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Operation 42 was an attempt at creating a documentary about CTY by current and former CTYers. It was initially planned as a full-length feature with clips from the program and interviews, but was ultimately never completed due to its creators no longer having the time to work on it, although footage that was shot for the purpose of being used in the documentary exists. It is currently being rebranded as a smaller effort independent of the original production team.

It was for a period of time spearheaded by Kenjiro and Jaeho Lee, John Isaac Boland (Hatman!) and Raj Shrimali, and is being organized on Facebook right here


On the CTY Facebook group "MLICTY: My Life Is CTY", the existence of the unproduced "Nerd Camp" movie from Nickelodeon was brought up. Danny McClanahan proceeded to bring up a bizarre storyline for a CTY movie (which many joked would be called "Bizarre Love Triangle"). An idea was brought up about creating a documentary webseries based on CTY...


Though ambition was high, it became clear after a period of time that the production was not going anywhere: structuring the various shenanigans that took place at CTY into a full-length feature would be extremely difficult, especially considering the amount of footage available. For a brief period of time a YouTube channel with short edited clips, or an episodic series even, were considered, but these ideas amounted to simply making informational videos about the program.

The original creator of the project, Kenjiro Lee, now holds the opinion that there is no conceivable way the CTY experience can be distilled into an experience digestible for a wider audience: as the saying goes, "you really had to be there."