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Skidmore College CTY '05 to Aniskeet, true OG, and will roll on dubs til the day he dies

Carlisle '06.1 This was the final toast for students, room mates, and alternative lifestyle partners Anand Tekriwal and Seamus McCabe:

A: To listening to Rainbow Connection at 3 in the morning
S: To writing this by cell phone light
A: To our alternative lifestyle
S: To the point system
A: To super death ball
S: To sexual orientation and its rigidity, no matter who tries to change it
A: To meeting barely anyone new and not caring
S: To doing your business on someone else's bed
A: To wanting to go home
S: To not wanting to go home
A: To wanting to go home with certain people
S: To interracial babies
A: To Seamus wanting to do those babies
S: To Andy being determined to have those babies
A: To awkward turtles, everywhere!
S: To potatoes, and the bins from whence they came
A: Screw you guys, it was our joke first
S: To phone conversations that went on way too long
A: To wanting to punch everybody in the face
S: To wearing hot pink shorts
A: To defined lines on drag day
S: To pandas, koalas, and all other cute, fuzzy bears out there
A: To the cutest infestation ever!
S: To skunks
A: To blankets, and the protection they provide
S: To hall mates screaming "stop sucking my..."
A: To the goose bumps from American Pie
S: To the ring of tears we left on the dance floor
A: To our first time crying in public... Well, I was only tearing
S: To thinking we're too hardcore to cry
A: To bringing tissues in advance
S: To thinking about this moment a year in advance
A: To mama bears and their cubs
S: To crackheads
A: To checkerboard wristbands
S: To cantaloupes in a sack
A: To lonely leperachauns
S: To Homo Almondus
A: To that weird mermaid thing with breasts
S: To caffeine induced heart attacks
A: To the end of the world as we know it
S: To doing the Time Warp over and over again, hoping we can go back in time
A: To running this place in three years
S: To making our hall better than yours
A: To never ending memories
S: To The Cult, you'll live forever
A: To Evelyn
S: To Ali
A: To Kara
S: To Nate
A: To Drew
S: To you other kids
A: To Tim Ross
S: To Matt Morris
S: To "oh, YES!"
A: To "that's what SHE said"
S: To sketchiness
A: To blobs
S: To the Kline center and all of its nooks and crannies
A: To not knowing what to look forward to next summer
S: To CTY withdrawal
A: To awkward CTY couples
S: To all the drugs of the week
A: To white boy Seamus rapping... God I hated you then
S: To having something to go home to, but not wanting to leave
A: To holding hands
S: To loyalty
A: To "oh yeah, about that..."
S: To those choosing not to return
A: To those who can't return
S: To finally wrapping this thing up
A: To my alternative lifestyle partner.
S: To my alternative lifestyle partner
A: To my half, the supposedly better half
S: To his half, the better half
A: To her two thirds
S: To those two thirds I've made out with
A: To knowing theirs so much unsaid
S: To shutting up.

We love CTY, and we love the Passionfruit.

Carlisle 2006, Session 2
To Everyone who doesn't know CTY
To Cheesefish
To Canon
To Flashcards
To 95/2
To Donuts
To Addictive T-shirts
To Switched Hyphens
To The Lovers
To The Dreamers
To Me

I Love CTY, and I love The Passionfruit.

Carlisle 2008 session 2

To potatos being served in the HUB every single day
To making friends that'll last a life time
To playing soccer during MEAT market
To the game, which until now no one in my school knew what it was
To ERS To SYN (screw your neighbor (for all alarmed parents its a card game) )
To James Bond
To spoons
To Starcrash, the most annoying Carlisle tradition I've come accross
To finding out someone likes you the last day, the last dance.
To playing frisbee during all your breaks
To RA's checking under your doors with flash lights to make sure that there are no towels under them, so the lights aren't on.
To the no cell phones outside of your dorm rule that no one follows.
To not being able to use the computers, since a kid turned the system to Flemmish a couple years ago.
To being able to dump pudding on your RA's
To walking off site to a movie
To Massey's ice cream
To light up frisbees and crazy meetmarkets

I love CTY, and I love Passion fruit