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SKL (Strawberry Kiwi Lemonade) (AKA nectar of the gods, liquid diabetes) is an extremely sugary drink found in Turkey Hill, a gas station in Pennsylvania. At Lancaster, SKL is used for passionfruit juice and is generally drank in large quantities throughout the session. There is usually one large bottle at Passionfruit designated as the Bottle o' Schnade, from which all sick students or students who wish to be sick drink. SKL is pink in appearance and comes in half gallons and small bottles (the design of which changed in 2015), and almost always runs out at the Turkey Hill gone to during session before everyone has a chance to buy some. Because of this, buying of SKL is limited to 2 half gallons per person, though many find ways to get more. At Lancaster you can often find "black markets" for SKL which RAs sometimes even buy from. Administration did not strictly enforce this rule in 15.1. The limit went down to one half gallon per person in 16.1. Since then, the limit has been moved back to normal at two half gallons per person. While sharing is notorious, the black market is not anymore.

There is a lot of sharing of SKL, usually from the same jug, which can probably account for some of the spread of diseases like the Schnades, the Bens, and Hand-Foot-and-Mouth. Dr. Ted (HDIS instructor) advocates against this practice and tells people "you're gonna die" whenever he sees bottle sharing. This practice is good, because it strengthens our immune systems, saves cups (and therefore plastic and the Earth), and allows everyone to partake. However, it is not recommended that you chug SKL. Ever. (Some do, though!)

At 14.1, there was a beautiful attempt to rave with bottles of SKL.

During 17.1, Turkey Hill accidently ordered 60 instead of their normal 600 bottles of SKL the first weekend. This led to a hyper-inflation of SKL, and many tears shed over the lack of this toxic pink beverage. Luckily, Jester Casey Waite (our hero!) had CTY alumna and Lancaster local Victoria "Shprinkles" Provost drop off an inhuman amount of SKL and order was restored in the kingdom (as of summer 2018, Casey still owes Victoria money for this).


The ingredients of SKL are as follows: Water, corn syrup, sugar, concentrated lemon juice, strawberry juice concentrate, elderberry juice concentrate (for color), citric acid, lemon pulp, natural citrus blend (lemon/orange), natural strawberry kiwi flavor with other natural flavors, acacia gum, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate.

SKL contains 5% fruit juice. There are about 960 calories, 208 grams of sugar, 80 milligrams of sodium, and 224 grams of carbs per half-gallon. In other words, you are guzzling diabetes in a bottle. Of course, SKL is not complete without backwash and Schnade/Bens germs. One serving contains 39 grams of sugar alone.

Other CTY Concoctions

There are many other recipes and beverages one can find at CTY, mostly in the Alcove. Here are just a few.


Another Lancaster drink, though nowhere near as popular as SKL, is Schnaderade. Schnaderade comes in different colors and can usually be found in the Alcove. There are two sorts:

Session One

Fill a cup with jello and add any of the following:

  • Sprite
  • root beer
  • any combination of drinks from the left fountain in KIVO

The Sprite version is surprisingly good, although many are put off from it whilst watching it jiggle. The jello MUST be yellow or green, NOT red or orange. Usually, people fill the cups up with the entire left fountain.

Session Two

Combine every drink from the right fountain in the center of the cafeteria into one cup.

The ingredients include:

  • 1/2 cup-full of root beer
  • 1/8 cup-full of Sprite
  • 1/8 cup-full of Hi-C fruit punch
  • variable amounts of Fanta, Lemonade, and Coke


Soup (proper noun) is meant to be served chilled and eaten with a spoon. Soup is most definitely Soup and not water being spooned out of a dining hall bowl. Soup must be had out of a bowl and not a glass to be considered Soup. Soup has led to many jokes about Soup falling from the sky and people leaking Soup out of their eyes on the last day.

SKL Instant Food

There is a microwave in the dining hall just outside the entrance to KiVO. One may use this microwave to make any instant meal, such as Easy Mac, Ramen, and Instant Lunch. Certain individuals have suggested that SKL be used as a substitution for water, and that jello be mixed in with this sickeningly sweet scientific experiment.

Death to Victoria

Take every chocolate thing being served in the dining hall (chocolate ice cream, brownies, chocolate pudding, etc.) and mix it all together in a bowl. Meant to be shared and dripped everywhere, making a huge mess. Named for Victoria Provost, a LAN forevermore with the misfortune to be allergic to chocolate.

Raspberry Ice Tea

Served in both KIVO and the regular dining hall, Raspberry ice tea is arguably the best fountain drink at Lancaster. Many CTYers claim that it gives them clear skin and thus drink at least three cups a day. It is best drank in the KIVO cups for the freshest taste.