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This page is a record of well-known, beloved, and/or despised Baltimorean staff and the many stories collected about them.

Residential Staff

Addison Cook

Is an amazing dancer, has a hat tan, a goofball, YEAH JAWN... and yes it IS Jawn, not John for all you losers out there who posted on his wall "yeah john"... you don't deserve to talk. His DJing skills are good, but he rarely plays techno. We forgive him though. :D SARAH SMITH FOREVERRRR ACTUALLY THE BEST RA WE'VE EVER HAD <3 <3


Alexis Onsi

This woman was a legend. She not only was hands down a next level RA who knew how to keep her kids both safe and allowed them to have fun, she spent the final Thursday with her hall all day despite it being the RAs' day off. In rough situations, she was much more helpful than the entire administration as a whole and was overwhelmingly the best RA ever to be hired.

On the last night, she brought many of the girls in her hall 2012, 2015, and 2018 lanyards for them to keep. She also allowed her hall to have intense input on how the final dance playlist should go.

When some members of her hall and co-hall woke her up at 2:00 AM just to say "Vorgy" while laughing uncontrollably, she maintained eye contact with them while slowly closing and locking her door.

She was the 14.1 Carlisle Empress and was by far the most enthusiastic dancer. She got a concussion during 18.1 by falling off a chair. Don't ask.

Corey D. Smith

An RA in the first and second session at 2015 JHU. He was the RA for the students of Microeconomics 15.1 and Investigations in Engineering 15.2. At the time of the session, he was nineteen years of age. Corey is beloved for not caring what his hall does, as long as it doesn't reflect badly on him. He has a "unique" sense of humor, and is known to take long naps in the middle of the day, after which his humor improves remarkably.

But overall, he is definitely an amazing RA.

Corey D. Smith is a sophomore in Morehouse College. He is aiming for an MBA.

Famous Quotes: "If you die, you're dead" - Corey D. Smith, July 15, 2015

Devin D. Moss

The funniest RA ever!!!  You still have to answer my questions!! Oh, and pigs are for eating (:  -your BFF, 11.2


The awesome RA of the ETYM JHU 10.2 girls and the Dairy Princess.

  • Also, the most erm... energetic RA anywhere.


The RA from 2013 who looked like Macklemore.

Jeff Schulz

Jeff Schulz is the Dictator for Life of the DRJ (Democratic Republic of Jeff) and one of those laid back, chill and kind, take-it-easy guys. He is leader of the DRJ and the greatest RA anyone could have if wanted to chill out or sneak around under cover of Lights Out. (Watch out, he stays up until 11:30 some nights.)


AKA Mama Cougar. 'Nuff said.


The Asian RA who looked like a surfer and who always wore black.

BIG P!!! =D

Lidya Stamper

Lidya was the super nice always smiling Ethiopian RA. She is queen of roasts, but her weakness is dad jokes. She may often be seen saying "take a lap!" During 16.2, the struggle was real as she tried to keep RA Courtney Fondufe from taking water from her hall. If you ever have Lidya as an RA and you know the busty crustacean joke, tell it to her. Also, yell "metal" at her, or put your legs through the arm holes of your sweatshirt. Be sympathetic and ready to defend her in case she is bullied by Cam or Courtney.

Peter Yang




Instructor Mark Hohhmann we love you! (LAWP)

TA Sara Weist we love waving our chands in the air and discushing things with you!

Srijan Mukherjee

This man was a legend at JHU 17.2. At the first hall meeting, he said, and I quote, "Honestly, I don't care if you guys curse or whatever... fuck it." He let me have sleepovers whenever and Mario would send me random videos of Srijan screwing around in the hallway at like midnight. Also his beard was cute. For more on Srijan and his hall, visit this link.

Instructional Staff


Bonnie ROCKS!!!! WE LOVE U!! --Natalie --Tiffany


"Here, have a peach and taste the orgasm!" B.M, Best. Instructor. Ever.

Carolle Im

Carolle Im teaches Law and Politics in US History (LAWP). Her first appearance at CTY according to the Class History section on the LAWP page was at LOS 07.1, and she has been teaching ever since. She is famous for having hundreds of pairs of shoes and wears a different pair each day. Ms. Im began teaching at Baltimore in 13.2. She never failed to amuse LAWP 13.2 with her mentions of dimebags and doobies.

John Milanese

Extremely athletic awesome Math Logic teacher. Jumped over an RA at the basketball game. Like a teacher.

Jonathan Pirnia

The spreader of the Ore-reo idea and salsa dancer, Jon Pirnia taught Etymologies at CTY JHU until it was no longer offered there. He teaches everything from science to music to Latin and is well-known for teaching the tango class during a few activity periods. Jon's jokes were probably the strangest, especially the never-ending butter joke, which he told for three hours and never revealed the punchline.

Campus Staff

Montoya Jackson

The nicest lunch lady in the world. Seriously. She collects Trollies. Sadly, she no longer works at JHU.