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This page contains all the notable staff members at the Santa Cruz Site.

Administrative Staff

Instructional Staff

David Michael Mccullough

Philosophy Instructor for 23.2, very passionate and supportive instructor who really considered the student's opinions (except for the fact that he didn't allow us to watch Inception).


Philosophy TA for 23.2. Many Philosophy students created fan accounts on Instagram for Caden.

Residential Staff


Jesse (as of August 2023) has only been a RA for 23.2. However, he had a lasting impact. CTYers both inside and outside of his hall would refer to him as "Supreme Leader Jesse" and that is also the only acceptable way to refer to Jesse. Jesse was a pretty laid-back and chill RA.

Rhys Shaw

Rhys (as of August 2023) has only been a RA for 23.2. At the camp, he was constantly being shipped with another RA called Laurel. (Rumors that Laurel is his girlfriend.

Laurel Andrews

Constantly being shipped with Rhys (rumors that Rhys is her boyfriend).

Campus Staff