroa.
  • Members of the class Principles of Engineering Design A created a successful Rube Goldberg Device with about 40 different steps (the goal was to pour mulitple cups of water). [[1]]
  • During the 2nd and 3rd dances a group of CAAmpers created an awkward circle and fondly captured couples during slow dances, trapping them inside until the CAAmpers saw fit to let them out and move on to another couple.
  • Sleepovers were banned and then reinstated on the night of the last dance thanks to many protests from CAAmpers and RAs alike.
  • The passionfruit ritual was destroyed by the mistaken RAs buying berry punch instead of passionfruit juice as expected by all nevermores present.


  • The order of the canon was changed. "Swing Swing" is now played before "All My Life." ***changed back to original "all my life" then "swing swing"
  • In the upstairs Farinon Bathroom, "CTY N'Mores '10" was written in lipstick on the mirrors.
  • Medieval Carnival was held indoors instead of outdoors, which meant there were no water events. It was held inside Farinon


  • There was a Harry Potter weekend event in honor of the final Harry Potter movie being released. It included a wand fight between two R.As and pie throwing. Games of Quidditch were also played. Overall, an extremely fun event.


  • There was an activity titled Curb Mop RA Pie Toss, but was actually a "suprise" bootcamp. But soon after starting students were dared to rebel and DID! The bootcamp rebellion.
  • The order of the canon was changed. Now "All My Life" is played before "Swing Swing" again.
  • This session, Swashbuckler was cancelled after many people (over 70) had fallen asleep during swashbucker. Because of this, many students signed a petition to bring back swashbucker during the Second Saturday.(115 CAAmpers to be exact). Because this is when the Carnival usually is, the two activities were combined to become "Quadbuckler". This event was seen as a success by the admin and will probably happen again next year, but cAAmpers saw this as a boring activity, mostly spent waiting in lines. ****DID NOT HAPPEN IN 12.2***** swashbuckler was given back thanks to requests****
  • During the talent show there were three epic rap performances, Brandon a.k.a. Infinitee with the song "Cover Girl", Bobby Woody and Joey Penn a.k.a. Unique B. and Chatta with the song "Close Your Eyes", and James Willey a.k.a. The Phantom Prophet with his freestyle to Nas' Nasty.

The Nevermore circle present at the end of the dances was not present at the end of the first dance. Notable CAAers Miles Morgan, Eric Lyness, Mike Hua, and Allie Doyle (among others) fought with the administration in order to secure the tradition. At later dances, the circle was enforced by fellow CAAmpers, notably Nolan Burgos.

  • Mikwa Panties day (named after Mike Hua) started this year, when a group of friends brought leopard print shorts from the Bookstore and wore it over their clothes.


  • No theme days were held. Some girls in Easton attempted twin/pajama day on the last Wednesday, but only like 12 girls participated.
  • Connie, the former Site Director (who was disliked strongly in previous years) was promoted to being a principal and came back for session 1 only as the academic counselor. That was her last time at Easton.
  • Kyle, the Dean of Residential Life would yell "HEEEEYYYY CTY!" and everyone would respond "HEEEEYY WHAT" and remain silent for further instructions. Every time the CAAmpers remained quiet they would get a point and he would loose a point and every time the CAAmpers continued talking they would loose a point and he would gain a point. At the last dance since we were winning he extended the dance and lights out by another half hour. Occurred again at 12.2, although he chose to ignore the fact that we technically were losing.. by a few points.
  • On the last night of 12.1 the RA's were on duty until 5AM preventing sleepovers. Guy RA would monitor the girl dorms and vice versa to ensure that certain RA's were not allowing their students to have sleepovers. Aaron, Justin, and Jeremy famously patrolled Easton Hall with Nerf Guns. Happened again during 12.2, but RAs could sign up for whatever building they wanted.


  • Extremely suspicious occurrences on the last few days of camp. On the last Wednesday, activities were cancelled for a "thunder storm" (which never occurred*due to the sun...clearly shining*) and students were assigned to watch various movies(assigned by RAs first name initial). No one was allowed in the dorms during this time for whatever reason(from 3pm until almost 5:45pm). Later that night, some classes were not allowed to go outside for breaks during class with various excuses given(notably "more thunderstorms" and "bats"). Various classes in Pardee were on break when they were ordered to return inside under lock and key in classrooms for the remainder of class, it was highly protested.. At about 11:30pm, RAs went around halls and told their students to lock their doors due to "theft problems." From what we can tell, RAs were not given full information, but something was definitely wrong. Various RA's had told there student more than once after lights out to lock doors and even did periodic checks. RA's in Keefe were using the keefe commons(where RA meetings are held) stairs(RA key needed to open) which did not happen during the begining of the session.

Apparently this has something to do with an RA being fired. RA Lenny was fired that night and apparently refusing to leave campus. Campus police threatened to arrest him if he did not leave. He was sexually harrassing people and drunk and RAs wanted to make sure he didn't sneak into dorms when he was angry about being fired.

  • Swashbuckler returned!! New days included Zombie Apocalympics, where groups competed in physical activities while various RAs dressed as zombies attempted to steal sashes given to students and Disney Day, with more physical activities (most students chose to stand and watch) and ending with the viewing of either Mulan or The Lion King.
  • Tom and T's hall won CAAsino night by over $80,000. Mikwa, Nolan Burgos, and Joey Penn led the money-earning effort. (substantially more money was present at the end than there was at the beginning of the night).
  • There were minor changes made to the Nevermore Song, which was performed as usual at the end of the Talent Show. "synergy"->"believe you me" "numa numa"->"cupid shuffle"
  • An opera was performed by CTY staff at the Talent Show.
  • Mikwa Panties day returns
  • No-Pants Wednesdays - This was started by the girls in Raquel's hall and was when an extremely large shirt was worn over short shorts on a Wednesday.


  • Because of the closure of the Bethlehem site at the end of 12.2, this session would be the first session in Easton's history with both Baby CTY'ers present along with regular CAAmpers
  • Cafeteria switched back to the one in Farinon from Marquis Hall last year because of renovations in Farinon
  • Some campers from Liz's Hall created a "Board of ships" where they "shipped" RAs. They also got Zak to propose to Liz during the second dance while singing "Marry Me" by Bruno Mars. Many RAs, SRAs and also the loan-shark from CAAsino Night were involved in getting Zak to propose to Liz, but in the end it worked. He (Zak) also gave Liz a rose after the RA performance during the talent show. The main people who planned this is Scarlett and Heidi, along with other girls from Liz's Hall, previously from Molly's Hall in 2012, who also got Dane from 12.1 to propose to Molly during CAAsino night in 2012. It's said that while the girls planned for the guy RAs to propose, subsequently also got their hall two-grand in debt and had to get the money back by doing dares from the RAs (including singing Miley Cyrus songs in the middle of the Marlo Room.)
  • American Pie was paused for awhile because of Harrison (the DJ's) computer problems
  • During Crafting the Essay 3C student Ashok was getting bored as the day was dragging on to around 4:00, the end of the activities. Hallmate Greg Lawrence IV had had some twisty balloons mailed to him, and Ashok had collected 2 balloons so far that Greg had left lying around, presumed to be broken. Upon returning to his room, Ashok suddenly had an idea: he would make a balloon octopus! Quickly, Ashok scoured the hall for 2 more balloons. Alas, he only found one more, but not to be deterred, he used the 3 balloons he had to make a six-armed octopus. And thus Sexapussy, The Sexapus, was born.
  • Passionfruit was supposed to be at Pardee hill and was switched to the upper side of Farinon quad for unknown reasons.


  • The first site-wide game of Blammo was played, after being organized by two nevermores, Braxton Jones and Kyle Eve-Townsend, who also served as the Blammo Gods. The game saw 90 people sign up and 10 people asking to have a spot reserved on the second game (which sadly never happened. There was a prize offered to the winner: a box of double-stuffed Oreos. The game started on the Second Thursday after a few delays. On the last Friday of camp, there were 17 people still left in the game, so nobody won the prize and Kyle took them back home to Bermuda. Hopefully, the tradition will continue every year.
  • For the first time since 2009, the admins have seemed to relax their stance when it comes to Drag Day at Easton
  • During the first week of the session, the Neuroscience class went to the bookstore with their TA. There, they all pitched in a couple dollars to buy a giant neuron. It was carried around by the class for the remainder of the session.
  • When it was nearing the end of the session, the classmates tried to figure out who would take the giant neuron home. After much debate, the youngest person took the neuron home, saying they would bring it back next year.
  • Mikwa Panties day returned after the bookstore started to sell leopard print shots again
  • In week 3, Paranoia Squad (run by RA Tom this year) was finished early and made to sit in the quad separated. This happened after cAAmpers decided to smear shaving cream all over each other (as has happened in previous years with not as much trouble). Because of this, Tom dropped the Buick and ended the activity early. During the time sitting on the quad, a few cAAmpers decided to play the penis game, which made Tom angrier.
  • The Carnival on the Second Saturday returned! However, many cAAmpers were not told what they were doing, so most of them sat under the trees and socialized.Also, I Luv Dem Strippers by 2 Chainz was accidentally played by the DJ and was then quickly turned off.
  • A lot more of the Canon was played at the dances this year, but songs like Here In Your Arms and Smells Like Teen Spirit weren't played at all.


  • Most number of visits to the nurse's office
  • Some RAs from 2012 returned this year, including Charles, Aaron and Rebecca.
  • Alex and Matt did a CTY-modified version of “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea at the Talent Show.
  • Usually the Nevermore Song only happens in 2nd session, but in 14.1 it was performed in the talent show led by Heidi, Gabbi and other Nevermores.
  • The Nevermore circle was also present at the last dance.
  • No theme days were held except Half Casual Friday, but some girls did attempt Pajama day.
  • Iris was played at all three dances.
  • The music at the second dance got so bad that at one point multiple campers decided to sit in the middle of the dance floor in protest until the music was changed.
  • Instead of the usual throwing out of glow sticks during songs, each camper was handed one as they went up the stairs to the marlo room for each dance
  • Khaled proposed to Rebecca at CAAsino Night, and won Prom King and Queen during the last dance
  • Nobody won CAAsino Night because people were stealing money. CAAsino night ended after a "heist" was pulled and all the money in the pit was stolen while everyone was distracted by a trumpet announcing the arrival of high roller Khaled.
  • Khaled put white sheets over his head and got chased by CTYers during the activity “Ghost Hunting”
  • During the second week, multiple female students were dismissed for smoking marijuana. Most of them were in Ayari’s hall but some were in other halls. Apparently it started with 6 girls smoking it after the Talent Show in someone’s closet. The girls left the night after they were caught.


  • Some RAs from 2012 returned this year, including Charles and Rebecca. Spencer Knoll did not return :(.
  • The Nevermore Song was performed by Dean Dijour, Jake Lawyer, Isabell Hill, Sharon Tso, Emmett van Venrooy, Teddy Schoneman, Patrick, Brandon Mojardin, and Kyle Morrisey
  • The Nevermore circle was also present at the last dance.
  • Every Friday was "Half-Casual" (pioneered in 2013 by RA Thomas James Gillett), and "Merch Monday", "Twin Tuesday", "Would you Still be my Friend if I Wore This" (turned into cross-dress day), and "T-Shirt Thursday" were encouraged during week 3.
  • RA John Guido started a site wide tradition known as "Eunice", Emmett van Venrooy, Jamihl Levine, Chen Guo, James Kim, Justin Zhao, Evan Fu, and Robert Rodriguez played for over 3 and a half hours (split up over the course of 2 weeks).
  • Cross Dress day was an absolute success.
  • Allen Lin proposed to Diane Um during the last Quad Time, and won the title of "Prom King and Queen" over the polygamous relationship that was Charles An, Rebecca Comella, and Khaled Awad. Couple John Guido and Louis Guerra was a close third.
  • Dance themes included "Beach Theme" on the first Friday, "High Socks and Bass Drops", on the second Friday, and "CTY Prom" at the last dance.
  • Camper Dean Dijour won $14,000 at Casino Night after investing $300 solely into blackjack, then lost it all, and then made $26,000.
  • The Green team won Swashbuckler, Green faced off with Red for the victory in an outdoor tug of war match.
  • World Cup day was led by France and Germany, who tied for 1st. Activities included a chant (won by France because of their creative parody of Fancy, changing it to "Francy"). Other activities were judged victory screeches, trivia, soccer dribbling relay races, and more.
  • Braveheart was brought back, led by RA Sayre Posey and camper Jake Lawyer.
  • Passionfruit was held once again, on the upper side of Farinon quad, right in front of the library steps.
  • Camper Alan Ke, the "Recrapper", rapped about spaghetti while playing the recorder with his nose at the Talent Show as a tribute to Salamander Man from the Filthy Frank Show.
  • Swag Master Steve performed an original poetry reading, drawing in lines from the most popular songs of 2014.
  • Camper Matt Hua read an original poem entitled "CTY in a Blur", which was later read at the closing ceremony by Dean of Residential Life, Carl.
  • There was passion fruit juice at Passionfruit (they did not use fruit punch). RA Charles walked back all non-nevermores and non-nomores when over 70 campers showed up, so a smaller circle of just nevermores and nomores could be formed.
  • Experienced dancer RA Patty performed "Pipa Language" at the Talent Show, amazing the audience.
  • Allen vs. Nallan (Allan Hall became and RA at Easton after Session I had ended, and was thus called Nallan; New+Allan=Nallan). This was essentially the Carnival weekend activity, except the halls were all given a team, either Allen or Nallan. Activities like Eunice, Hoola Hooping, Arm Wrestling (With the handsome RA Christopher Castello), and lip singing were set up. Nallan was the winner, and was given the option to be called "Allan", but refused, and instead Allen would thus be referred to as "Ollen" (Old Allen).
  • Someone left a sharpie in one of the dryers in McKeen resulting in all of Matt Hom's clothing being marked with sharpie stains. The culprit was never brought to justice.
  • Microwaves in McKeen were taken away after someone almost started a fire in one.
  • Return of Blammo again. Blammo gods Jake Lawyer and Dean Dijour were forced to restart the game after the first day when one camper messed up the numbering system. Game ended in a multi person tie.
  • 8 RA raid on a room of 9 campers on the second floor of McKeen on the last night of camp. RAs came busting in with water guns and flashlights.


  • Nevermore Camper Matt Sigue will only be referred to as Lord Sigue
  • Fireworks! July 12th campers sat outside Keefe on a grass slops and watched an orgy of fireworks.
  • Tornado Warning was issued the second day of session. Campers that have never seen one were suitably excited. No tornadoes occurred, though.
  • Returners from EST.14.1 included Lord Sigue, Sydney Charles, Lauren Yu, Faviola Carmona, Leo Zhu, Victor Almonte, Natasha Valrani, Sameer Matta, Alex Nill, and Tyler Conforti
  • CTY Five (Mike, Andrian, Tin, Andrew, Joe) performed the "Four-Chord Song" in the Talent Show
  • Papa Holmes and Sayre performed "Latch".
  • Half of the boys' dorms in Keefe Hall were infested with a small virus.
  • Campers seasoned each other's food using high quantities of salt, pepper, and hot sauce (Especially Eric Zeng.)
  • On the fourth day of session one camper clogged the bathroom at Kirby Hall due to two consecutive meals of pure burritos. Later named Burrito Boy by Easton CTY front office + admins throughout the session.
  • Tom brought the hammer with him, making sure to lead all Braveheart related activities and threatening to drop the hammers on those out after lights out. He also was a contestant for Prom King with his hammer as his accomplice.
  • Luke and Liz won Prom King and Queen
  • The site (including a certain TA) believed that Andrian Chan and Lauren Yu were in fact brother sister despite:
 Their last names were different
 Slow dancing in the last two dances
  • Yellow team won swashbuckler even though RA Larry probably had the scores in Yellow's favor.
 We needed throat candy after that
  • Alex Nill ("Niller", "Anill") once again brought his traditional hat to CTY, which hadn't been washed since his first year in Bristol (Until some smart people made him). Everyone still wanted to wear/take it, especially during 4-square.
  • Dance themes included "Neon Lights" on the first Friday, "Gods in Space", on the second Friday, and "CTY Prom" at the last dance.
  • Sheet Togas were worn to the second dance, though quickly taken off due to the heat, and tripping hazards.
  • Casino Night Theft (Known as Operation Big Balls) campers stole the money, as usual, causing there to be no winner.
  • RA Tom was fully against guys shirtless in Keefe, leading to one camper changing into a shirt with no pants.
  • Country CTF was won by the allied yellow and red teams, due to a camper on the green team giving their own flag to Niller, probably because of the hat.
  • Christopher Lin brought his swag this year, and his unbelievable knowledge of alcohol brands, fashion, and disgust of Subaru.
  Everybody clapped until yelled at.
  • Lord Sigue's hall with various other campers left 20+ laundry pods on a 15 foot ledge on the last day that'll probably stay there for a while.
  • RA dorm raids once again happened, including two in Patrick's hall, where the weapon of choice was a rubber chicken strapped to a baseball bat wielded by Louis.
  • It rained almost every other day.
  • Passionfruit was restricted to nevermores and nomores only, which caused many whispers behind the administration's back.
  • Points were incorrectly given out at the Swashbuckler/Color Wars.

Yellow "dominated" even though they didn't dominate THAT much (The RA score-counting was on the yellow team).

  • A guy broke the dress code and was told to change (Aja wore a strapless dress for Cross-dress Day)
  • People had to be separated for making out during Quad Time or at the dances.
  • Light of Jesus
  • With the help of Joe Marwill and his TA, Tin Vu ran out of class to kiss Julie Ortiz minutes before she departed for her shuttle. They did this in front of 2 TA's, Julie's friends, and the entire CMPS class.
  • Nobody yelled "RIGHT FOOT FIRST" at the first two dances during American Pie, so half the people didn't even know they had to kick.
  • The food was from a different company, so it didn't taste as good as the previous years.
  • 5-way capture the flag across the campus that was ridiculously messy, which included not knowing where nearly everyone was and trying to get everyone to attack blue. Red and Yellow both won.
  • That huge four square in front of Pardee, which was mostly dominated by Allan's and Patrick's halls.
  • Trap Queen still got played at the dances despite it being deemed CTY-I. Even the RA's were hype.
  • The dances were just hype. That is all.
  • Gasolina was played in the second dance even though the song was purely about sex, but only 20 people only knew Spanish so it was played and everyone danced to it.
  • During the last week, Jacob mooned Kieran a total of five times, in front of five RA's and 20+ unlucky campers.
  • A camper accidentally brought a virus to Keefe Hall and slowly affected many halls.
  • There were rumors of drugs on campus but no disciplinary action was taken.
  Later found out to be a joke
  • RA Larry bombed the "All-Star" campers team with a 25 foot heave in Staff V Students. 12-10.
  • needless to say language was CTYI especially from the staff
  • The Class of CMPS (and one from PSYC.A) managed to piss off their CMPS TA and site admin so much they were locked in South College and had to write "personalized and genuine" apology letters to the TA. PSYC.A student missed his bookstore run.


Work In Progress

  • Nevermore and Nomore campers had a very high standard this year.
  • Known Nevermores included Robert Rodriguez, James Kim, Emanuel Ogundipe, Trevor Hohne, David Alejandro, Sophia Kotlik, and Brian Glasser
  • Blammo Gods were Matt Hom and James Kim. Robert Rodriguez was the Blammo DemiGod. No winner was announced after people took targets and spoons when they didn't sign up. The games were not restarted due to people still having fun through the issues.
  • Legendary RA's returned: Tom, Charles, Nallan (Allan), Louis, Sayre (SRA),
  • Hunger Games" Massive CTF game with cannisters to collect, and tracker jackers/ Mutts to avoid.
  • The Talent Show included:

Charlie's Angels: RA Charles An, Justin Zhao, Matt Hom, James Kim, SRA Asif Majid. With a squad of backup dancers: Trevor Hohne, Nasir Johnson, Tyrell Garnes, and Josh Turner. Performed One Direction's "One Thing"

The Chemistry in Society girls bonded together to form Radioactive Decay, the best band since the Wiggles, and performed the 12 Days of Chemistry, a parody of the hit song the 12 Days of Christmas.

Isha Mohapatra killing "Your Song" by Ellie Goulding. Camper Trevor Hohne organized the proposal of Matt Hom to her after she did so well.

  • Timothy Wong (the RA) was a legendary dancer
  • Dancing David taught everyone who took Belly Dancing as an activity in the second week the "Otso Otso", which he described as the Filipino Twerk. It was requested every week for the dance until it was finally played at the last dance.
  • Because of STEAM camp occurring in the second week, the classes who normally took their breaks in the area between the Hugel Science Center and the Acopian Engineering Center were forced to go the quad for break.
  • There were 5 slow songs played at the last dance: A Thousand Years, Iris, Thinking Out Loud, Stay with Me, and All My Life.
  • CTYers Alex Hou and Maggie Ottenbreit became the dream couple for the first two weeks until falling apart in the third week. Whenever asked "Do you like Maggie?", Alex would always respond with "Meh." They danced together for every slow song until the third dance, when Daniel from engineering asked Maggie to dance twice, ruining Alex's night and making Alex dance with someone else instead.
  • Rohith Pamidimukkala had a huge crush on Lauren Maloney. When his friends asked him to rate her out of ten, he said ten.
  • Alex Krylov and Jana Mucci were a couple since the beginning of the second week but then Jana broke up with him at the beginning of the third week
  • Passionfruit was a success. Many speeches and many tears
  • Somebody went number 2 in a fourth floor bathroom that didn't move when flushed repeatedly. It was left there before activities and was gone when activities was over. There was even a hall meeting on it.
  • Students somehow won the student vs staff soccer game. Team consisted of Jana Mucci, Justin Zhao, Coach James Kim, Emmanuel Ogundipe, Haeju Jeong, and Andrew Hong. The students won 2 games and the staff won once.
  • A 16 person sleepover was attempted but just turned into a gathering where nobody actually slept and people came into the disclosed location whenever.
  • Camper Robert Rodriguez had wifi but no wifi username or passcode. His phone saved it after a wild outbreak of wifi from the previous year.
  • Eunice made its return with help of returning campers that loved John Guido
  • Florgies were banned when the RA's decided that a group of campers lying on each others stomachs was CTY-I
  • There was no casino night winner after a group of rebels stole all the money and threw it in the air at the end. Orio was not pleased and made the boys clean everything up.
  • Tom's, Caglar's, and unofficially Luke's hall set the record for latest allowed lights out after winning the Amazing Race and the carnival games. Tom's hall, unofficially Luke's hall, along with Matt Hom and Alex Hou were allowed to stay up in the lounges and what-not until 1 am. Caglar's hall had 12 am lights out.
  • Olabade's hall was the overall first place finisher for the Amazing Race, beating the second place team by over 20 minutes.
  • During the last American Pie, the nevermores wanted nobody to run into the middle through the entire song but that was quickly overruled by RA's. Tradition was upheld in the end when the nevermore/nomore circle stood in the middle for the last chorus.
  • The "Dj Lilman Anthem" dance was learned by half the campers and was very popular during the session + dances
  • This Year was RA Charles last year as an RA. He's been an RA for 5 years.



The song Sweatshirt became this session's theme song and started when campers Abraham Polanco and Guido Secchiaroli started belting it outloud in Keefe, by the end of Week One all of Keefe was singing it. SRA John and several other RA's participated in doing a 'Sweatshirt' replay record. The highest is 21 replays. Camper Austin Szatrowski was briefly called 'Jacob' for, despite his denial, looking like Jacob Sartorius. When RA Elvera was on duty for morning meds, RA Olabade blasted 'Sweatshirt' to get Elvera's girls to go out to the hall for breakfast. SRA John was found in the SRA Safari activity blasting 'Sweatshirt' on a stereo. His consequence was that he was tied to a tree.

The HamFam

HamJam, a singalong activity to the musical "Hamilton," happened twice during the session and was a favorite of many campers. The HamJam activity also created something called the "HamFam" which was made of four individuals who took part in recreating musical numbers from the musical Hamilton. These members were campers Kendra Sonberg as Angelica, Sophia Modena as Eliza, Guido Secchiaroli as Bad Peggy/Mariah, Hannah Cohen as Old/Better Peggy, and Austin Szatrowski as King George.


Foundations of Psychology were divided into two sections, A and B. During the last canon, both classes shouted "Psych-A" and "Psych-B" at each other.

The Desolation of Heather the DRL

Heather canceled the first dance due to a "tornado warning," despite it being completely sunny and no evidence of actual tornadoes. She also canceled Lanyard Swinging because "CTY rules still apply." See Hall of Shame and Staff:EST.

Casino Night

Jim and Mark's hall won Casino Night with a grand total of $63,935 (the ending $5 was found by camper Ahaan Nalavadi from Allan's hall on the ground). Many of the other RAs made accusations of cheating. As a celebration, they stuffed the money into a cardboard box and dumped it on nevermore Erick Santana (who posted about stealing the money on Snapchat). (This led to only having a girls' dorms champions, which was Elvera's hall.) The money was hidden in a trash bag under Aja Saldana's bed and all but forgotten until the last day.

Tim/Jim Facts

RA Tim began posting true facts on the bulletin board in his common room, and they were dubbed "Tim facts." As a joke, RA Jim did the same, but posted false facts, such as "If you place raisins in grape juice, they turn into grapes," or "France has a high rate of lightning strikes because lightning always follows the path of least resistance."

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go, released in the middle of the session, absorbed nearly 3/4 of the students, and many RAs were caught playing it as well. In one instance the boys in Engineering, plus their RA (Jim) were late coming back for quad time because they were all trying to catch a pikachu in front of Acopian and Hugel. Team Instinct was unofficially officially declared the "RAs-only team," despite many CTYers already being Instinct players. Those who were not waged a relentless war of capturing Instinct-held gyms.

Gordon Ramsay Appreciation

  • Gordon Ramsay Appreciation was an activity run by RAs Jim and Allan in which students watched Gordon Ramsay shows. The first iteration was ruined because the computer in Simon 3 was broken.
    • This activity was run again in 16.2 by RAs Allan and Tim and was made a double block.

The Wifi

Ryan Lau's mother was given the Wifi password for work usage, and gave him the password. He then sold it to many people, including Yongmin Lee, who transferred it to Matthew Yoon through camper Viren Bhatia in 16.2, who then sold it again, making $160+. The students in Engineering were given the username and hints to the wifi password and quickly logged in.

All Nighter 16.1

After the final dance, camper Lennin Antunish pulled his pants down, while unbeknownst to him the DRL was visiting his floor. He was caught. To show solidarity, nevermores and onemores Aja Saldana, Erick Santana, Oscar Moreno, Omar Kenawy, Nick I-Heng Tan and Daniel Heredia pulled their pants down, and ran around Keefe 2 while belting out "A Whole New World." Oscar attempted to take off his underwear as well, but RA Jim stopped him as he mooned Omar Kenawy and Aja Saldana. RAs Allan and Jim were chased around Keefe Hall with Axe Body Spray and water guns at 2am by a mob lead by Ethan Davidov from Tim's hall. Around 3:00 in the morning, some of the boys from Ethan Davidov's Keefe 4 sleepover snuck down to the third floor to play cards with the Keefe 3 boys. Two of the Keefe 4 boys took the automatically locking staircase (John Sebastian Reardon and Young Min Lee) which prompted the RAs to swarm Keefe 3 when they knocked on the door asking to be let back in. Student Ahaan Nalavadi was duct taped to a chair and beat with the TV remote in the Keefe 2 common room at one point. A game of Uno was played in Keefe 2 at 4am because people got up too early for passionfruit. Some took multiple tries actually play something legal.


  • Pizza was ordered and snuck into Keefe hall at multiple times during the session.
  • Many RA's were being shipped together during the session. Some included Alison and Alex, Rachel and John, Jim and Olabade. The most notorious ship was made by student Nikhil Bahal. It was his RA (Richard) and the couch in his hall. (Couchard)
  • SRA John was found in the SRA Safari activity blasting 'Sweatshirt' on a stereo. His consequence was that he was tied to a tree.
  • The DRL allowed Elvera's hall to get pizza after the first dance due to a CTYers 15th birthday on the day of the dance.
  • During the very last improv activity, SRA John walked into the activity with calamari and a chicken parm sub, which led to RA Jim and RA Allison roasting SRA John for the activity.
  • Wacky Wednesday (informally cross-dress day) was another huge success, the including male camper Oscar Moreno wearing a crop top and short shorts.
  • Many returners were highly displeased with the fact that the nevermore circle and American Pie was disorderly and broke tradition.
  • Dance themes were "Psycho Beach Party," though the beach party was all but forgotten and most showed up with zombie face paint, and "Midnight in Paris," in honor of Bastille Day. The final dance was scarred due to the attack on that night in Nice, France. During the first dance, a beach ball was thrown into the dance floor, and it bounced around before dislodging a light fixture in the Marlo Room and hitting a student on the head. (As of the end of 16.2, this light fixture has not been repaired.)
  • The Olympics ended in a chant showdown between Team Shooting Stars and Team Party Cows. The RAs held a vote to decide the winner and RA Allison was the deciding vote in favor of the Party Cows. Team Stars was lead by Oscar Moreno, and Team Party Cows was lead by his girlfriend Vanessa Aguiar.
  • Yellow team (aka the WongTons, in honor of RAs Tim and Kaitlyn Wong) won Swashbuckler, in which RA Alex wore a ridiculous pirate tricorn hat and read TERRIBLE pirate jokes.
  • During the event RA Richard completed the Moby Pushup Challenge and RA Tim won an RA Awkward Lyric Reading competition by reading "Panda" by Desiigner. He is now known for saying "Panda, Panda... oh shoot... N-word... B-word." continuous laughter erupted afterward.
  • Jim and Mark's hall spent much of their hall time watching Star Wars episodes 2-6. Jim's hall resident Hongyi (Tony) Lu continued to mock Chancellor Palpatine by always saying "No, no, NOOO! You shall DIE!"
  • Quad time was canceled for the first week and no explanation was ever given.
  • In 16.2, despite Jim leaving to be a TA in BRI, Tim continued to post Jim and Tim Facts on his bulletin board.
  • The song suggestion list for Jim and Mark's hall was flooded with requests for the SpongeBob Campfire Song and Darude - Sandstorm.
  • Male Camper Shanay Mehta became notorious for cursing a ton, especially while playing ERS. When RA Mark threatened to tell his parents, he quickly shut up.
  • After doing case studies on the nuclear accidents at Chernobyl, Fukushima and Three Mile Island, engineering became depressed and watched FailArmy videos for an hour.
  • Male campers were spotted doing laundry in the Keefe basement at 4:30 in the morning.
  • Card throwing became a problem, and some of the cards that were brought to Keefe 2 ended up in the basement and on Keefe 4. Cards were also thrown off the balcony in Farinon during the final dance.
  • During Quad Time one night a mob of students ran around the quad and surrounded various couples while shouting, "ONE OF US! ONE OF US!" RAs took 20 minutes to break up the mob.
  • RA Ryan and RA Jim's halls often chanted "RY-AN! RY-AN! RY-AN!" and "JIM! JIM! JIM!" respectively. Additionally, the chant for Ryan's team at the Olympics was, "Triple the trouble, triple the fun!" but quickly devolved into, "RY-AN! RY-AN! RY-AN!"
  • Mark's hall did the Chubby Bunny challenge because someone had bought two bags of jet-puffed marshmallows at Wawa and didn't know what to do with them.
  • When RA Ryan was on patrol duty on the last night, he attempted to enforce lights out at midnight, but on Keefe 2 the doors were locked and backed up with chairs until he left.
  • Camper Shanay Mehta's birthday happened during the session, and some of his things were stolen and re-gifted as birthday presents. Happy Birthday was sung to him multiple times during the day at an uncomfortably loud volume. He never got his hat back.
  • The Moby Pushup challenge became a nightly quad time occurrence, and Omar Kenawy, Oscar Moreno, and Nick I-Heng Tan completed it. RA Richard eventually completed it as well.
  • SRA John fell off his bike twice, injuring both his wrist and calf. He also lost his sunglasses and wallet, which were "found" after a few days. RA Jim went around daring students to steal John's hat and shirt straight off of him.
  • As a prize for a raffle at the boardwalk carnival, RAs Jim, Tim and Rachel were pied in the face in front of the Lafayette Statue behind Farinon.
  • During the final dance, Oscar Moreno took the microphone and made a speech to his girlfriend Vanessa for their 6-month anniversary.
  • Camper Lennin Antunish leaned back in his chair in the Farinon dining room and cracked the window behind him.
  • The microwaves in multiple halls were unplugged by RAs due to people forgetting to put water in their ramen, and causing explosions inside. McKeen residents were then forced to use a Keurig to cook ramen.
  • Student Ethan Davidov crammed 17 students into one room on Tim's hall for a sleepover before passionfruit but was broken up due to messing with RAs and other students.
  • RAs Alice and Allison squirted an entire room with water guns because 8 girls were sleeping over.
  • The girls on McKeen 3 did a dance performance to the Little Einsteins theme song in the Talent Show.
  • Before a talent show performance, Oscar Moreno and a few others were cheering for the performers. The DRL came over and told them to shut up. RA Jim then told them, "You don't have to give a s*** about her." As a result, Oscar, Erick and DeVaune started calling Jim "J-Savage."
  • The DRL Heather was easily the most hated DRL in the history of CTY. She canceled Lanyard Swinging and other activities, refused to have the first dance, did not give quad time for the first week and restricted it over the coming weeks. All the students and RAs hated her with the exception of RA Tim who would be a suck-up.
  • Shortly after a fire drill, the fire alarm in Keefe went off, causing the evacuation of Keefe Hall, due to someone not taking the cover off their microwave ramen. Campus Police, the Easton Fire Dept, Easton Police Dept, the DRL and the Site Director all showed up. It took place at about 10:15, so the YS students in South College across the street witnessed it happen after lights out.
  • Kevin Salas was forced to leave Keefe half way through his shower due to the fire alarm. His hall bursted into laughter as they watched Salas walk out of Keefe with soap all over his body. He also became notorious for changing activities, to the frustration of John and the RA staff.
  • As a raffle prize for the boardwalk carnival event, RAs Tim, Jim and Rachel were pied in the face on the second weekend. Rachel's room and lanyard still smelled like whipped cream at the end of the session.
  • Improv campers Lennin Antunish and Nicole Hom went head to head in 'Questions?' during every improv activity. Nicole won 5-1 by the end of the session.
  • Before the last dance, camper Allison Brady chugged down a can of Monster (there were two servings in the can, by the way), causing her to shake uncontrollably in dinner and forget everything that happened the night before the day after. (Does this actually seem likely to anyone? Seems dramatic.)
  • For the Honor Code Skits at the beginning of the session, RA Jim starred as a creepy af pedophile guy who asked RA Mark (unsuspecting small child with Jar Jar Binks voice) if he wanted to "Get in the van." RAs Allan and Ryan did a painfully awkward skit about PDA in which they tried to portray PDA without actually PDA-ing. Camper Tony Lu was accidentally left in his room during the skits.
  • RA Alex carried around a speaker with RA Ryan following behind him. Usually, you can see campers Allison Brady, Caroline Chun and Nicole Hom rocking with those RAs to the rock music Alex loved to blast.
  • After the final dance, camper Lennin Antunish pulled his pants down, while unbeknownst to him the DRL was visiting his floor. He was caught. To show solidarity, nevermores and onemores Aja Saldana, Erick Santana, Oscar Moreno, Omar Kenawy, Nick I-Heng Tan and Daniel Heredia pulled their pants down, and ran around Keefe 2 while belting out "A Whole New World." Oscar attempted to take off his underwear as well, but RA Jim stopped him as he mooned Omar Kenawy and Aja Saldana.
  • Right before American Pie came on during the final dance, onemore Aja Saldana and nevermore Oscar Moreno clearly explained how the Easton tradition works. Ethan Davidov (now deeply hated by much of campus) then ran up to the mic and confused everyone by re-explaining the rules differently. The tradition once again was convoluted and Aja was pissed.
  • The iButtons sound effects app became popular. During Engineering class one day, Hongyi (Tony) Lu randomly pressed one of the buttons and the lecture was interrupted by "SMOKE WEED ERRYDAY."
  • Allan's hall officially adopted "Chacaron Macaron" as their hall anthem. Ahaan could be heard blasting it on his insanely powerful speaker from across Keefe.
  • Foundations of Psychology A had a few breakdowns. One involving a lecture on depression and another involving a male student stating 'a woman who dresses scandalously is asking for rape'.
  • Camper Lindsay Giovannone stole 3 plates and 2 cups from the dining hall without ever being caught. Rumor says she also stuffed a church bulletin with twenty (or more) cookies.
  • Strawberry frozen yogurt was offered in the cafeteria. So was rocket pops. I don't know what everyone liked more.
  • Campers John Sebastian Reardon, Kabir Singh and Theo Faugeres attempted to sleep in Reardon's closet on the first Friday night.
  • Camper John Sebastian Reardon brought his extremely fluffy blanket to class on the last two days of the session and wrapped his body up in it. He was repeatedly hugged by the girls in his class and his blanket was stolen thrice. At Quad Time he was surrounded by 15 girls, led by Vanessa, who took turns hugging him repeatedly. They eventually trapped Reardon in a circle, where they walked around to other campers and said "wanna hug him?" to Reardon's amusement and extreme dismay.
  • Camper Theo Faugeres was forced and guilt tripped by John Sebastian Reardon, Kabir Singh, Trrishaant Sarin and by me (camper Aaron James-Bogar) to dance with Audrey on the very last dance, something we had been "setting up" since the third day of the session. They were caught PDAing (PRIVATE Display of Affection) in the staircase next to the Marlo room.
  • Camper John Sebastian Reardon was nicknamed JSalt because of his high salt factor.
  • Boys in Paradoxes and Infinities would bet on how much time it would take Theo before he would start flirting. On of the students told me that the teacher Megan bet on 5 minutes after lunch and the TA Emily bet on 12 minutes after lunch.
  • The class of Paradoxes and Infinities (PDOX) was notorious in foursquare for yelling out "PDOX SUPREMACY!" when four of their classmates were in the square (most often campers Kabir Singh, John Sebastian Reardon, Theo Faugeres, and Trrishaant Sarin.)
  • RA Richard was known for yelling during games of ERS against his students (Derek Ni and Taylor Gao.) This strategy clearly worked, as he was undefeated.
  • RA Richard was signed up for Passionfruit and forced his whole hall to go, even though all 16 of them were already going. Many of the boys stayed up all night (including John Sebastian Reardon and Kabir Singh, who were forced to by one of their classmates, and Aaron James-Bogar, who continuously played explicit rap songs in Reardon and Trrishaant Sarin's bedroom.
  • Camper Trrishaant Sarin was notorious in foursquare because in a PDOX game, after getting out, said "I thought we had an alliance, a--hole." This was after another student got him out after agreeing to team up against the others
  • Tony Lu was known for playing GTA: San Andreas during hall meetings.
  • Yongmin was made fun of behind his back as a result of his Dab Run.
  • Rishi was nicknamed the Indian Love Rishi and didn't consider the day over if he hadn't flirted with three girls at the very least.
  • Camper Horacio Garcia kept a Febreeze spray next to him at all time as camper Taylor Gao often run into his (Garcia's) room randomly and fart.
  • In the Keefe 3 and 4 CTYer ratings. From the female category Camper Vicky Lin was awarded flirtiest. Oscar's girlfriend Vanessa won hottest. CTYer Camper John Sebastian Reardon won saltiest.
  • Watching Criminal Minds became a regular habit of those in McKeen 3 during weekends, as are spontaneous dance parties
  • Camper Brianna Moglianesi remains undefeated in ERS, despite many people's best efforts to beat her.
  • "rip skins, rip life..." -Colin Rozowsky
  • Elvera's hall dedicated their weekends to watching Glee on Elvera's Netflix.
  • Campers Olivia Kim and Lindsay Giovannone of Elvera's hall crashed a birthday party held by another hall (for Camper Abigail) and were given slices of cake. This stayed unknown throughout 16.1


  • Session 2 was a complete success with pretty much all traditions being upheld. Only major complaints amongst students was the administration from DRL up only caring about their jobs and not the camp itself.

The Plague

There was a sickness all session that spread through Keefe and McKeen Halls. Many students had to be quarantined, including Adrian from Mark's hall who was tragically sent home.

The Wifi

Lafayette College has a password-protected wifi network that only staff are permitted to use. Matthew Yoon got the wifi password from Yong Min Lee and Viren Bhatia who came in 16.1 and sold it off and made over $160. Everyone had the wifi but LC IT personally blocked his IP address because he was selling the password and binge watching Prison Break, to his annoyance and to everyone's amusement.

SpongeBob/Thomas the Tank Engine

RA Allan decorated his hall (Keefe 3) with Spongebob memes. In the first week, camper Matthew Yoon taped his phone to his door face up and played a ten hour version of Thomas the Tank Engine, with his charger connected to the outlet next to the door. Nobody was able to turn it off. When his roommate walked in, the charger came out and Matthew's phone fell, "breaking the case." His hall was also heard blasting "Chacaron Macaron" which apparently peaked at No. 20 on the Billboard UK Hot 100.

RA Jared

RA Jared inexplicably left campus during the first weekend. According to the DRL, "he had left to pursue other career options,". RA Olabade said that he had a family emergency that he had to attend to and definitely wasn't fired. No definitive answer was ever made public by the end of the session. After he left his hall there were three RAs that followed, Jordan (for one night), SRA John (for about a week) and RA Luis for the rest of the session.

Will the Satanist and the Illuminati Wars

Camper Will was known for being a "Satanist." He would randomly walk by people in the dining hall and whisper, "Hail Satan," and convinced his hall to name their Olympics team "Satan's Crabs." During sidewalk chalk, many pentagrams and Illuminati symbols were drawn. Will's Satanist beliefs are believed to have originated at CHS.15.2 during which a different camp was seen walking around Reid Hall in the wee hours of the morning, and Will concluding that they were returning from their Satanist worship session. Additonally, Mark's and Allan's halls united against RA Mark to cover his door with Illuminati symbols and Pentagrams despite him explicitly asking them not to. One night, a group of Allan's hall residents, during an ISO, wrote, "ALL HAIL THE ILLUMINATI," on Allan's door.


Ryan's hall had an indoor four square court in which "Matt-Square" was created by camper Matthew Yoon. Matt-Square legalizes everything, including slams, double touching, carrying, holds and rolling. Usually instituted by Matt to stay in Ace. Ryan's hall residents Neil and Daniel were famous for saying, "THERE WAS NO NEED!" when someone got them out.


During Swashbuckler, RA Allan ("Sweatshirt") beat RA Tim ("Trap Queen") in Awkward Lyric Reading. Purple Team, with RA Richard, RA Dan, and RA Kaitlyn's hall won Swashbuckler. RA Richard notably cheered extremely loudly for his team the whole time and won the RA Moby Push-Up challenge for his team. Tragically, he did the same swish dance for 5 minutes straight in the dance off, a noble but failing strategy. He was vindicated in the end by the victory. Team Yellow during Swashbuckler also named their team after the gorilla Harambe because RA Mark likes Harambe. This led to him also convincing his whole hall to recommend Harambe as an improv suggestion during the talent show. A Harambe tribute song was heard regularly in his hall.

Daddy/Harambe/The Spicy Bois

RA Mark's hall called Mark "Daddy" for the session. They also called RA Ryan "Mommy," RA Allan "Side-Daddy," and RA Tim "Side-Mommy." When Ryan Becht and Kai Rogers from Mark's hall called him "daddy," Richard said, "Stop doing that! It's wierd!" and then under his breath, "f*ckin' wierdos." This also lead to casino night gang on his hall that spread to others known as the "Spicy Bois," who planned but never executed a casino night robbery. Mark's hall chanted "When I say "spicy!" you say "daddy!" SPICY! DADDY! SPICY! DADDY!" While everyone was bawling after the last American Pie, RA Ryan attempted to make everyone smile by shouting, "When I say 'Spicy!' you say 'Tuna!'" and everyone responded with "SPICY! TUNA! SPICY TUNA! SPICY! TUNA! SPICY TUNA!" The fish changed multiple times before Mark's hall resident LaMin Lin shouted, "You're demeaning the high order of the spicy daddies!" Everyone promptly shut up, but continued as the boys walked from Farinon back to Keefe. Because RA Mark missed Harambe, he was adopted as his hall's mascot, and his hall was often heard chanting, "HARAMBE! HARAMBE!"

Braveheart and Meh vs. RA Mark

The legendary return of Braveheart, Meh, and Worst Activity Ever despite parent complaints. During Meh, soccer, run by RA Mark, was invaded and he was nearly screaming at RA Ryan for instigating the activity. Braveheart stormed through football (also run by Mark) twice. During the second run, the students in football lined up facing Braveheart and chanted, "COME AT ME BRO!" Someone yelled, "FREEDOM!" and a charge ensued. Mark was really salty and was noted as screaming, "YOU THERE! I'M GONNA GIVE YOU A COUNT OF 3 TO PUT THAT CONE DOWN!" and instructed the football players to attack the students in the other activity. Worst Activity Ever was renamed "Paper Clip Hunting," to reflect its true nature.

Talent Show

Nevermores Matt Hua, Matt Hom and RA Kaitlyn (a five-year freak) performed the Nevermore Song in the Talent Show. Nevermore Matt Hua wrote and read a poem entitled "The CTY Journey," as he did in 14.2. Everyone cried and he received a standing ovation. Nevermore Isaiah Chagas performed "Lost in Thoughts, All Alone," and dedicated it to a friend who had recently died in a tragic accident. Campers Emily Stass and Cece Simmons performed Jacob Sartorius' "Hit or Miss." It had all the YS students on their feet. There was a boy band called "@the_hom on Instagram" based on camper Matt Hom's instagram name that performed Glad You Came by The Wanted. The band was composed of Matt Hom, Kartik Pejavara, Dan Guido, Andrew Crisol, and RA Allan Hall. It was super dummy lit.

Returning Traditions

Tim's legendary activities TimFoil and Tim's Pictionary of Death returned. Legendary returning RAs included Tim Wong, Olabade Omole, Allan Hall and SRA John Guido. The ever so swag boss John Guido himself was back as SRA and will be forever recognized as the greatest SRA to ever grace CTY. He wore a total of 13 lanyards to the final dance. He confirmed that he is never coming back due to his frustration with admin and that he "saw a side of the camp that was enough to forever change my perception of it. And for that reason and other reasons I cannot justify returning." John, you will be forever missed. Gordon Ramsay Appreciation, an activity started by RAs Jim and Allan in 16.1, continued. Jim Facts (see EST.16.1) were resurrected by RA Tim, and on the first day of the session, RA Allan wrote, "Proud supporter of Jim Facts (obviously superior)."

  • Nevermore Matt Hom was reigning slap box champion after beating camper Dan Guido multiple times with 14 hits to 1 on one occasion, scaring the daylights out of hated camper Themis Kanag, and then going unopposed for the rest of the session.
  • The girls' bathrooms and showers were disgusting and filled with hairballs.
  • During the first dance, during Thinking Out Loud, Wes Kim and Trinity Liang were slow dancing when a group lead by James Yu surrounded them and pointed phone flashlights at them, making them feel really awkward.
  • Before the first dance, Matthew Yoon decided that he needed to fix his hair. He borrowed Tyrone Lee's gel and then spend the next 30 MINUTES screaming in the bathroom about how it was only getting worse and that Tyrone's gel wasn't working, to the amusement of his hall.
  • RA Dan, RA Richard, Nevermore Matt Hom and Brian all did epic poi performances with glowsticks to Darude - Sandstorm during the 3 dances.
  • Quad time was highly mediocre due to many students favoring just sitting inside Farinon and being antisocial. However, campers Andrew Knops, Ben Evelson, and many others from Mark's hall started a walk to the song "Grandiose" in which they looped around the inside of Farinon and the Quad. It ended with multiple people trying to stop them as they kept on looping it until it got annoying.
  • During The Hunger Games, Daphne suggested that if we didn't have enough resources, then we should sacrifice Jackie. Jackie still has not been sacrificed
  • Camper Jackie Dron started teaching SRA John how to dance the Macarena at casino night and he danced it with her at the final dance. This included Camper La-min Lin creating a Macarena circle.
  • Henry was known for annoying the girls in Elvera's hall with constant "LOLL's", and the girls (Ariana Huang, Jessica Lin, Felicia Su, and Laetitia Park) responded by stealing their hats and hitting them with Kate's bag, which Henry deeply feared and despised.
  • Matt Hom was blammo god and Andrew Crisol was blammo demigod. Allan's hall got extended lights out on one occasion because SRA John made a deal with Tyrone Lee in which extra blammo spoons were exchanged for later lights out.
  • During the second dance, camper Siena decided it would be a good idea to make a debate while standing on a table but was immediately caught by a TA.
  • Camper Tyrone Lee created a complex family tree involving multiple students on his hall as well as 4 different foursquare balls, named Cherry, Junior, Red and Rainbow.
  • PDOX was obsessed with the number 31 after they were tricked into believing an answer was 32 instead of 31
  • Great Cases learned some legal things but mostly talked about satanic crabs, Jared (an RA that left for unexplained reasons), Canada, and slept.
  • Camper Ryan Becht was called Derik for most of the session because camper Alex Axton referenced a Harvard rejection letter to which Ryan replied with Derik.
  • RA Allan called RA Richard a "stereotypical frat boy", despite RA Richard hanging Magic: The Gathering Cards on all of his students doors.
  • RA Richard attempted multiple times to complete the Moby Pushup Challenge, but never succeeded. He did however, get farther than anyone else in the camp by a sizable margin and got to 15 seconds left in the song.
  • Instructor Eric had an obsession with yelling at CTY campers for not wearing their lanyards. At the final dance, he signed everyone's lanyards. Additonally, everyone in the PDOX class took off their lanyards on the last day and put it on Eric.
  • SRA John was caught during SRA Safari meditating with fellow campers while listening to the song "Sweatshirt" and had a cooler full of ice water dumped on him.
  • Camper Ben Evelson tried to cut his hair once with a broken blammo spoon
  • Matt Hom, Jorge Garcia, Henry Rodgriguez, Andrew Crisol, and Emmanuel, and many others led a dorm wide game of hide and seek that was just a mass chaos. The game was stopped after a while when RA Dan shouted "HEATHER IS COMING"
  • Wardrobe Wednesday (aka Cross-Dress Day) was a huge success and boys finally understood how small girl pockets were while girls were in awe of how comfy boys clothing was.
  • During the last quad time, there was a semi-secret meeting between SRA John, forevermore Heidi Wong and Nevermore Matt Hom. According to rumor, they were discussing the future of Easton and the disaster that was canon in 16.1
  • Since blammo started on the second Monday, there were still a considerable number of people left in on the last quad time. Likewise, Matt Hom announced the blammo purge in which all are susceptible to blammos, even if one has their spoon. There was much controversy, and the meeting mentioned above was interrupted due to blammo disagreements.
  • Co-winners of blammo in the end were Tyrone Lee for his immense heart, even though he got out, and Jayden for staying in when nobody even knew he was playing.
  • Because it was RA Allan's final year, he bought food from Wawa for everyone from his hall on his day off and during class on the final day.
  • There were many instances during the dances when SRA John Guido and RA Kaitlyn Wong would dance next to their camper siblings, Dan Guido and Meagan Wong, who were also dancing together. Many LOLs.
  • Notable couples included Sophia Phaltankar and Kartik Pejavara, Andrew Crisol and Layla Profeta, Matt Hom and Natalie Ladino (cute but still unknown if they were actually a couple), Victoria Pham and Robert Yoon, Will Garcia and Sophia Ramos, Dan Guido and Meagan Wong, Henry Rodriguez and Jackie Dron (they weren't technically a thing (there was a lot of drama)and Jackie ended up dancing with Philip at the final dance), Tyrone Lee and Carolyn (ended quickly), Wes Kim and Trinity Liang and Jayden and Emma (Having met at the Haverford last year will soon celebrate their 1 year anniversary as they continue their long distance relationship, Jayden lives in Hong Kong and Emma in the US) (SO much PDA)(Relationship Goals af.)
  • During the last dance nevermore Matt Hom added the song "Country Roads," by John Denver with modified CTY inspired lyrics to the canon and everyone sung along to it.
  • During the last dance, the canon song "Stairway to Heaven" wasn't played, which upset many campers.
  • American Pie was done correctly and the nevermore circle at the last dance went seamlessly. More than half of campus was bawling after American Pie and hugs were exchanged even between strangers. Campers Zared Cohen and MiniMax ran around and screamed, to the frustration of everyone else as well as randomly poking people with chopsticks.
  • During the last class session, Eric Wang fell asleep under two chairs and Felicia Su took legendary pictures. In addition, the entire Great Cases class crammed into the elevator and took multiple selfies.

The Pardee Stench

During the last few days of the session, an AWFUL smell developed in Pardee, which was officially reported by the LC janitorial staff as coming from pee on the floor in the men's bathroom, attributed to Baby CTYers.

  • Passionfruit was mostly successful, featuring emotional speeches by nevermores Matt Hua and Matt Hom. For unexplained reasons, attendees were given fruit punch rather than passionfruit juice. This was nevermore Matt Hom's fourth and last year at the Easton site. He gave an emotional speech at passionfruit thanking everybody and CTY for the impact it had on his life and the impacts he had made on the site. What a god.


The Bristolpocalypse

Due to the sudden influx of RAs from Bristol, including, but not limited to, Tommy, Bobby, Chris, and Chadd, many Easton traditions got Bristol-ified. Many students are now headed to Bristol for next year and leaving Easton. Dances were screwed up but were not made better due to a Nevermore screaming at an RA and then having to get yelled at by Sayre on his last day.

Gordon Ramsay Appreciation

Jim's legendary activity from 16.1 returned, and during the third week, well over half the campus crammed into Simon 3 to witness the adventures and oratory of the High Holy Culinary Savage himself. When Braveheart and Meh broke in, they just sat down and stayed for the rest of the period. Episodes screened were Amy's Baking Company (as is traditional), The Brick Hotel (which Jim accidentally played before in 16.1), and the Burger Kitchen (parts 1 and 2).


Blammo was run for the first time, it is believed, at EST.1, by Aja Saldana, with the help of Demi-gods Hannah Cohen and Austin Szatrowski. Due to lack of publicity, the blammo target sheet was opened to RAs who accidentally signed up kids multiple times leading to a general mess. The purge was called on the last Wednesday. At midnight on Thursday, Ryan Burns was declared winner with a whopping 11 kills. He subsequently redistributed his prize double stuff oreos to everyone he knew.

1st Dance

Was not canceled, to the relief of many 16.1 returners. See Hall of Shame:EST. As a prank, Jahsiah jumped up onto one of the podiums in Marlo and performed pelvic thrusts. Stairway was not played for reasons as of yet unknown.

Staff v. Students Soccer Game (2017)

Due to lack of RA participation, some students were assigned to the staff team. Few people paid attention and about a dozen fell asleep. It is believed, though unverified that the final score was Students 3, Staff 2. RIP Josh Shi's ankle. :)

2nd Dance

Themed "All that Glitters is Gold." Despite obvious Smash Mouth - All Star reference, said song was not played. Canon was a mess, and Sayre was not pleased.


Held for the first time since 15.2 in Colton.

  • Blue team was penalized before Swashbuckler even began for booing ("blueing") other teams. They started the event with a score of -5 and finished with a score of 0.
  • A representative from Blue Team won the cup stacking competition, despite orange clearly completing it first. The rationale used was that it did not "freely stand" even though it was struck down in order to restack the cups.
  • During "Oreo Unicorn," which involved stacking Oreos on a partner's head, everyone tried to steal Oreos from other teams except for Andrew Dawson and Josh Shi from red team. Therefore, they won by default.
  • Michael Zhou (orange) won Lip Sync Battle with an epic show to Sweatshirt by Jacob Sartorius, with camper Alivia Jiang (blue) putting up a close call for the win.
  • Paper Airplane Building was highly contentious because both green and orange's planes landed in the audience, and audience members caught and moved them (engineering somehow managed to come in last place).
  • A question was asked about the cost of Lafayette's tuition, and the RAs decided to trust a random website over the Lafayette website, which would have given the red team a point
  • The Moby Pushup Challenge was not completed by anyone.
  • The plank challenge was declared a tie after 5 minutes, much to the displeasure of red team who believed that Andrew Dawson would have won.
  • Basically a head to head battle in CTY Trivia by active Easton RealCTY writers, in teams red (Nicole Hom being the only writer in that team) and orange (various writers). Tied because an Orange Team member who was not participating had their phone out.
  • Cheetos/Shower caps/shaving cream was not held due to aforementioned Bristolization. CLARIFICATION: According to an anonymous source, Lafayette staff requested that shaving cream not be used in the newly renovated Colton Chapel. 0 former Bristol RAs participated in the planning of Swashbuckler'.
  • Wow what a surprise! Shaheem won the RA Lip Sync/Dance Battle! Who saw that coming?
  • Orange won second place in the chanting competition despite CTYers Aja and Michelle leading the chant from the balcony.
  • Green ultimately won by one point. Red and Orange teams were both dissatisfied with questionable judging practices.

Casino Night

Casino Night, as was traditional was held in Marlo. Colin Gibney and Nikhil Sharma of Chadd's hall plotted to steal a whole pile of $500 bills and $100 bills from the Texas Hold'em table 5 minutes in. They tried to disrtract the dealer, but Alberto Torres of Chris's caught on and stole all of the $500 bills, leaving the 2 with only the $100 bills. After more numerous petty attempts to swipe money off tables, RA Tommy outlawed running. Anyone spotted moving faster than walking was stopped and had most of their money confiscated. A conference room in Farinon was used as "Jail" were most people had themselves arrested just to go in and play cards with their friends. Each RA offered a prize, and the order of winnings by hall determined the order in which halls got to pick prizes. Tommy's hall bet 97% of their money on RA Tommy to win the horse race with RA Imani on his back, and he lost, putting his own galling in a whopping 13th place out of 13 teams. Chris's hall won, and chose "Rock Climbing" with Tommy. However, the climbing wall in the athletic center was closed, so they ran up and down the Farinon steps for half an hour. Jim's hall got to choose Allan's food for a meal, and they served all the food they could find on top of a bed of orange jello and Reddi-Whip, a cupcake doused in hot sauce, and a concoction of all the drinks plus rice and oatmeal. Chadd's hall had Jim wait their table at dinner. Jim went full savage mode and brought ice, known as "solid" or "frozen" water when anyone asked for water, "forgot" what people wanted, and "accidentally" spilled powerade on people's food. When whole milk was ordered, Jim brought a "whole" glass of soy milk and when fruit punch was ordered, Jim brought a glass of water with a pear in it. When people asked for a whole pizza, Jim brought back pizzas with just the crust forming a circle, or a "hole" pizza. Gail's hall received a reward of "Pieing Gail and one other RA in the Face", but they later changed it to a ramen night while watching the CTYI movie "White Chicks".

3rd Dance

For the third dance, CTYer Ethan Kim made the playlist. However, DJs Marvin and Shaheem did not play his playlist until everyone began to leave. Ethan begged them to play it claiming everyone would return. Marvin reluctantly agreed. Just like Ethan said, everyone rushed back onto the dance floor. Ethan became so happy that he took off his shirt. No RAs noticed.

All-Nighter 17.1

CTYers Josh Shi, Colin Gibney, Ryan Brace, Jacob Kaydin, and Alec Dron were at a sleepover with Bei Lin, Andres Arocho, Lucas Fernandes and Can Tunceli. Andres and Can disappeared. Bei was asleep through the whole thing, but Joshi, Colin, Ryan, Jacob, and Alec decided to go look for them. They went to the first floor and saw SRA Marvin. Joshi already had three strikes and was on probation. One more would get him kicked out of camp, so the five of them ran and hid under the stairs in the basement of McKeen. A few RA's walked down looking for them, but they stayed silent. The RA's walked past a few times and Joshi was freaking out about being kicked out of CTY. Once they heard the RA's go back up the stairs, they ran through the basement like a bunch of monkeys and sprinted up the stairs back to the room without being caught. Can then got caught by RA's coming back because they wouldn't open the door.

Oreo Passionfruit

During the classic all nighter on June 13th, a CTYer named Can Tunceli conducted Oreo PassionFruit. Oreo PassionFruit was created at Bristol 16.1 by Can Tunceli and then-nevermores Andrian Chan and Joe Marwill. During Oreo PassionFruit each participant holds an Oreo in their hand and speaks about what their CTY story is, without any restrictions, they feel free to spout their inner most thoughts about CTY. This years Oreo PassionFruit participants were:

  • Andrew Dawson
  • Alec Dron
  • Ryan Brace
  • Lucas Fernandes
  • Aidan O'Neil
  • Josh Shi
  • Jacob Kayden
  • Andres Arocho
  • Colin Gibney
  • Can "Sperm" Tunceli

All participants of Oreo PassionFruit take a vow to pass it on their next session at CTY to make it a tradition

"This was started because of our frustration of Can and other sperm (endearing, isn't it?) not being able to participate in BRI 16.1 Passionfruit as they weren't nomores or nevermores. We felt that anyone should be welcome to speeches and moments shared by CTYers. Oreo Passionfruit was our last night spent together with Oreos from Hong Kong hastily packed and subsequently forgotten until the all-nighter. Hopefully everyone will be allowed to Passionfruit; OPF remains the RA-less, admin-less version to vent, to cry, to laugh, to hug, to go full CTYi; we hope this continues." - Andrian Chan and Joe Marwill


Passionfruit was attended by around 75 kids with only 21 of them actually being nevermores or nomores. Anthony Lara and Alberto Torres gave speeches about 2 hours after telling everyone that they would both be at Bristol 18.1. Emotional speeches were given by nevermores "Fedora Tom" Thomas Turner, Aja Saldana, Alberto Torres, Anthony, Hannah Cohen and Valerie Hui, among others. Even though there were a small amount of cups, the "CTY" looked pretty good.

New Positions

At an unfortunately early hour of the morning, Deej Cunniffe decided that the current positions needed to be replaced, for absolutely no visible purpose at all. She came up with some new ones, which had no rhyme or reason in the least. These new positions included the KIVO diplomat, who's job it would be to apologize to the KIVO man whenever ctyers in KIVO were breaking the rules (which happens rather often), Throckmorton, cousin to all, who would also choreograph The Throcky Horror Picture Show, and Sticks, which had no explanation because she couldn't stop laughing for long enough to make one up. She brought these ideas down to the quad where Immy Drysdale, Lindsey Russ, Paige Zhang, Kristy Trojak, Allison Mak, and Grace Chen, who were all also awake far earlier than they would have liked to have been. Because of how early it was, these new positions seemed hilarious, and so they helped Deej compile the rest of the list, the final rendition of which included...

KIVO diplomat - Apologizes to KIVO man, Throckmorton - cousin to all, runs Throcky, relic is several snapbacks on in all different directions and a pin that says respect women, Sticks - ????, Latex Man - enforcer of the Latex Ban, Schnader - just like, the embodiment of every plague, reminds people of the dangers of breaking PDA rules, Jan - Jean Man! his relic is a joutfit, Holy Ghost - enforces all of the rules using whatever means necessary. will arrest you for treason if you even LOOK at one of F&Ms trees. Stands between people to enforce PDA rules. Leave room for Jesus.

Later they realized these new positions were not as funny as they were at seven am on a Saturday morning, but they were still referenced throughout session as an ongoing joke.


CTYer Ralph Velasquez was generally known as a good guy by everyone. No special achievements, just a nice guy. He did convince most of campus that him and Demi-God Hannah Cohen were step siblings however. He came clean on the last day, however, because he's a good guy and doesn't decieve people. Ralph was known for his talented dance moves and ability to make friends.

Tide Pods

One night in South Ben, the residents were called outside for a building meeting. Everyone was confused about why they were all brought outside and all assumed it had something to do with the Honor Code. However they were then greeted by an SRA who informed them all about vandalism in the dorms. He then threatened them with the installation of cameras in the hallways which they all knew was a lie. The SRA did not specifically say what the vandalism exactly was but they all immediately knew that it had to be one thing, throwing tide pods. Tide pods were used frequently in the dorms as a prank war weapon because it would leave a residue behind and an unpleasant odor.

As of that day, tide pods became a huge joke in campus. Students would ask around if they threw the tide pods and will respond yes or no regardless if they did or did not. Then, at final AI, the joke was made countless times. Especially in Freeze, where numerous students came up to "DRL Joe" (A student role playing as him) and admitted to throwing the tide pods. However, at passionfruit, at the end of his speech, Noah finally admitted to throwing the pods and everyone cheered him on as he sat back down in contenet.

"One Ball Wonder"

A first year CTYer had a strange incident in the middle of the night during the second week. He fell off his bed, landing on his male genitalia. He ended going up going to the hospital and got an ultrasound on his nether regions for 40 minutes by a 55 year-old woman. RA Chadd and RA Tommy's halls found this very amusing and began to joke that he was infertile. Chadd's boys even coined the nickname "One Ball Wonder" for him. However, the fun was short lived after almost every boy from Chadd's hall was interrogated and scolded by DRL Sayre at a lunch during third week.

Other Random Memories

  • During SRA Safari, campers tied RA Bobby and SRA Ally up to trees and threatened them for the Wifi password with waterguns.
  • During a game of monkey in the middle between John Rytel, Nikhil Sharma, and Andrew Dawson, a tennis ball shattered the mirror on the second floor of McKeen.
  • Andrew Dawson was know for signing up for indoor soccer, but playing basketball with random college students instead of actually playing soccer.

  • Chadd's hall was willing to pay Thomas Beacham $20 to do a belly flop off of the diving board, but he always chickened out. Josh Shi did do a belly flop for $5 on the first day.

  • While playing ERS, Josh Shi was known for loudly swearing. Andrew Dawson was the best ERS player at the camp, but Josh Shi beat him once causing Dawson to throw his box of cards and break them.

  • Chadd's hall had a rule that in ERS, you had two free chances to slap back in. After those two free chances, you would have to pull a pube if you unsuccessfully tried to slap back in. Josh Shi frequently had to pull one, and he began to put them on Andrew Dawson. This resulted in a Dawson nearly having a seizure every time he was touched by a pube.

  • Josh Shi and Alec Dron had their makeup done for Twinning Tuesday. Alec's makeup was decent, but Josh's was completely ruined by Cole Martin and Ethan Kim.


Returning Campers and Staff

Returning OS RAs were only Jim and Allan, both on McKeen 3. Returning students included double session-er Austin Szatrowski (16.1, 16.2, 17.1), Sebastian Reardon (14.1, 15.1, 16.1), Omar Kenawy (15.1, 16.1), Kaley Taylor (15.1, 16.1), Kai Rogers (16.2), Barton Chen (15.1), Sophia Phaltankar (15.1, 16.2), Meagan Wong (16.2), Drew Slager (16.2), Ben Goldfried (16.2), Phillip Alexeev (15.2, 16.2), Calyx Ryu (16.2), Daphne Sugiuchi (15.1, 16.2), La-Min Lin (16.2), Adrian Ricketts (16.2), Jeremy Eng (15.2, 16.2), Jeremy Ng (15.1), Alisha Sampat (15.2, 16.2, 17.1), Ella Junge (14.1), Hannah Gallagher (15.2, 16.2), and many more. '(PLEASE ADD TO THIS LIST IF YOU KNOW ANY MORE RETURNING CAMPERS!!)

Gordon Ramsay Appreciation

Once again, Jim returned with his legendary activity, this time reaching a new record of 130 students, requiring that half go to Simon and half go to Limburg. Episodes screened were Amy's Baking Company, Dillon's, and Cafe Hon, all from Kitchen Nightmares.

Doctor Who Appreciation

A spinoff of Gordon Ramsey Appreciation, this activity was created by Drew Slager. He thought of the idea when he discovered the Whodunnit class watched Doctor Who during their breaks and was mad he was not included. The activity turned out to be a success.

The Scavenger Hunt (Tommy's torture)

A scavenger hunt around campus, in which halls posted their finds and completed tasks on a dedicated instagram page was run by RA Tommy for mandatory fun on 1st Saturday. Imani's hall won because of course they did.

Notable Instagram account names include:

  • @MarthasMunchkins17.2 - RA Allan's hall. Stemmed from a Math and Money joke in which camper Ankur Madaan talked about his fictional dead wife Martha.
  • @BobbysBasementBoys - RA Bobby's hall. They were subsequently called that for the rest of the session.
  • @the.real.respectors.of.women- RA Jim's hall started off the scaveneger hunt with the respecters of women name but after it was deemed CTY-I they changed it to @upholdersofhonorcode and in the bio Fernando Martinez put "apparently the.real.respecters.of.women is ctyi🙄" Jim made him change it to just "respecting women is no joke" on the last day of the session Jim turned the account into his own personal account, seriously he did @drmagicspaceman
  • @slimnicoleh- RA Nicole's hall named their account after RA Jim's old private account. Sadly RA Jim had forgotten he had the account and cannot remember the password to access it.


Neev Maru was a CTYer in RA Colin’s Hall and in Foundations of Programming. He walked into rooms of other CTYers in his hall and stood there. In class, he was called names by Instructor Mark S. Hall, such as Neev, Nveev, Niev, Niv, and Naive. The kids of CMPS insisted that Mark called him Jonathan.

Neev played four square with a tennis ball and had a lack of talent in basketball, receiving the moniker "No Hands Neev" and often being called out for his nonexistent defense.

When Neev walked in their room, Nikhil Sharma and Andrew Dawson yelled at him, claiming they were “basically naked” because they didn’t have socks on. Later, when Neev had socks on, they joked that he was overdressed.

On the last day of activities, Neev made it to the finals of the ping pong tournament, beating tournament-favorite Nikhil Sharma but losing in the finals to Andrés Arocho.

Neev followed Andrew Dawson around at random times. At Water Day, when Dawson was sitting on the grass talking to Jade Hsu, he turned and noticed Neev standing right beside him. At the second dance, Neev followed Dawson for 20 minutes before he lost him. At the third dance, Dawson went to get water and Neev followed him. Dawson assumed he was getting water too, but Neev just stood next to him while he drank.

Casino Night

Held, as traditional, first weekend. Shaheem's hall came in first, despite accusations and bragging about favorable treatment from Allan's Blackjack table and cheating rackets. Shaheem's hall won with a whopping $45,020 thanks to hard work done by finessing Allan's Blackjack table through the mastermind plans of Phillip Alexeev. Allan was notorious to not paying attention to how much money people bet in his table. So after many campers won, Shaheem's hall would slip in an extra $20-$50 which led to hundreds more in profits. If they lost, they would take the money back right before Allan was collecting and usually got away with it. That's not all Shaheem's hall did, before Casino Night began Phillip bought an exact copy of the same deck used at Allan's table and switched out cards with his hallmates to get Blackjack. At one point Kai Rogers and Jeremy Eng both had blackjack in the same game and Allan said, "Wow you guys are really lucky," without further questioning it. Fernando Martinez, was snitched out for stealing money from the dealers, Tommy then proceeded to chasing him around the Marlo room as Fernando scram "no running", Fernando was later caught with more than 6,000 dollars, and was put in jail. (Those in jail were forced to do math worksheets). Jon Hunt, who was the subject of a running joke about his gambling addiction, lost a great sum of money and took out a $10000 loan from the loan shark, but never paid it back. His hall made $3000, leaving them $7000 under water, which RA Allan told his hall was potentially the biggest debt of all time. (They then lost another 5,000 in the rock-paper-scissors games to put their total at about -12,000 dollars. It equated to over -$600 per person.) His hall then started the hashtag #Wheresthe7k and most were quite salty. Gail would move the American flag wheel onto a slot that meant winning more money, but she only did this for the girls in her hall. Shaheem's hall won a candy buffet, Gail's Hall won an extra Wawa run, Tommy's hall had Allan read them a bedtime story which just turned into a gossip session, Liza's Hall won Netflix night, and Jim's hall had Bobby write a rap about them even though he never performed it for anyone. Allan's hall's "prize" was a hall meeting with Site Director Brian Howard outside the back entrance of Farinon.


Swashbuckler consisted of just 4 teams, Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. The yellow team was disqualified from all chanting championships for yelling "ASIAN POWER!" before the event. The red team and blue team had chants that sounded oddly alike, and they were the only two teams who competed for first place, with Red defeating Blue by a score of 9 to 5. The blue team's chant dissolved into "AL-LAN! AL-LAN! AL-LAN!" during the first challenge, but SRA Marvin awarded them the points anyway. Notable challenges included:

  • Drew Slager from the Red team beat fierce competition during the camper lip-sync battle of "Sweatshirt" and reprised his talent during the talent show. He was voted MVP of the Red team.

Tommunism Prevails

The Red team in Swashbuckler was lead by RA Tommy, and named their party the "Tommunists." After winning every challenge they played the USSR national anthem and saluted Tommy's Marist Red Foxes flag. After the activity, Drew Slager and Isaiah Fernandez from Tommy's hall hung the flag and a sign saying "Tommunism Prevails" in the stairwell, but it did not last very long before being vandalized by Jim and Allan's halls. The first inncident, Fernando Martinez changing Tommunism to Jimuism and the second inncident involved Fernando (again) changing Tommunism Prevails to Tommunism Fails, for the next couple of days Tommy threatened Fernando by saying he would soon be having a talk with Sayre about vandalism... it never happened. After the "vandalism" by Fernando, Barton, and Justin, multiple kids would rip out pieced of the sign until it ultimately fell off


The Blammo gods were Sophia Phaltankar, Meagan Wong, and Phillip Alexeev for 17.2. Spoons were distributed the second Tuesday night and the game officially began Wednesday at noon. There was a total of 129 players. Co-winners were declared Isaiah Fernandez and Julia Past, each having nine kills on the last day.

Frisbee Baseball

A joke of a sport invented accidentally at lunch quad time by Kai Rogers, Leo Zheng, Austin Szatrowski, Justin Baumann, Allen Potts, Adrian Ricketts and Lamin Lin. Played the same way as regular baseball but the batter catches the frisbee and then throws it back. A variant was played using Leo's pillow as a bat before Mandatory Fun on Second Sunday. Run as a standard activity, but fell apart due to lack of umpiring, only Austin, Leo and Justin being present, and high salt from a number of participants. There was a dispute between Barton and Axel as Axel wrongly insisted that 0-2 means two balls, no strikes. The rest of the frisbee baseball gods were off playing in Chadd's basketball tournament, causing some of the struggles with the activity.

2nd Dance

The Second Dance's theme was a space rave entitled "Night Riders and Highlighters." Glowsticks were distributed at the entrance and all windows were covered with black paper. Unlike previous dances, the DJ table was placed on the left carpet of Marlo and the right carpet area was cordoned off.

Legend of Papa Noodles

On the first week of camp ex-Bristol campers Fernando Martinez and Barton Chen started a "Papa Noodles" chant with his hall after seeing Tommy, Papa Noodles, was what Tommy's hall from Bristol 16.2 would call him, Fernando was part of that hall and he brought the nickname over from Bristol to Easton, it is said that the name Papa Noodles will forever haunt Tommy. On the second Saturday, the 7 boys in Austin Szatrowski's room began a "PAPA NOODLES" chant very loudly when Tommy came to their room which was heard by Jim and Allan in the common room.

The Legendary 11/Easton Eleven

Moved to Hall of Shame.

RA Trivia

Mandatory Fun for Sunday was RA Trivia followed by a showing of Lilo and Stitch. The camp was split into two two different locations, and the winner of the trivia contest was allowed an extra night of sleepovers to be used whenever they wanted. Allan's hall, who after the removal of 3 kids was nicknamed the "Energetic Eight," took first place, and in fact beat SRA Marvin by just over 3000 points (about 3 questions), even though Marvin was playing for fun. Allan's hall used this privilege to have ISOs the full week, and Allan said that if they were caught to tell them that it was their extra night. They were never caught and the main sleepover occured in Sebastian Reardon's room all week. Staff played Lilo and Stitch afterwards. Justin Baumann fell asleep flat on the floor off his pillow and it took Austin Szatrowski and Fernando Martinez much effort to wake him up after the end of the movie. Shaheem's hall was the other winner of RA trivia, nicknaming themselves, "Shaheem's Spicy Boyz," in honor of session 16.2. The Spicy Boyz cruised to victory winning by almost 10,000 points and using their extra sleepover night immediately.

Final Dance

The final dance was themed Coachella. Once again, Bobby stood in the middle and got lit to "Panda." The absence of the 11 students was surely felt at the dance, as it was much more empty and the circle which they led at the first two dances. Stairway was not played at any of the 3 dances.


Because the morning had about 50 degree weather, students stole blankets from the cart in McKeen 1, and wrapped themselves in it on the steps of the library. About 40 kids attended but only about 15 were nevermores or nomores. Omar Kenawy gave an emotional tribute to certain students no longer attending the session.

Jim's "Cult"

Instead of having hall meetings inside like any normal hall, Jim's hall did things differently, they would go outside and sit in a circle. It was deemed the "circle of trust" but it was pretty much a satanic ritual circle, the whole hall was deemed to be a cult by other halls. On the last day they all drank kool-aid while telling stories of the session, it was like passionfruit except it was a really weird cult like version of passionfruit. They loudly chanted "JIM, JIM, JIM" as Jim waved his hands in the air like he always did.

The cult had many nicknames including "respecters of women" and "upholders of honor code", the respecting women part was true and the upholders of the honor code was true.... until the last day. Allan's hall once joined in on this ritual but after seeing what Jim's hall did decided to continue on with their own hall meetings.

The Resurrection of the Savage

The savage, an old title at session one which had been passed down in name alone without any real action on it, was brought back into the spotlight by 19.1 savage Niko Economos. He carried on the idea of the savage by hyping people up during dances, helping form circles and encouraging people to join in. The title is accompanied by a pool noodle (the current one belonging originally to blammo goddess Lindsey Russ), which he used to duel the jester during the session's first Acting Improv and hit people gently but firmly when they "weren't being savage enough". When he had to leave CTY during the third week due to unforeseen circumstances, he passed the noodle on to his chosen successor, Ricardo Alvarez. At passionfruit, after giving Niko's speech in his place, Rohan Kurian knighted Ricardo with the noodle, and also had him "drink" skl through it (but really ended up bathing him in it because he poured too fast).

19.1: Niko Economos 20.1: Ricardo Alvarez

The Most Patriotic Fire

On one fateful 4th of July, a thunderstorm struck the otherwise quiet city of Lancaster. It was a generally dreary night with pouring rain. Quad time was cancelled (but evening session was not). At 9:17, the residents of Thomas Hall received a rather unpleasant surprise. The fire alarm rang; everyone ran outside, thinking it was a drill, and the RAs were confused. The Site Director came and told us to “calm down,” but that didn't stop anyone who was panicking. Afterwards, we found out that someone had put a metal spoon/fork in a microwave, triggering the shrill sounds of the alarm. Naturally, everyone was unhappy about the situation. To add to the frustration, many students had to rush out of the shower. All students were forced to group up with their respective RA. People inside of North Ben and South Ben were waving phone flashlights at the people on the Quad, and there was some flashlight waving in return. Eventually, many students became frustrated at the lack of patriotism shown on the Fourth of July. THIS WAS AMERICA'S GODDAMN BIRTHDAY AND WE WEREN'T GONNA SIT AROUND AND LET AMERICA NOT HAVE A PARTY. First, they sang the Star Spangled-Banner with their hands on their hearts. The boys of Thomas then decided to circle up in the most dominating of positions, the T-Pose, followed by a rendition of Country Roads. The Country Roads T-Pose circle was started by George and Oliver from Theron's Hall, and Theron even entered the center of the circle to conduct the song (Country Roads and the Soviet Union anthem started in Yeon's hall in South Ben, just to give credit to us). On this day, these boys became MEN, as they had fulfilled their most noble duty: serving their country. It was a patriotic moment. As people were re-entering the hall, people sang the Star Spangled Banner again. Lights out stayed at 10:30 for some reason.

Kool-Aid "Passionfruit"

Jim planned the last hall meeting so that it emulates Passionfruit, but with Kool-Aid. Everyone who wishes to speak were given the chance to do so. Campers Austin, Barton, and Fernando were seen unsuccessfully trying to fight back tears.

Chadd's Tournaments

Week 3, RA Chadd hosted three tournaments, Basketball, Soccer, and Ultimate Frisbee. Basketball was the most successful, with Chadd's boys taking home the trophy. However, many other campers called Chadd the worst referee they had ever seen and Sebastian Reardon after being hard fouled without a call (on an 0-6 team, anyway) threatened to buy Chadd a LensCrafters gift card for his birthday. Soccer was also successful, although it is not known who won the tournament. Ultimate Frisbee was half rained out and the other half was just playing basketball and foursquare with Tiny Hands Foursquare.

Casino Night Nevermore Nikhil Sharma most likely broke a CTY record by getting sent to jail within the first 2 minutes of Casino Night due to stealing $10,000 and getting caught by 2 girls, and getting sent to jail by RA Lee. Nikhil’s roommate, Andrew Dawson, stood outside the jail, laughing at Nikhil, but when he mentioned that he knew that Nikhil had stolen $10,000, RA Jen assumed that he was associated with the heist, so Dawson was put in jail as well.

Xavier’s hall won Casino Night due to Andrew Nikitkov single-handedly winning his hall $13k just by playing Texas Hold’em and making 23 people go bankrupt.

RA Jen was the running the jail and made people stare at the back wall to avoid all contact with all visitors. Chase Wagner, a.k.a. Phineas, almost cost his hall $5,000 when he stole money and was put into jail. Michael Zhou got all his money stolen near the end of the night when someone reached into his pocket while he was doing the Moby push up challenge.

Darya Dahi and Can Tunceli played a game of Chicken, which Darya was on the verge of winning, but JJJJJJJJT caught them and sent them both to jail for the rest of the night. Darya was also bullied at Casino Night because the year before she managed to steal thousands of dollars from Can Tunceli and Jacob Kaydin. Jade Hsu and Sophia Sachar supposedly "killed someone" within the first 20 minutes of Casino Night. They bravely went to jail together because they were bored. Halfway through Casino Night, all prisoners planned an escape and burst through the door all at once.

Andrew Dawson and nevermore Can Tunceli pulled off an unusual heist on the blackjack table. All of the hundred dollar bills were on the left of the dealer, so Dawson decided to distract him so Can could steal them. Dawson’s first attempt at a distraction involved rubber bands. Dawson grabbed the bag of bands from underneath the table. When the dealer looked at him, Dawson said with wide eyes, “These are nice bands. They are soooooo stretchy.” The dealer looked at him, puzzled, while Can stole $100.

Dawson’s second distraction involved the blackjack sign. This sign was a piece of paper attached to two cups stacked on top of one another. Dawson reached across the table and grabbed the sign. When the dealer looked at him, Dawson exclaimed, “Wow! I admire your cups.” He shook and tossed the cups around. The players on the blackjack table began to catch on. Luckily, they were chill, so they just laughed when Can stole another $100.

Dawson’s third and final distraction required no props. He walked up the the dealer, bent down, and started banging his head on the table over and over, yelling as he whacked himself. The dealer looked at him in horror and asked, “Are you okay?” Dawson replied dazedly, “Yeah, sorry, I just hit my head… whoa…” and stumbled away. The dealer stared at him for a few more seconds, shrugged and went back to the game of blackjack. He never noticed that all of the $100 bills were missing.

Casino Night

Nevermore Nikhil Sharma most likely broke a CTY record by getting sent to jail within the first 2 minutes of Casino Night due to stealing $10,000 and getting caught by 2 girls, and getting sent to jail by RA Lee. Nikhil’s roommate, Andrew Dawson, stood outside the jail, laughing at Nikhil, but when he mentioned that he knew that Nikhil had stolen $10,000, RA Jen assumed that he was associated with the heist, so Dawson was put in jail as well.

Xavier’s hall won Casino Night due to Andrew Nikitkov single-handedly winning his hall $13k just by playing Texas Hold’em and making 23 people go bankrupt.

RA Jen was the running the jail and made people stare at the back wall to avoid all contact with all visitors. Chase Wagner, a.k.a. Phineas, almost cost his hall $5,000 when he stole money and was put into jail. Michael Zhou got all his money stolen near the end of the night when someone reached into his pocket while he was doing the Moby push up challenge.

Darya Dahi and Can Tunceli played a game of Chicken, which Darya was on the verge of winning, but JJJJJJJJT caught them and sent them both to jail for the rest of the night. Darya was also bullied at Casino Night because the year before she managed to steal thousands of dollars from Can Tunceli and Jacob Kaydin. Jade Hsu and Sophia Sachar supposedly "killed someone" within the first 20 minutes of Casino Night. They bravely went to jail together because they were bored. Halfway through Casino Night, all prisoners planned an escape and burst through the door all at once.

Andrew Dawson and nevermore Can Tunceli pulled off an unusual heist on the blackjack table. All of the hundred dollar bills were on the left of the dealer, so Dawson decided to distract him so Can could steal them. Dawson’s first attempt at a distraction involved rubber bands. Dawson grabbed the bag of bands from underneath the table. When the dealer looked at him, Dawson said with wide eyes, “These are nice bands. They are soooooo stretchy.” The dealer looked at him, puzzled, while Can stole $100.

Dawson’s second distraction involved the blackjack sign. This sign was a piece of paper attached to two cups stacked on top of one another. Dawson reached across the table and grabbed the sign. When the dealer looked at him, Dawson exclaimed, “Wow! I admire your cups.” He shook and tossed the cups around. The players on the blackjack table began to catch on. Luckily, they were chill, so they just laughed when Can stole another $100.

Dawson’s third and final distraction required no props. He walked up the the dealer, bent down, and started banging his head on the table over and over, yelling as he whacked himself. The dealer looked at him in horror and asked, “Are you okay?” Dawson replied dazedly, “Yeah, sorry, I just hit my head… whoa…” and stumbled away. The dealer stared at him for a few more seconds, shrugged and went back to the game of blackjack. He never noticed that all of the $100 bills were missing.

Moby Pushup Challenge

Omar Kenawy is known to have completed the Moby Pushup challenge multiple times over the length of the 3 weeks, no one stood a chance against him in the challenge, Fernando Martinez always finished 2nd but even with his best attempt, he would still drop a good minute before Omar ever did. Point is, Omar is a God. Once, Omar had to compete for Zared Cohen because Zared forgot his lanyard or else Zared would recieve lights out if he or a "champion" did not complete it. Omar was paid a cup of ramen and shortly before the final hold he yelled "ZARED SHOW ME MY RAMEN OR I SWEAR I WILL DROP RIGHT NOW." Zared rushed to his room to get the ramen, and Omar completed it and received the ramen he was promised.

RA Nicole's Hall vs RA Jim's Hall

Beginning half way through the first week of CTY, RA Jim began to tease students in RA Nicole's hall. This teasing became overwhelming and so caused the two halls to butt heads and create what they called a "war". This war lasted for the entire camp session. It was fueled with threats involving water guns. This whole thing was actually pretty friggin' creepy and uncomfortable.


This ship was created by students in Nicole's hall after beginning to see a relationship developing between RA Nicole and RA Jim. Even though neither confirmed the relationship, it will forever be remembered in the hearts of CTY Easton students.

Nicardo/Cute Nerd

After students in Nicole's hall caught her face timing a boy, later to be coined as "Cute Nerd," they believed that he was her boyfriend. Even though Nicole denies the idea of them dating, they did meet up after session 2 and appear to be friendlier than ever. Nicole's hall is still praying that NICARDO will happen.

The False Fire Alarm in Keefe

On July 27, a fire alarm went off in Keefe, the girls dorm for 2017, around 12:10 am and lasted until 12:40 am. Everyone was rushed out of the building due to an alarm triggered from the basement. The girls living in Keefe ran individually outside as soon as each could, thus, resulting in frantic RAs rushing back and forth into Keefe while counting to make sure no more girls were in the potentially burning building. The fire department came and checked the basement of Keefe declaring it a false alarm. To be noted, the fire detectors/alarms in Keefe can be triggered by almost anything, for example, shower steam.


Returning RAs and Campers


The Blammo Gods and Goddesses were Ryan Burns, Austin Szatrowski, Kiley Rubright, and Richie Conte.

Loss of Traditions

  • CTYEaston4Ever admins were shocked and outraged towards the potential loss of Gordon Ramsay Appreciation among other RA Jim activities, thus making the hashtag #GordonRamsayNow which died rather quickly.
  • Mr. Brightside was played way before the rest of the canons in the first dance.


Boris Strots

Although not many know his name (arguable), everyone at LAN 18.2 has seen Boris Strots' amazing dance moves and innovative raving style (the fidget spinner). He is renowned throughout LAN 18.2 not for his 3rd place Blammo finish, but for his impressive performances and brave self-embarrassment during the dances. Allegedly, Boris can also read minds. To demonstrate this, he would hold his hand up for a high five, and as a victim went in for a high five, he would be able to predict the trajectory of the incoming high five, and cleverly dodge it, instead dabbing on the victim. Unfortunately, he did not pass the talent show audition, or else the camp would have seen a brilliant rendition of "MC Gang". Boris' hall petitioned for him to be a backup dancer for their RA's talent show performances, but it ultimately never happened as it was determined that he would have stolen the show.

During the last dance, Boris transcended into fashion enlightenment after donning 3 shorts simultaneously, swim goggles, and boasting a hellish hairstyle. See: here. He was seen before the dance with a towel wrapped around his head, presumably preparing for hair. It was during the same dance that he entered the rave circle, repeating the same move for the duration of the rave. During afternoon class before the dance, he attempted to stick his hair back with duct tape, but his Russian hair was far too resilient and he had to resort to hairdrying, water, and wax.

Boris is also a nice person. During the last dance, if he saw circles of two (couples), he would join them in an attempt to make them feel less lonely. It is controversial whether this was effective, though.

Reign of the Despacitos

The Despacitos reigned throughout the week 1 weekly activity gameshows. They were unmatched in their gameshow skill, ranging from Kahoot! to Jeopardy. The team included returners Drew, Daphne, Jessica, Julia, Leilani, Nora, and Hannah. Each member of the Despacitos had a unique number. The Despacitos numbered from 2 to 56.

Instagram Scavenger Hunt

The Instagram Scavenger Hunt took place on the first saturday of session 2. despite the possibility of rain, halls still competed for a pizza party and movie night as a prize. Lauren’s hall won with 79 posts; K-CULT FOREVER! They watched Zootopia and ate a selection of Domino’s Pizza, including cheese and pepperoni. It was a whole time.

The WeChat Movement

Michael Zhou, who first convinced Andrew Dawson to accompany him with Nikhil Sharma later joining the party, went around the quad asking CTYers if they had WeChat, and if they did, they added them. Responses included “Of course I do” (from Asians) and “What’s WeChat?” (from everyone else)

A WeChat game called Tiao Yi Tiao became very popular and addictive the first 2 weeks of camp. Top Tiao Yi Tiao scores include:

Kalista Cao: 1019 Eric Li: 324 Bryan Li: 315 Andrew Dawson: 311 Colin Gibney: 232 Nikhil Sharma: 166 Michael Zhou: 87 Sajel Surati: 27 Jade Hsu: 25 Sophia Sachar: 1

The Music Circle

At every evening social time, Camper Fausto Alvarez brought out his guitar and began what was called the "music circle." Other regulars of the circle included Jane Godiner, Christina Li, and Katie. The group played songs on both guitar and ukulele as people and the members themselves would sing along. The circle remained rather small and was never more than 9 people at a time although the main members always welcomed new people. Some songs were played more often than others, including "Don't" by Ed Sheeran, "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz, "Photograph" by Ed Sheeran, and Katie's favorite feels song, "Hurricane" by Halsey. "Riptide" quickly gained equal notoriety in the group for its obvious basic-ness. When a group member would play its infamous 3-chord intro, shouts and protests would ring throughout the circle, but ultimately would die down as they began to, ironically, sing along. Fausto Alvarez would scream, "I'M NOT A RAPPER, I'M A SINGER WITH A FLOW" at almost every social time. For an experiment on muscle fatigue, ANPY B had to do a number of exercises, including squats. They were to do as many squats as possible in 30 seconds, take a 10 second break, and repeat the process 5 times. The entire class was unable to walk or move properly for nearly a week from how unbearable the pain was. This resulted in many jokes (and threats) involving squats. Spoons were distributed Tuesday night of the second week, and the game began on Wednesday at noon after Will's and Sonngy's halls never showed up to receive their spoons. With a starting total of 147 players, Will Li was crowned the winner and was given a box of treats and two stolen spoons from the Blammo Gods. Will also had the highest number of kills, beating Carter Brown’s previous record of 9 with 10.

Sonngy and Will’s Date

One of the grand prizes for Casino Night 18.2 was setting up two RAs on a date. Lauren’s hall won fourth place, and since this was one of two prizes remaining, they chose this one. A heated debate ensued where two ships were argued over: Will and Lauren vs. Will and Sonngy, with the latter being the ultimate choice. A few students put an enormous amount of effort into creating an environment for the date, including a tablecloth, paper flowers, and a light-up speaker. After the date, Will serenaded Sonngy with his cover of “Careless Whisper” in front of Farinon which he had also performed at the talent show.

The Wifi

For the first time in Easton history, the majority of the campers were able to access wifi. Numerous eduroam accounts were spread throughout camp without being noticed/being objected against by staff.