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Hey everyone!

JW and Yulia recently thought of the idea to have a reunion in New York every month. This is technically slightly irrelevant to this project page, but it is still somewhat related. Further discussion should be placed on the Current events

Yulia, after inspiration from the site owner's userpage, also thought it would be a good idea to have more of an official CTY alumni association due to incomplete mailing lists (including bounced addresses), and difference in usage of blogs and online profiles.

Anyway, I felt that we should use RealCTY; however, Yulia wants more of a direct contact. We already have the yearly UCLDOOM, and Shea's new Google Group. However, not everyone gets on the list properly, and not everyone has gmail (it is otherwise impractical to join the group).

So, I propose that (a) new admin(s) be appointed each year for the website, along with control a series of profiles on Myspace, LiveJournal, Xanga, and Gmail that I am creating for the site. Each year, the passwords will be passed on to the next RealCTY admin, who will have primary administratorship over the group for a year. Said person would then remain an admin of RealCTY and a manager for the Google Group, but would pass other stuff down to the next person in line, like any Lancaster position. Basically, the RealCTY would act as a database of information and a contact extravaganza, and people with different online social preferences can talk with other people through their preferred medium and through here.

This might make it hard for other sites to get involved; however, it's a start, I think. Besides, Lancaster has the largest student body, the most eminent traditions, etc., so we will at least have a good foundation.

Also, for future reference, I've already created said accounts. Any further accounts on other social sites should be named "Real CTY", should be female, and should be 42 years of age. Also, she should probably not have clothes on (which is perfectly fine, since I don't think pies wear clothes anyway).

All usernames are "realcty". The email address is now

Note that the passwords of all these accounts should never be changed. The person who receive them each year is trusted to keep them secret; however, previous RealAdmins are free to continue their adminning.

If you approve/disapprove of all this, please give some feedback on the talk page. If nobody disapproves, I'm going to begin writing an Administrator's Bible. :)

YAAAAY!! Now we also have a working message board! You can find it at I think it should work, even though it's not on a private server. There's really no limits, just don't upload any non-avatar files. I hope it'll be used :) So, register, and start posting; I'll be adding different boards as time goes on. --Max W. 20:10, 15 September 2006 (MST)

  • P.S. I think its pretty awesome that I actually didnt really write any of that stuff. Im all for reunions so yea... but whaaatever. I just started reading and it was like "Yulia thinks" and I was like wait, what do I think? Dammit, it knows what I think and I dont! nooooo im meltingggg ~Yulia
  • P.S. SARANG HAEE!!! Thanks for trying this out. I will help make it succeed.

~David or Johnny


The forum at Jconserv has been blown up, much like Earth, to make way for a new intergalactic highway known as Post-CTY Depression. Please enjoy.