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This page is a record of well-known, beloved, and/or despised staff members of Seattle and the many stories collected about them.

Residential Staff

Quentin Blanchett

Quentin Blanchet served two sessions as an RA at Seattle University (13.1-.2). He is known for his French accent and outstanding sense of humor. Every morning, he greeted his hall with the classic, "C'mon guys, time to go" in, of course, a French accent. Under his tutelage, his hall also helped establish The Final Countdown as a canon song at Seattle.

During 13.2, his floor won a contest allowing one member of each hall to pie anyone in the camp. In a surprise, the hall prompted Quentin to pie SRA Kevin.

In 2016, he was an SRA at the now defunct Palo Alto YS site.

Sofi Halpin

Sofi Halpin, like Quentin, served two sessions as an RA at Seattle (17.1-.2). She organized many popular line dancing activities and a Glee Club, which performed at the Talent Show with RA Ryan, and she led a Random Acts of Kindness activity. She was most famous for claiming that she, RA Kendall, RA Owen, and RA Jacob were quadruplets, and fooled the entire site. The story was revealed to be a hoax on the last night of the session. She was also known for oversleeping, forgetting not only her lanyard and shoes in her room (thereby locking herself out), but also one of her kids and the morning med run of another all in the same morning.

Her hall won Casino Night and planned to pie RA Kendall. Sofi "forgot" and a pieing did not occur, but not many people cared. It should be noted that Kendall refused to be pied and Sofi, deciding to respect her wish, didn't let her hall choose Kendall. Her hall also was indecisive and as a result, there was no one to pie in the first place, though Kendall was the most popular choice.

Sofi and her hall were disliked by some for singing in the hallway near or past lights out, screaming "OXYTOCIN!!" in the middle of campus, constantly hugging each other, and cooking noodles in the lounge past midnight.