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The mission of RealCTY is to record and to preserve the complete history of student culture in the CTY program.

As far as general terms of usage of this site is concerned... well, it's a wiki. You can really do whatever, as long as it does not detract from the RealCTY mission. It is asked that you:

  • provide accurate and readable information;
  • refrain from vandalizing or erasing parts of pages;
  • refrain from making offensive comments anywhere on the site;
  • refrain from changing the text in essays; and
  • follow all editing guidelines.

It is also asked of the RealCTY community that no one delete any content that has been added to the website, excepting short asides or non-anecdotal comments. Although RealCTY focuses primarily on documenting the traditions and general culture of CTY throughout the years, the actions of individual halls and students contribute to the overall CTY climate of diversity and, above all, acceptance. Content that is accurate but irrelevant to the article should be moved, not erased.

Users who violate any of the above terms of use will be warned on the RealCTY:Community Portal page and/or banninated.

If you have problems, feel free to contact me; see my userpage for further details.

Otherwise, this is your CTY resource.