Satan (Session 1)

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This article is about the Satan of Lancaster First Session. For the former LAN.2 position of the same name, see Trinity (Session 2).

The role of Satan in American Pie, in which the designated devil:

  • laughs during the line "I saw Satan laughing with delight";
  • for the line "as the flames climbed high into the night", lifts up whoever is playing "Fire" who then in turn does the following two with Satan
  • makes the sacrifice during "to light the sacrificial rite"; and
  • acts out the line "fire is the devil's only friend"

is shared by both sessions at Lancaster. This role originated in 01.1, when Gabe Slamovits lent a cape to Adam Roush, who had a fairly evil laugh. This was so well-received during the song that Gabe carried on the role after Adam had nomored out. The role of Satan is one of the older positions at Lancaster Session 1.

In contrast, the creation of the Satan position for Session 2 emerged independently of American Pie, sometime after the initial creation of the Satan role; instead, it branched off from Second Session's Jesus position, ultimately coming to fill the same niche during the song, much like convergent evolution.

Brenton Whiting did not pass down the Satan position in 2012, and thereafter is informally given to those who wish to perform as Satan. The role is now completed by different people on different nights


  • 2001.1: Adam Roush
  • 2002.1: Gabe Slamovits
  • 2003.1: Jon Napolitano
  • 2004.1: Jeremy Berkowitz
  • 2005.1: Zev Hurwich
  • 2006.1: Zev Hurwich
  • 2007.1: Zev Hurwich
  • 2008.1: Everett "Ev" Maus
  • 2009.1: Joe Lodin
  • 2010.1: James "Turtle" Buckland
  • 2011.1: Rudy Garcia
  • 2012.1: Brenton Whiting
  • 2013.1: Jared MacKinnon and Adina Fradkov
  • 2014.1: John Isaac Boland and Kenjiro Lee
  • 2015.1: David "Frank" Natanov and Felippe Andrade
  • 2022.1: Sophia Chen
  • 2023.1: Ray Yang