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A JHU icebreaker game


At JHU the game, BLAMMO, has been banned for a number of years by admin. This is because JHU's restrictions concerning student supervision and time table structuring are quite tight and the admin wanted to ensure that student's weren't going out of bounds or skipping sessions to play BLAMMO.

OMMALB is a similar game to BLAMMO, although there are some key differences. The main differences occur in the emphasis on OMMALB free zones, gameplay and unsportsmanlike like behavior. These rules mainly exist to adhere to JHU's site rules, whilst also being able to keep the game fair and enjoyable. It should be noted that the game is entirely student run , thus admin has no role in the game. This does NOT mean the game goes against JHU's rules and restrictions and does NOT mean the game allows, let alone condones, contraband behavior. If students still (for whatever reason) feel uncomfortable about the lack of input from he administration, they should refrain from playing.


O-MMALB is a “hide and seek” icebreaker game that can be run and played by students. Participants will each carry a popsicle stick with their basic personal information on it and try to find a certain person randomly allocated to them. Once a participant finds their “hider” and OMMALBs them, the seeker will collect their popsicle stick. The seeker will then continue to play on a last man standing basis.

How to play

    • In OMMALB, you will be given a popsicle on which will be written your name, class and RA’s name. You will then be given a drawn lot stating your hider’s name, class and RA’s name. It is up to you to find your target by way of meeting people and asking around.
    • Whenever your target is not holding their popsicle stick, they are eligible to be “OMMALB-ed”— tagged out of the game by being tapped on the shoulder by a seeker as they say (QUIETLY) "OMMALB". This also means that whenever you are without your popsicle stick, you are also vulnerable.
    • Once you OMMALB your hider, you must report it to the game organizers, aka the “OMMALB God/Goddess.” You must have your hider’s popsicle stick (or a photo of it) as proof that you OMMALB-ed them. Your hider’s old hider becomes your new hider and the cycle continues.
    • If you lose your popsicle stick and your seeker OMMALBs you, the both of you must report it to the Ommalb god/goddess. Additionally, if you lose your popsicle stick, you must also report it to the game god/goddess who can issue a replacement.
    • A seeker cannot simply win by chasing after other students. OMMALB is an ICEBREAKER. “OMMALB” can’t be the first thing you say to your target. You must have already talked to somebody for what could be easily called a full conversation, at least once before OMMALB-ing them. Failing to do so or doing so incorrectly will result in your seeker winning, taking your stick and continuing the game.
    • From final Sunday, there will be special rule changes each day. These are updated on the JHU OMMALB Instagram (@ommalb_jhu.) There will also be "mass-OMMALBs" during which people who do not have a certain number of wins will be “God OMMALB-ed,” or removed from the game by the OMMALB gods directly. These mass-OMMALBs will be announced ahead of time through announcements at social times and Instagram. To find out your new target, contact the OMMALB Gods/goddesses. On 3rd Wednesday, the game will become a “free-for-all,” in which every participant is a potential hider for the remaining players.make sure to wait for the official announcement of the “free-for-all.”
    • The game will conclude at 9am on Thursday (so no-one’s stressed out for towel day and the last dance) and the winner(s) will be announced at passionfruit.

OMMALBing your target

Ideally, you will make a lot of friends through OMMALB , both in meeting your target and in asking around for them. Start a conversation! That said, don’t manipulate anyone just to OMMALB them; only sign up to play this game if you are actually interested in breaking the ice.

When OMMALBing, You may simply say “OMMALB.” This is especially encouraged if you do not know your target’s feelings on physical contact. Verbal OMMLABs will be just as valid in the eyes of the OMMALB Gods. You must be within 10 feet of your target for this to work.

If you do tap somebody with your popsicle in a way that is either physically violent or greatly disturbing to your target, the OMMLAB is invalid and the hider will win. Additionally, physically manipulating your hider into dropping their popsicle stick is strictly forbidden. No person may touch another person’s popsicle stick unless it is to take it after a victory and even touching a popsicle stick that is not of your hider will result in being “god-OMMALBED (Instant disqualification in which your seeker will be given your hider but will not gain a victory)

Rules, Restrictions and exceptions

Your popsicle stick must be at least 50% visible at all times to avoid people tricking their seekers. This also applies to how much tape can be covering your spoon at any given time. If you are OMMALB-ed while hiding your popsicle stick, you are out.

Ravers have a five second window before and after their glowsticks/poi/etc. begin moving during which they are safe from being OMMALB-ed. This rule applies even if they’re just swinging a glowstick in a circle or back and forth.

You are NOT allowed to go to an activity sign up that is not your own to secure an OMMALB. This results in some students being unaccounted for at activities and causes issues for staff.

You CANNOT use social media to “stalk” your hider (we know that this is difficult to enforce, but please remember that above all else, OMMAlLB is a game of honor. Keep yourself within the rules and please report incidents when you see them). Failure to honor this rule will result in being god OMMALB-ed, further administrative action and being OMMALB-banned until next year’s OMMALB is done.

You CANNOT take any unsolicited photos of your target or anyone else's target for OMMALB. Refusing to honor this rule will result in being god-OMMaLB-ed in addition to further administrative action.

Overall, just try not to be creepy. If any aspect of your seeker’s behavior makes you feel unsafe, report it to us. We will give warnings and explanations to first- and second-time offenders. Failure to honor this rule will result in being god-blammo-ed in addition to potential further administrative action.

You CANNOT go anywhere that you aren't supposed to be for OMMALB. This includes activities, classrooms, and any other spaces you are not allowed to be in usually. Refusing to honor this rule will result in being god OMMALB-ed in addition to further administrative action.

When assigning hiders and seekers, this will probably be done by spreadsheet. This is so

the OMMALB gods can assign hiders and seekers who would not usually come into contact (i.e: in different halls or classes).

OMMALB free zones

(If you OMMALB anybody here, the OMMALB will not count. If, in disregarding an OMMALB-free zone, you break one of the more serious rules listed above, you will be god OMMLB-ed in addition to further administrative action.):

    • Class (excluding breaks; a person is “on break” when they are outside of the classroom building for the purpose of going on break. If the class is meeting somewhere else, including outside, that space immediately becomes a safe zone for everyone in the class.)
    • Dorm rooms
    • All bathrooms/showers
    • Structured activities
    • Any organized physical activity, CTY-run or otherwise, is a safe zone. In the case of doubt surrounding CTY-run activities, it is at the RA’s discretion whether or not the activity is “physical.”
    • Talent show rehearsals and performances are OMMALB-free if you are a performer. This is defined by when you are in the physical space where the rehearsal/talent show takes place. If you are a non-performer, valid **OMMALBs on non-performers can only take place before/after the show and during intermission.


    • Acting Improv is an OMMALB-free zone if you are participating, including when you are walking to and from the activity.
    • After lights out (ends at 6:00 AM)
    • Dances, but ONLY WHILE CANON SONGS ARE PLAYING AND YOU ARE PARTICIPATING (this begins when the song begins and ends as soon as the song ends.)
    • Out-of-bound locations (duh)
    • It should be noted that locations not directly on main campus such as Insomnia cookies, the sculpture garden and Barnes and Nobles, are NOT OMMALB free zones

Signing up and contacting the game gods

See the JHU OMMALB Instagram (@ommalb_jhu for more information and sign ups (it's a private account, but follow requests will be accepted automatically). This contains the full rules and game information for OMMALB, as well as contact information for the game gods.