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Administrative Staff

Program Managers

2010 - Vince & Pedro

2011 - Vince & Pedro

2012 - Pedro & Phil

Main Office


Michael was the Site Director for BTH up to '10. He is considered one of the best Site Directors that BTH ever had (even being referenced by a predecessor). He is most well-known by his ability to balance professionalism and being personal. He constantly stressed the importance of OCF (Operation: Creative Frugality), which kept BTH under budget in '09.


Pau has been the Office Manager since 2010. She's kept the office running smoothly during her tenure. She's originally from Mexico, so she's fluent in English and Spanish; this helped a great deal during the Puerto Rican Student Years. She also loves makeup and makes a mean guacamole.


Bobbie & Matt

In 2010, the Bethlehem staff was privileged to work with the cutest CTY couple in the site's history: Dean of Residential Life Bobbie and Academic Counselor Matt. They met at CTY when they were co-workers and became engaged in April of 2010. They were married in June 2011; unfortunately this date will conflict with their ability to work at CTY BTH. They will be greatly missed and hopefully they will be returning in future years.


Brittany was a former CTYer herself and was an RA in 2009. In 2010, she was the SRA for the Younger Students. During 10.2, Brittany and her committee created the weekend activity CTY Mission: Impossible. In 2011, Brittany returned as the Younger Students SRA although most expected her to be the next DRL.


Gabo was the Older Student SRA at Bethlehem in 2010. He had previously worked at the CTY Monterrey site, where he was an SRA (without a DRL to report to). Gabo has traveled most of the world and is fluent in Spanish, French, English, and Portuguese.


After Gabo left to pursue his Masters Degree, Mike took over as OS SRA for 2011 and 2012. He originally was an RA and SRA for the Thousand Oaks Site, but then magically appeared at BTH. He has many nicknames among staff and students. Mike was physically assaulted by a cafeteria worker during activities time, but made sure the students were out of harm's way during the incident. He is also known for his appreciation of golf and John Cusack movies.


After the unfortunate departure of Brittany, former OS RA Kailey will be taking over as YS SRA for 2012. Kailey was an OS RA for BTH in '10, then worked as RA for the SAR site in '11. She is known for her pleasant activities such as cloud watching and making friendship bracelets as well as wearing tie-dye when she served as BTH '10 MC for Color Wars.



Elvida is the current Academic Dean for BTH. She has been in this position since 2010. She is a lovely woman who is known for her fantastic speeches and loving personality.


Miguel was the Academic Dean's Assistant for BTH '10 and '11. He could speak Spanish, French, and English and even helped with activities on how to speak basic Spanish and French.


Alicia took over as ADA in '12. Previously, she was RPA in '10 and '11. Known for being very involved with other site activities and all aspects of CTY life, she was dubbed "Mayor of CTY" by Shawn Doyle during 11.1. During 11.1 and 11.2, she was MC of Color Wars. She attended most Friday night dances (dressing up for almost all of them), played staff volleyball, and helped TA Jeff in 10.1 and 10.2 with a weekly activity for ballroom dancing. During the 11.1 and 11.2 Talent Shows, she also put the together the "CTY in a Box" skit, which became a student and staff favorite.

Notable Residential Staff


Tim was an OS RA in 10.1. He was only an RA for one session due to his other summer camp commitment: Vertical Assault pole vaulting camp. During 10.2, Tim and the other Vertical Assault counselors rectified the animosity between VA and CTY. RA's mysteriously starting wearing VA shirts around campus and VA campers played Four Square with some of the CTY campers during their "Extreme 4-Square" daily activity. CTY 11.1, 11.2, and 12.1 Tim became the Health Assistant, earning such nicknames as "Murse" and "Office Monkey" due to his pranks around the office. Due to his love/knowledge of Moravian College and the town of Bethlehem, Tim also earned the nickname "King of Bethlehem."


Borja has been an OS RA for 4 session: 10.1, 11.1, 12.1 and 12.2. Originally from Spain, Borja is a jovial RA that likes to play soccer and dance.


Steve has been an OS RA for the '11 and '12 sessions. A Moravian alumni, he's known for his spoken word performance of "Party in the USA" at the CTY Talent Show during '11.


Will was an OS RA during 10.1 and 10.2. He is considered one of the greatest RA's in the past 3 years of BTH (if not for all time). Will was so great at managing his students that he was assigned one of the biggest floors in Bernie-Willie. Even with a big group, Will was still able to hold hall meetings...outdoors. He was well liked and is still missed to this day. One of the highlights of his BTH career was performing spoken word Lady Gaga at the '10 Talent Show.


Shannon has worked as both a YS and OS RA since 2010. She has been seen as a versatile member due to her ability to work well with both age groups. During 10.1, she was originally assigned as an OS RA. In Session 2, she was then assigned as a YS RA, where she also flourished.

Notable Instructional Staff


Claire is the current PSYC Instructor. She has been with the BTH site since 2010. She is from the Netherlands, where she is a practicing OB/GYN and is also finishing up her PhD. in Psychology. She is excellent with her students and provides many hands-on projects for her students. For her experimental psychology lesson, the students put together an experiment that includes asking other CTY students and staff to be participants. In 2010 and 2011, she invited RPA Alicia to help explain psychotherapy and would conduct in-class "mock therapy" with Alicia as the therapist and Claire as the client.


Kevin was a TA for EGRD at the 2010 site. Kevin was very involved in the residential activities, showing up as a regular at the Friday night dances. His most memorable appearance was at the 10.2 Saturday night activity "CTY Mission: Impossible." Playing one of the guards, Kevin was dressed as a fun-hating robot known as "Fun Slayer 9000." He walked like a robot, talked like a robot, and expressed disdain in having fun that evening.


Shawn was the Instructor for Writing and Imagination (WRIT). The instructional staff know him for his dark, sarcastic sense of humor. The residential staff appreciate his constant involvement in activities, particularly Casino Night and CTY Mission: Impossible. Fun Fact: Shawn interned on Capitol Hill in college and was present for part of the Clinton impeachment trial.

~He was reasonably good with kids- I had a great time in his classroom, even though he is very sarcastic and such....I remember that sometimes he did get very angry though, but other than that- GO SHAWN! the secret adventures of shawn doyle FTW! [BTH '8.1]


Karl was the Philosophy Instructor for 10.1, but had to go to Carlisle for 10.2 due to enrollment numbers. Karl was the "Social Chair" for the instructional staff and would organize evening events for Instructors, TA's, and some of the Admin that wanted to join in. Karl is also famous for his volleyball prowess, being known to "Unleash the Beast" whenever he played. OS students that watched volleyball from their dorm room would cheer for him (even on nights when he wasn't playing). The staff was familiar with hearing the phrases "Go Karl!" and "You're the man, Karl!" and would even yell these cheers themselves while playing.

Alejandra (or Alex)

Alex was a TA for BIOT in 10.1, 10.2, and 12.1. She was very well-liked among staff and students. Her students loved her because of her approachability. She was particularly well-liked by the Spanish speaking students that came to CTY because they could relate to her and were able to speak in their native language. She was an excellent source of happiness and GLIMR's and was very involved in residential activities.

Staff Inbreeds

During 10.2, the BTH site experienced many in-staff changes that was called (lovingly) as "inbreeding."


10.1 he was a TA for BIOTa. In 10.2, he switched over to the residential side and was an OS RA. For 11.1, 11.2, and 12.1, Georgi decided to stick to the instructional staff as a BIOT TA. Known by his famous catch phrases of "OH COME ON!,""STUP IT!," and "BROKEN!" He was Bulgarian but studying in the UK and had a funny accent. No one ever took him seriously but we all loved him! He was also gorgeous and a lot of girls were very fond of him (especially the Puerto-Rican girls).


10.1 she was an OS RA. In 10.2, she was hired as a second Health Assistant.


Shannon technically goes under Staff Inbreeds because in 10.1 she was an OS RA and switched to the YS staff in 10.2

MoCo Representation

Moravian College occasionally advertises the summer job positions available through CTY during the school year. Known Hounds that have spent their summer enriching young minds since 2010 are:

Shane (OS RA, 10.1 and 10.2)

Tim (OS RA - 10.1; HA - 11.1, 11.2, and 12.1)

Steve (OS RA - '11 and '12)

Carl (YS RA - '11)

Melissa (RPA - '12)