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Synergy is that whole "teamwork" thing that ends up being so cheesy in Disney movies. Only it's not just any sort of teamwork. It's synergetic teamwork.

Synergy originated from the welcoming speech given the first day of 2006.1 at Saratoga by Site Director Bill. He used the word synergy at least half a dozen times and it soon spread like a disease. It became a kind of cult following at Saratoga. People attempted to build a giant SYNERGY sign (out of rocks) outside of the main office to protest their friends being put in detention. The Rinas destroyed it. Synergy is used in just about every conversation, essay, speech etc. Some girls in Rounds 1 also spelled it out on a window with masking tape, or Love Tape. The RAs and teachers use it just as much as the students, and in various forms (e.g., That's some synergistic work right there!) Unfortunately, Bill's wife became very sick and he left and will not be returning. The notion of synergy survived into Second Session, but the synergy dance did not.

The synergy dance was made in honor of synergy. The dance requires three people: each makes a circle with his/her arms and the three circles are linked. As each person leans back slightly to pull on the connection, the group spins around in a circle. When "Let it Be" by The Beatles was played at the dances, people sang "synergy" instead of "let it be," and formed circles around three people in the center doing the synergy dance.

You sort of had to be there.

The synergy dance was made by RA May at a dance, then later made again in an unrelated phenomenon during the "Ministry of Silly Walks" daily by Clare Costello, Ashley Stubbs, and Derek Huang. The Synergy song was created by Grant Wright during a cloudwatching daily. He suggested the song to a group of RAs known as "the Club," formerly the "Blonde Squad." It is still played and sung with, although, according to some reports, Grant's subbed in for Mother Mary.