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This page is a record of well-known, beloved, and/or despised Sienan staff and the many stories collected about them.

Residential Staff

Charles Brown

Charles Brown was an RA at Loudonville (Siena) in 2007. He was known for his immensely popular "Man Talk" activity, which became somewhat of a cultural phenomenon at LOU.07.1. He was also noted for his firing from CTY during LOU.07.2, which was never fully explained by the administration. The only definite reason for his dismissal was "Charles had to leave". There has yet to be an official reason for his immediate dismissal. Some other things that will be remembered by those who knew him:

  • His almost constant rapping at really any given time or place. Those in his hall may remember this more vividly than others. Although, it would later surface that he was simply just talking to himself.
  • His "hiring" of campers to run his events for him.
  • His baffling spelling of simple words.
  • His bizarre interactions with other staff members including his co-RAs, Mike and Dermot.

It is rumored that Site Director Cindy & the Dean Shannah walked in on him while he was in the shower, screaming "Suck it, Sally!" in front of numerous students and that this led to his immediate dismissal.

Dermot Curtin

See also: Dermot

Dermot Patrick Aloysius Michael Curtain (also known as Dermont Curtit or simply Dertit) was an RA at Loudonville in 07.1 and 07.2. Through a yet unexplained phenomenon he became somewhat of a hero to many a CTY student. He is best known for his unorthodox antics and his constantly changing appearance.

At Loudonville, he was known for putting on Beyoncé music and running up and down the hallway in a giant yellow hat and suit for hall meetings. Additionally, he would often coach his hall in soccer. It was never clear what his experince was to do so, as he would usually only spout that he wanted to see "more cross-checking in the neutral zone" -a hockey term.

It was also at Loudonville where "the Dermites", a cult dedicated to Dermot and his magical bowler derby hat (rivaling the Slushites of Meng) were founded. They were often at odds with Meng Cheng the leader of the opposition. However, the Dermites are not extinct to the present day.

Dermot also RA'd at Lancaster in 2008, and more about Dermot can be found on the Staff:LAN page.